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I'll bite ;-) I do use linkedin quite a lot...

I never noticed or used the Creator Mode though (so I'm not quite sure what it was!).

I have noticed that they've taken away virtually all formatting from posts now. I'd be interested in knowing the reasons more fully. It's quite annoying that you can't do any formatting at all any more. Bold, italics, bullet points etc. They've stripped it all the way back (other than emojis and links) so unless you include an image or video, it's all walls of plain text now.

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It was basically a collection of extra tools and features, like livestreaming, a built-in newsletter feature, and a section on your profile for relevant hashtags.

The platform never had a lot of personality in my opinion, but removing all formatting options is a really weird move!

Maybe it's an attempt to push people toward image or video-based content, rather than just walls of text?

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Tbh it's mostly used by business people anyway isn't it.

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That's the image they give off, but I don't know how true it is.

While I was a lecturer, the course leaders would encourage students to post about their projects. The university where I'm a research student has a game development society, and many of them are active long before they graduate.

My take is it's basically Facebook, but for those who need to network and socialise while maintaining a professional image.

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I am on linkedin for work as it's basically a job/career site. I can't imagine ever wanting to use it for something actually fun though! Lol. I guess if you are in a more interesting industry it's not so bad.

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That's pretty spot on!

I was part of the Mathematics & Actuarial Science department while I was lecturing, and the posts it brought up were about as interesting as you would expect.

I'm just glad my actual topic, data analytics for esports, was a bit more fun!😝


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