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I love this superstition element.

I also never liked a post or video I would put out. If I did it by accident I’d quickly unlike it probably doing more damage to the algorithm. Haha.

Other things I’ve struggled with is actually being on camera or showing myself. I do here and there but on my pets account my face and info (name and how I got my rescue ferrets) was stolen and used to scam people. :(

I think this is less likely when talking about gaming but I’m yet to get more into it.

Horror and Cats's avatar

Aw that’s a shame. That kind of thing can be super traumatic.

But I love ferrets! I call them cat snakes. You should drop some photos on the thread where JA people introduced their pets!

MargotCandy's avatar

I hadn't seen that thread yet! I will do! :) Yes I call them cat snakes too and carpet sharks.

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I understand how it can be traumatic. I got scammed multiple times when I was much younger 😬

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I have a funny superstition where when I post I video I won’t look at it for atleast 24-48hours. Videos I think will do well turn out so so. Videos that I think kinda suck actually get traction better. I haven’t figured it out yet but then I have little content. I think I need to post at least 100+ videos to see the bigger picture.

Ps. I have a serious phobia of snakes. I generally stay from videos, pics and Games with them in it. But some games I just can stay away from, that will be the horror element for me 🤣 strangely enough I’m a bit more calm if I do encounter them in real life.

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oh I wonder if the having played the odd games with snakes in it makes it less of a threat in real life? It’s spiders for me. Can’t be around them.

I think aiming for 100 videos and then evaluating what worked better and to see if there were any patterns sounds like a good approach.

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I'm with you on the not being first to hit the Like button on my own videos. I don't have a specific threshold but the numebr needs to be at least into the double figures before I add to it! :D

Horror and Cats's avatar

Haha it’s funny how that is a few peoples’ shared superstition on here

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Do not post anything on Friday evening. Do not post on holidays where families are involved (xmas, Thanksgiving etc).


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