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You can trust me to post it as a reply instead of submission 😂So let's try again...

Normally I don't do April's Fools as most of the time I don't get the jokes and then get the backlash for why am I not laughing... But there was a funny event in FFXIV which gave me an idea what could be a good pun as a creator.

In FFXIV there is an item called Fantasia which let's you change your character's race. Many people often use this to try out new looks, but there are people who never. If you are one of these, then it could be fun to suddenly show up with a shocking new look on your stream.

My partner pulled this prank on us on my ingame wedding. This is how he normally looks, the one in the middle taller than everyone:

And on my wedding the little one dancing on top of the table:

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Last year, we made a huge community post.

The gist of it was that:

  1. YouTube sucked

  2. Eve Online sucked

  3. CCP Sucked

  4. We were done

  5. Channel was going to be deleted

It set off a massive panic in the community and then we had to make another post quickly, people actually started unsubbing lol. You have to be uber careful when pulling pranks on YouTube :P

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Back in the day- it was like internet Christmas when it came to April Fool's day as various companies and developers made jokey announcements of outrageous products. I remember when World of Warcraft announced a new race Ogre except the two-headed variant will be controlled by one player each (right-side, and left-side), if one player was logged off then their side will appear like they're asleep.

ThinkGeek were one of the masters of the April Fools announcement as not only did they have absolutely ridiculous products - those mad men actually made them! Like this tauntaun sleeping bag

Hopefully it doesn't come with that smell..

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Playing a "prank" can end up unpleasant or even harmful pretty quickly. Sometimes in ways one had not considered beforehand. Therefore I think that if there was no extensive planning being done, and no good idea was had days before, one is much better off doing nothing instead of attempting some half-baked last-minute idea.

The past has shown many attempts that backfired harshly on the involved.

One good way to use that day is to announce something that was planned anyway. Bonus points if it was long awaited by the community. Or something that was asked for for a very long time. But announcing it on the first of April makes people speculate: Is it real? Will it happen? Many will disregard it as a joke, but if it then actually happens, a surprise factor can add to the excitement.

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I’m putting up a video “In Defense of the Alone In the Dark Movie” which is just utter Uwe Boll game-movie trash. Basically immediately I’m saying it’s a joke and then I’m going to talk about the wildest scenes and endless plot holes. Just a fun rant.

For context, Alone In the Dark currently sits at 1% on Rotten Tomatoes lol

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It's a mystery to me how Uwe Boll was able to find financing time and time again.

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Dude… right? I think it’s the hopeful nature of gamers. EVERYTIME a game movie comes out we’re like “yeh, we’ll give it a chance” lol.

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I appreciate when companies make genuine announcements on April 1st that seem about 65% legit. It creates this perfect blend of doubt and belief, where everyone's left wondering, 'ermm... is it a joke or wha...?'

To me, that uncertainty is the ultimate essence of April Fools' Day fun!

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Attempting last-minute April Fool's pranks without careful planning can lead to unintended consequences. Instead, consider using the day to announce long-awaited or highly requested news. This builds anticipation and speculation within the community, as people wonder if the announcement is genuine. While some may initially dismiss it as a joke, the surprise of it being true adds excitement and intrigue. By leveraging existing plans or fulfilling community desires, creators can avoid the risks associated with hasty pranks and create positive experiences on April Fool's Day.

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For April Fool's Day, content creators can indulge in some light-hearted fun without crossing any lines. A great example is from a past April Fool's Day, where I reviewed an IKEA birch stool as if it were a high-end gaming chair. I applied my usual review methodology, discussing ergonomics, sitting techniques for long gaming sessions, and even sizing advice.

The whole thing was presented seriously, yet the absurdity of comparing a simple stool to a gaming chair created a humorous effect. The key is to provide content that's true and well-researched, but with a twist that fits the spirit of April Fool's Day. This approach ensures that the content is entertaining and harmless, aligning perfectly with the essence of the day.

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I'm all for April fools jokes, but they have to be done well, and can't be to the detriment of a person. All that aside... this year I did nothing! - however things like changing a font or colour format on a website, or breaking links can be quite funny! I must get my thinking hat on for next year so will review what mischief people have gotten up to this year! :D

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The main one I most often see, and the ones I often do myself, are just videos that promise to change up whatever the status quo of the channel is in one way or another, something that promises to be a new direction for the channel in some way. Whilst sort of formulaic at this point, it's a premise that still works and if executed well enough it can very easily be seen as sincere and actually real, which is the fun part.

As creators, being able to make a joke seem as realistic as possible is always half the fun, seeing how far you can go, even when on a tight budget for the actual joke.


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