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I have to miss this one unfortunately due to money constraints (god damn stupid car) but I am going in October xD


I am going to be doing the following at London Film and Comic Con:

  • Try to get at least one autograph.

  • Finding comics for my collection.

  • Networking.

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I’m still hoping to go to LFCC but I won’t know until a few days before the event, but when I’ve been in the past, I have always had the best time. The panels are much more personal, you are able to see and hang out with so many friends due to the con floor being smaller and I love chatting to the stalls about how they made their products and our shared love of media.

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Also I might also want to meet up with friends during the event, so that we can play together and at the same time walk around to enjoy the event, don't forget to take pictures with the artists and merch that we have purchased beforehand.

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Like always - cosplay hunting!

  1. STAR WARS Zone - would love to see the level of effort people put into their star wars cosplay and the chance to possibility meet some of the cast of any of the movies it TV shows would be immense!

  2. The Gaming Zone checking out some cool retro game on the way to testing out some of the latest VR tech and games, while being amused watching others use VR would definitely be high on my list

  3. Comic Zone pick up some cool comic book merch and browse some less known comic options, as this is often where the hidden gems lie!

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This is my first convention and I’m not sure what to expect! I am going to be doing the following at London Film and Comic Con:

  • Take pictures and video blog

  • Try to get at least one autograph

  • Photo shoot with David boreanaz

  • Talk ask questions with David

  • Look & see what merch I can buy

  • Try some amazing food!

    so excited, can’t wait for Saturday!


I am getting a photo with Lenny Rush and watching his talk. Watch Sophie Aldrids and Sylvester Mcoys talk. And buy things 😁

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As usual, I would check out the cosplayers, that's always the highlight for me at such events.

And after having a quick glance at what is going on this weekend, if I would attend, I would take my Star Trek TNG boxset with me and go to Marina Sirtis' signing session. I never met any of the Star Trek stars, it would be amazing to finally speak to someone and her character was one of my favourites from the show.

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With Comic conventions I try and do and see things that are unique to conventions as a priority:

  • Seeing celebrities/ guests

  • Attending panels and talks

  • Promotional Booths for merchandise

  • Taking photos of cosplayers

Going to vendors and artists alley are my last port of call for two reasons:

  1. The merchandise they have on display can often be found cheaper if you really want it online or even second hand

  2. Going before closing may run the risk of not being able to buy more highly sought after items but vendors would be willing to part with their goods for a discount to save on transfer costs of too many goods.
    I saw this in my last convention around an hour before closing a vendor just had a box of goods saying 'FREE' and it was just bits and pieces that didn't sell that day

Lastly I'd take regular breaks. It's all too overwhelming going from place to place at the start piggybacking on the excitement and adrenaline but you gotta listen to your body and perch down somewhere for a couple of minutes

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First, I'd grab my kids, get a LARGE bag, and raid the merch zone to snag all the goodies. If there's any cash left, we'll do another round!

After that, we'll drop the loot at the car and explore the rest of the con. The Cosplay Masquerade is definitely worth checking out!

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I won't be attending unfortunately as London is a bit too far and i'm literally there next month for AEW but, if I was going to the London Film and Comic Con, I would just love to get stuck in. My main plan would be to host a stall - it's been a dream of mine but I am terrified to take the leap. My small business involves me hand drawing and selling wrestling prints but Ido also do movies and pop culture moments. I feel like a convention would give me an amazing platform to showcase my talents and work, and hopefully gain a new audience too.

If anyone wanted to check out my work its @artsideofthering on Instagram or haha

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My first reason of going to comic con is usually to see what merch I can buy after that I usually takes some pictures of some cool cosplayers and the show and then maybe check out any talks that I might find interesting.


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