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Just the word “prank” can get you into trouble on YouTube and frankly, I think a lot of public pranks are dangerous for both the creator and the “victim.” I just did a goofy little mislead about a movie EVERYONE thinks is bad being good and you know it’s a joke within seconds.

So for me, easily identifiable, or at least quickly owned up to. This is my first April Fools as a creator with any kind of following, but I don’t see my perspective changing.

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Sadly I think in this day and age with misinformation especially in the rise of AI misinformation - there really isn't any subtlety allowed. If any false narrative can be created it can be very detrimental and then you're spending more time and resources subduing the consequences it had created

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I love it. I've been running this one since 2016 and it still works. :)


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