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Concentrate on your OWN content, do not compare yourself to others as it will only lead to self doubt and insecurity ! Others Journeys are going to be completely different to yours, they may play different games, they may have a different audience type, there are so many variables and it isnt worth comparing and contrasting. By all means use others as a benchmark or as Inspiration but remember never to copy, you are your own creator and you should be unique, just as your content journey will be too !

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Definitely great advice! In fact I blocked similar channels on my YT feed so they didn’t discourage me (because sometimes they would “beat me” to something I was going to do and I didn’t want to do it after seeing that.)

It’s odd how much NOT consuming other content helps to be your own creator.

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very true ! sometimes it can be a help but as well it can be a hindrance !

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Do not, under any circumstances, compare your content, YouTube/Twitch is about personality, it's that simple, if you simply "copy" others' content, just walk away now. You need to create your own "brand".

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I even switched my camera off on streams, because no one wants to see a female near 40 who doesn't look like 20 playing games 😂I feel like I can be more myself if I don't have to worry about if my make-up looks right. Maybe when the channel grows and people genuinely want to meet the person behind the content, but definitely not now while I only have a handful of viewers.

Also I noticed that evergreen content like guides work a lot better for me, since even if I post them a bit later and not right on release, people will find my content and they keep getting views even a year later, while content which I worked a lot on and was a first view or first clear of a fight, no one really wanted to see it after a week.

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Ditto that, you cant roll charisma checks from a photo when noone knows you


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