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I'm unsure whether you follow Rooster Teeth, but one their founders used to do a vlog and he did one on motivation - the topic starts around 4:39. Summarising he states:

Motivation isn't something that exists. And it isn't something that can be cultivated because it is an emotional component of inspiration.Motivation is fickle, you have to cultivate discipline in order to get stuff done. Motivation isn't something that you can force or get, it's something that comes to you on it's own volition. And by cultivating discipline, working on things when you don't want to - that is how you can get things done over a long period of time and that is so much more reliable than the emotional component of motivation.

The trick is how to work without motivation.

It sounds like you have had a hard week and had a lot of things on your plate and therefore getting back into the groove is an issue. Burnie mentions above one his tools he uses is streaks (taken from Jerry Seinfeld). Whatever he wants done - practicing, writing, etc. he has to do it everyday to keep the streak so when he is tempted to break it, he has X amount previously (10 days, 20days, 50days) and to break that streak is difficult because it's now become routine. Thomas Frank (another YTer) found a way that putting money down will motivate you. I find it's part of a sunk cost fallacy mindset. Thomas wanted to become a morning person so he set up a programme on his alarm that 10 minutes after his alarm went off a tweet will send saying 'if you reply to this tweet I'll give you $10' so that was his incentive to wake up and prevent the tweet from being sent. I think he set that up and one or two people actually got $10 from him before it really pushed him to wake up on time. I state it's a sunk cost fallacy as when I started my gym membership, I felt that parting ways as a poor student made me want the most of my membership so I started going to the gym first thing in the morning.

So essentially it is about discipline.

Lastly I understand that the grind is sometimes too monotonous or difficult to continue. I've been learning Japanese for a long time and I got to the point where I was copying from a textbook without really taking anything in. It just became routine to copy and I went from learning 70% of the content to closer to 10% which meant re-reading and re-practicing. I was no longer enjoying learning the language as it was just routine I did (like watching TV or playing a game). So I switched it up. I looked for why I wanted to learn the language which was to actually read untranslated manga. So I found some raw scans of a series and started doing the translation with a dictionary and phrase book. I'm enjoying it immensely as I learn new vocab through repetition, and I'm rewarded as well allowing me to understand the story with each line.

It's a lot to read so apologies for the rambling post but I wish you all the best for your content creation

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No please dont apologise there were some very valid points there ! I do agree with the discipline aspect on one hand but not on another, but totally get your points ! Thank you for hitting me up with those and also I am happy to hear about the Japanese going well, I spent 2 years learning it only to lose it over a course of years with little to no practice ! so keep it up !

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For me specifically, scripted, voice over-only content about film is what I do when I’m low on energy. Gaming A: means I have to be able to concentrate on actually playing a game and B: it’s entirely unscripted which requires even more mental power and elasticity to be energetic/witty.

In other words, I really don’t know how to get over lack of motivation, just how to get around it lol.

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Surely getting around it and still creating is a form of getting over it and recouping energy ? No ?


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  1. verify current priorities with significant one

  2. negotiate the plan

  3. adjust the pace

  4. execute

  5. run a retrospective how it went

I took that from my management work, adapting agile methodologies such as scrum, kaizen, kanban etc into everydays life. You dont need to run that all the time, just as crisis management tool.

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Yeh I get that ! I Use my management tools too on larger projects, such as the SMART method, I find they can help out a lot ! Thank you will take these on board and see what I can use !

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For me the biggest motivation was always when I was told I won't be able to accomplish something. That gave me the push to start and to carry on. Because if I stopped, if I failed then they would have won.

It's ok to take breaks at times when real life happens, it's important and perfectly ok to focus on your family. What could be a good tactic to prep some content ahead for this time, schedule some posts / videos. So you still give your community something without stressing yourself.

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DONT !!!! I am / was , the same ! leads on to a funny story about us learning about Patholigical Demand avoidance for my daughter and seeing ALL the signs in me ! Add to that the fact I have a Great Supporter in my wife who believes I can achieve all my goals and then I have no one to fight against !! hjahaha not complaining, much prefer it this way !

Yeh ! I am trying to battle the balance of being ok with things going wrong and needing to refocus and the want to get things done and feeling like I am letting people down.

I have been working on some non live projects whilst I have a little time !

Thank you for your input !

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Personally here is how I do

Long-term goals - I don't do short-term stuff, as I've often stated and with Twitch/YouTube staff, content creation is not a sprint, it is a marathon of epic proportions. So set long-term goals, ignore the numbers!

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Oh yeh, I completely agree, it is defo about the long run and not the short term ! I find long term goals without some sort of short term buffers difficult but that is defo a decent shout ! TBF I could probably do with some long term goals as I usually go by the edge of my seat and do what I think is right and try to challenge myself !


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