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Shadow Stalker

A former skilled thief turned in to a villain after an experiment went wrong. He has the ability to manipulate the shadows and become invisible in the darkness. He is a clever, cunning, vengeful person who is driven by his desire to control the city's underworld.
His catchphrase is "You can't escape the darkness"
He usually wears a dark coat/cloak with a high collar and hood. His eyes are full bleed white that can glow in the dark and he has a shadowy, ethereal form.
He has a gothic, dark, and sleek aesthetic that has you fear him but also there is an aura of mystery around him.

FYI I really enjoyed doing this bounty, can we have more like this FYI? I've kept this as a really simple drawing, I created it on my iPad using an Apple pencil and Procreate (drawing software) as my canvas.


This guy looks very evil!



The Double Puncher’s real name is a mystery. Some say they were once a mild-mannered accountant, but now all everyone sees is a costumed man who only punches twice at the same time.

Origin Story:

He was once mugged and almost unable to defend himself... Until he struck out with both fists at the same time. leaving his would be mugger a shroud of red mist. Thus discovering his new power.

Unfortunately this was no hero origin story. the double puncher slid into a world of personal gain and crime.

Personality and Motivations:

He went down the dark slippery slope of realising is power and exploiting it for hi own gain.

The problem is for him he holds no other super powers or invulnerability so he has to be cautious how he commits his crimes.


Two for the price of one!

And unironically... "DOUBLE PUNCH"

Defining Traits and Features:

Hardened fists. sharp jawline, skinny, always wears a suit and looks like an accountant.

Powers and Origins:

Somehow, their double punches defy physics. Maybe the powers were bestowed to him from an evil source. maybe a trickster God.

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This looks awesome! what was your process in making this??


haha i had in mind the the scene from hot rod where he performs a double punch with a kick and it always stuck with me as ridiculous. then when i saw this bounty. i was thinking of a villain that has really crappy powers but still uses them and tries to fly under the radar or actual powerful heroes.

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Yea it looks super cool, such a good piece of work. I love the colours Used here and the comic book style efffevt still taking place within the artwork itself! Super impressive!

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What was your actual process in creating this? What programme did you use - looks super clean. Would love to get some tips!


it was a collab with my sister . she is a digital artist and tattoo creator. so if the bounty is chosen ill have to split the money with her. thats her account. My idea tho.

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Amazing stuff! I’ll giver her a follow. She’s got some amazing stuff on there!

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Hi Laser-Bicep. This image displays several telltale signs of having been AI generated, and several AI detection tools have said the same with high estimations of certainty. We see your exchange with Shovel below, and because you're a member in good standing and there are enough prizes to go around on this occasion, we're going to give you the benefit of the doubt and award one of the $5 prizes. But in other circumstances we'd have to have a possibly awkward conversation. Without accusing you of anything, the bounty description does say that AI images are allowed as long as you're honest about them.

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So... I decided to draw this one again :) I did my best lol.


Lord Of Time

Origin story

My character's original name was "Mike" he was a nuclear physicist at CERN when they accidentally opened a small black hole, and through that black hole came radiation that they had never seen before. The containment was not enough and the entire team tragically died as no earth medicine or treatment could save them.

During his time as "dead" Mike had a dream of nothingness and blackness, he could still hear and feel what was going on around his "dead" body, but he could not move nor open his eyes until one night he woke up and felt, powerful, different. He was in a morgue draw and could not get out, he felt his power build and willed himself to be out and in his home and he did just that.

As he tested and tried his new powers he realised he could stop time and bend shadows to his will, moving from place to place with a mere thought but also, able to stop others from harming each other by stopping time.

Personality and motivations

He is mild-mannered and has a strong set of morals about "right and wrong" and feels the best way to help others, is to remain in the shadows, cloaked and hooded, bending time and shadows for the betterment of mankind, as this is his motivation.

Catchphrase (if any)

He keeps it simple, his main catchphrase is "I guess it's time to get started" (pun intended)

Defining traits and features

I would say his main traits are using his powers to help people and not further his own gains, he could easily rob a bank, or steal state secrets but he prefers to keep to his true nature and use his powers to help those in need.

His main features are for those who have seen him, cloaked, shadowy form with no identifying marks etc.

Powers and their origins (if any)

His powers come from the unknown radiation that came through the blackhole, no matter how hard he has tried, he cannot identify what it is, his powers are he can stop time dead and still move around and move people/objects, open doors etc. His mere thought is his will, he can be standing on one side of a street and will himself into the shadows of the other side with a single thought process.

Costume and aesthetics

As you can see by the drawing, he has no noticeable aesthetics as such, his entire body, is simply a moving shadow, so he dons a hooded robe to move himself around but can bend time and shadows, light etc to the point he is almost invisible and when standing still, he cannot be seen.

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Origin story

One day there was a small family of a father and his only daughter, a happy family even though the mother was gone in that family. His father was a scientist, always making new discoveries in his lab, he was the greatest scientist of his time.

One day a representative from a company came to her place to make an offer to work together to make a biological weapon with a tempting offer. The father thought about accepting it but the daughter hugged her father straight away and showed a frightened face. Which ultimately made the father reject him outright for the sake of his daughter.

The representative smiled and said "maybe today you reject it but one day you will definitely change your mind" while leaving the father and his daughter."

But the peace in the family was lost after the father refused the offer. Various disturbances continued to arise and in the end, after a long time, the child fell seriously ill because their water channel had been sabotaged by the company.

Furious about his situation, the father met with the head of the company while crying and begging for his son to be saved by giving him the antidote poison, the head of the company agreed with the statement "he must work together to make biological weapons and also become an executioner if where is there anyone who will leak the company's secrets?

And since then "Dark Judgment" was born, while making secret research he also silenced everyone who had the potential to bring down Company X.

Personality and motivations

I will do anything, for my daughter!! even though it requires me to go to hell!

Catchphrase (if any)

Huh, that's all? very weak.

Defining traits and features

Evil, dark, super strong

Costumes and aesthetics

Bat, purple, dark

The costume is inspired by Night Rogue by kamen rider build

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Kaizer Dragneel

A young man who managed to hack the data of citizens from the government in 5 minutes, not only that he also put the ransomware virus on the government server where the effect was to disrupt the data collection of his country, behind his blindfold there is a special ability where the ability can control his opponent, and his opponent never realizes that he is being controlled by him, no one knows his background because he can change his identity at will.

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Dr. Nox

Real Name : Eleanor Nox

Eleanor Nox was an astrophysicist that researches dark matter and black holes. Steming from her obsession with the mysteries of the universe, Eleanor managed to create a device to contain dark matter. However during an experiment, the device malfunctioned and imploded fusing the dark matter contained within with Eleanor. Although presumed dead, she managed to emerged from the wreckage alongside a newfound control over the energy that she studied.


She is driven by resentment and understanding. She resents those from the scientific community that shunned her for trying to harness dark matter, however she also has the desire to understand said energy and the mysteries of the universe.

Nox is indifferent towards people, although she doesn’t actively hurt innocents, there are chances where they would get caught in the radius of her experiments. She considers those that got caught as unfortunate sacrifices.


“Gaze into the abyss, and know my power.”


1.     Shadow manipulation : She can create and control shadows into tangible forms. With this she can also travel between shadows and cover herself to make her invisible.

2.     Energy Manipulation : Nox can absorb energy be it kinetic, thermal or light and use it to enhance her powers.

3.     Gravity Manipulation : She gains the ability to manipulate gravitational forces, allowing her to increase or decrease gravity around her. It could also grant her flight. Although it requires high concentration, she could also create a small temporary blackhole.

4.     Dark Matter manipulation : She can create various weapons, armors and structures from Dark Matter

Features and Traits

Pre Implosion : Before getting caught in the imploding Dark Matter, Dr. Nox oftern wears a lab coat. She has dark brown hair tied in a ponytail. She has sharp eyes with a hint of weariness.

Post Implosion : After the implosion, she has a more intimidating and ominous presence. Her hair becomes a shade of black with the occasional deep dark purple under certain light. Her eyes gives off an intimidating gaze due to the glowing eyes with swirling vortex. She has pale luminescent skin with marks that shifts and moves across her skin. Her presence dims down light level around her, creating a dark aura.

She often wears a sleek catsuit using a material capable of absorbing light. She also wears a coat similar to the ones worn by the sith from starwars. The suit has a combination of technological and cosmic patterns that glow faintly. The outfit that she wears are predominantly black with dark purple markings. A mask that only covers her mouth and nose. She also wears noise dampening boots.

Using her Dark Matter manipulation, she creates armor that she uses for battle. Armor like a segmented chestplate. Broad angular shoulder guards, leg armor that doesn’t restrict movement.

As much as i would like to do it, sadly I didn't have the time to draw.


My Image is AI Generated.

Hugsy the Heartbreaker was a therapist who was renowning for his empathy and his ability to connect with his clients, however after a car crash that gave hugsy a brain injury, this changed his brain chemistry to the point where his empathy was still there however he had no conscious and only wanted evil in the world

He was excellent and seeing vulnerability and insecurities in his clients and he kepts his friends close but his enemies even closer. Ending therapy with clients is supposed to be a happy moment. Hugsy hugged his clients at the end of their final session and stabbed them with a dagger during this hug.

His confidential work meant no one know who was commiting these crimes, he captured people's hearts by seeming like a careable and loveable person only to use his skills to manipulate and take advantage of people

He is warm and charming on the outside but cold and calculating within and he loves getting people trust and shattering their hearts, each heart shattered, each client murdered is a trophy for him. His motivation is that he wants to put people out of their misery, believing empathy and vulnerabilty is a weakness that needs to be destroyed


I will make you feel your pain

His traits and feature, Hugsy is very warm and kind and has an uncanny ability to make people safe, understoof and feel safe,

The heartfelt hug before plunging a hidden dagger into them is his signature move and he wears a heartshaped brooch that discreetly keeps his dagger hidden

He has no supernatural powers similar to batman but his human ability to manipulate others is a superpower in itself, he knows so much about the human mind he can almost predict the future by predicting how people react, giving him and advantage over everyone he interacts with,

His costume is designed to disarm and comfort the people he wants to manipulate, however the red also shows his bloody intentions and his face mask his smiling but his brooch mask is crying showing that when people meet him they will be happy but when they get close to him they will be upset and maybe murdered

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Thank you for being honest about the AI, Asim! It's a fantastic character design - very sinister.


Of course, honesty goes a long way and I'm not the best at design, yeah I was surprised at how good it came out haha!


My villains name is the dark plague.

origanilly he was just an ordinary man going by his day named Calum, all his life he had been bullied by all of his awful night those evil people shoved him into a hazmat suit as the acid trapped inside the suit formed with his skin bonding him to the suit.

This ends up causing him an indescribable amount of anger and that causes his corrupt and almost psychotic personality and characteristics as he will torture his victims before putting their misery to an end.

Calum was already a very smart man so when he turned evil he created many torture devices including his most used acid rifle.One more signature weapon was his blade of destruction which he spent 2 months forging from scraps he could find while in hiding from the public.

His costume is a yellow tone with red glass eyes, a black mask and black zipper.His avid gun is mostly consisted with colours of grey, black, green and yellow.

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Just about asked for a new villian and here we go !

So usually I would go massive monster, Elden ring boss level bad guys, but this one came to me and needed to be drawn.
It is a little more reserved than my normal but no less surreptitious !
I introduce to you, The Idealist, he is a child of a worn torn Country, seeing his family and loved ones blown up around him in a war over power and greed and land !
His abilities showed themselves when he was early in his life, at 10 he managed to get a foster parent who had been mistreating him to jump in to a raging river, being lost to the tide.
He knew then that this was no coincedence.
over time the Idealist's power grew and he honed his craft, he could manipulate more than one person at a time, he could make it seem like the ideas were the original ideas of the person, like he was never there at all, but he would know.

using his abilities he garnered power and money, moving from corporate fame in to the world of politics and there he looks to establish dominance and control.
This is where we find him today, on the edge of ceasing power and on the verge of taking a step closer to his goal.

Villian name: The Idealist.
Real name : Linus Corf
Powers: Telepathic suggestion, this can be as simple as a thought or a whole plan, this can last a second or the person can be made to believe these ideas are there own and carry them out to the end.
Aim: to achieve ultimate power and thus bring about peace by any means, even if that means to manipulate everyone alive so that peace can be achieved.
Weaknesses: physically the Idealist is less than average for strength, stamina and physical prowess, making him easy to break physically.

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Mr. Monocle

Origin Story

Once a wealthy businessman and heir to a vast fortune, Mr. Monocle, formerly known as Reginald Worthington III, was always fascinated by the power of money and influence. He climbed the ranks of society through manipulation, bribes, and exploiting legal loopholes. As he accumulated more wealth, his desire for control grew, leading him to become one of the most feared power brokers in the world.

Personality and Motivations

Mr. Monocle is calculating, and always three steps ahead of his opponents. He’s driven by an insatiable need for power and control, viewing the world as a giant chessboard where he’s the only true player playing with himself. His motivation grows from a deep belief that the wealthy and powerful should rule the world, and he sees himself as the rightful ruler.

Catchphrase: "Why break the law when you can shape it?"


Always impeccably dressed in a tailored black long suit, complete with a top hat and his signature monocle. The monocle is not just for show; it’s a high-tech device that can scan documents, hack into systems, and provide real-time information about anyone he encounters. An Apple Vision we wanted lol

Mr. Monocle exudes an aura of wealth and sophistication, making him charming and disarming to those who underestimate him. People tent to accept him like a rich kind uncle, but in reality he is psychopath.


While Mr. Monocle doesn’t have traditional superpowers, his abilities are rooted in his vast wealth and influence:

  • Legal Manipulation: He has an army of lawyers at his disposal, capable of twisting laws to suit his needs.

  • Bribery and Corruption: He can bribe officials, manipulate markets, and control the media to maintain his power.

  • Debt Control: Using financial leverage, he controls numerous individuals and corporations, ensuring they remain loyal or face financial collapse.

He might not physically hurt anyone directly, but his actions have far-reaching and often devastating consequences. His most merciless tools are laws, bribes, and debts, making him a formidable and feared villain in the comic book world.

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Background lore

2014 the world had it's most devastating disaster known to man, a cosmic storm hit earth with dire consequences causing widespread blackouts due to electrical failure. The cosmic storm was highly radiative and was trapped in earth's atmosphere for many years which came to be called the chaos years. Nothing was ever the same as society pretty much collapsed and hundreds of millions of people died but the cosmic radiation also had an effect on a genetic level for many people causing them to gain mutations and special abilities with the greatest effect being seen in children these people would become to be known as superhumans. After the chaos years had ended a new society eventually grew from the ashes and with the cosmic storm finally gone after 8 long years the world would begin to rebuild anew. 10 years after the cosmic storm devastation the Hero Society was formed by a man known as Ultra, Ultra founded the Hero Society to try to combat the numbers of criminals with mutant abilities and gathered like minded people who would become heroes, with Ultra at the head of Hero Society Daigon City started to improve and saw the amount of criminals drop.

Origin story

17 years after cosmic storm devastation twins Jason and Tobias Ellegard who were just kids at the time of the cosmic storm and left as orphans because of it started to manifest more abilities they decided that they wanted to train to become heroes at the Hero Society, Tobias went on to excel in everything in his training with the help of Ultra but Jason struggled and felt like he was constantly in Tobias shadow it was at this point that Jason who had become more disillusioned by the heroes that he once worshiped and felt like it was all his brothers fault that the heroes had preferred his brother so he went and gave up his hero training and fled to the lawless city of Serren and it was here that he started to fall into criminal activities and joined a criminal gang headed by the villain known as King. Tobias would continue his training and become the hero Brightside and it was him that led the charge to Serren to take down King, with the fall of King because of Brightside and the other heroes the brothers had met for the first time in years but Jason managed to escape into the shadows. After the fall King there was a power struggle in Serren which Jason created the Dominion a new gang which quickly grew and inserted its dominance, Jason now known as the Shadowmaster and his commanders Dark Saber and Tomb Skull and many criminal grunts now rule the criminal empire in Serren but plan on making a move for Daigon to expand the Dominion. This is the Story of Brightside and The Shadowmaster brothers destined to meet again in a clash of titans.

Name - Jason Ellegard also known as The Shadowmaster

Age - 23

Criminal Organisation - The Dominion


Mother - Jessica Ellegard ( Desceased)

Father - William Ellegard ( Desceased)

Brother - Tobias Ellegard

Abilities - Increased strength, speed and stamina. Shadow Mastery - the ability to control shadows and disappear into them.

Weaknesses - Brightsides (Tobias Ellegard) light based powers have a weakening effect on Jason’s shadow based powers.

Personality - short tempered, dislikes the hero society

Motivations - Jason’s main motivation is the downfall of the Hero society and the spread of the Dominion to Daigon city and beyond.

Notable catchphrases - 

I am the darkness.

Let the shadows consume you 

Appearance - Black hair, well built, tall. (Just under 7 ft)

Costume - shades, long black coat, black carbon chest plate with a skull on it, black gloves, black leather trousers and black and silver steel boots.


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