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prob from you guys! :')

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This is a comment from a fellow creator about my Nightingale review video. I'm in her community Discord and she's very encouraging to share our content there as well. She asked me to post a link to my FFXVI guides as well and told me I should make more guides because they are awesome. It feels good to get such kind words from someone also in the creator business:

Here is her lovely comment on one of my guide videos as well:

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The best comment ive had is when streaming on a day i was feeling rather insecure and down about my content and someone came into chat and told me how much my content made them smile, laugh and feel welcome.

This comment made my day and still does, to know that i can make a difference no matter how small to someones day 🥰

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I did a video for Black History Month about how black stories in horror are frequently shunned by fans as “propaganda.” It was the most tightly scripted, thoroughly researched video I’d ever done since it was such an important topic.

I got a very simple comment which is by far the best compliment you could have given me on the piece.

I clicked on the user and his description said he was an English teacher, which made it all the better lol.

The content, if you’re interested:

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One day I played a game from developer archor games, I reviewed a game from their game and they started looking at my content and they liked the content I made, that's the best comment I got .

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Being told by another content creator who I enjoy that my photos look like they could be official promo pictures for Pokémon 🥹🥹

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It's been a month since I promoted this game, I really want to say that I really enjoyed it! This development works well together with their affiliate program!


I think it would have to be a comment of "What the hell how did you do this" Sounds pretty strange right! I was 21 and I was really interested in Magic, I was scared to post a video online however I did a magic trick where I refilled an empty can of coke and made it full all in one continuous shot as a magic trick and it got some incredibly reactions online! Really loved hearing that people's minds were blown away

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Hey Asim! That sounds incredibly impressive, please do share the video too if you still have a link to it. Just a heads up though, you've replied as a comment rather than a bounty entry, so to be in with a chance of winning a prize here you'll need to copy your text and click "Submit to this bounty" instead!

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Once I got a comment on a post I had made years ago, basically saying thank you for making content and that they had always really admired my edits ^-^ it made me very happy and it was nice to know that someone had been interested in my content so long

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Back when I was streaming mostly full time, I used Monday's as "Mental Health Mondays" and picked it specifically to "take Mondays back" because it's a day people famously don't look forward to.

I used it to play community games and just let people be themselves, no pressure to mask or anything, just hang out, enjoy watching or joining in, whatever they needed.

Anyway, after about 6 months of this someone who had never spoken in stream, or Discord for that matter, messaged me and said:

"Hi, we haven't spoken before but I needed to tell you just how much your Monday streams have meant to me and the impact they've had. I have depression and have never been able to talk about it with those close to me, but hearing you talk so openly about your life with it and how opening up was the best thing for you, it gave me the confidence to speak to my friends and family and I now have the most amazing support network. Your streams have offered fun viewing and a place to know what I'm feeling is normal and not to be ashamed of. I hope you continue to do them because I don't think it's just me you'll have helped"

I cried after I read it. I was blown away, here I was not even a year into streaming and someone messaged me that. I knew after that I was doing the right thing.

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This comment came at a time that I was feeling so low about my content and it just brought me up completely 🥰

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My favourite comment so far, I often doubt myself whether I'm on the right path or maybe I'm just rubbish. So this was a win for me, A light in the dark.

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This is from my pet account where I haven’t been posting much over the last couple of months due to family reasons. Instead of searching through comments I thought I’d share the message I got yesterday. It cheered me up as we are going through some horrible stuff behind the scenes, but all I ever wanted to do was share realistic ferret ownership and seeing the came across made my day.

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I like how this reviewer disassembles everything down to the bare hull, voiding all warranties, so we can see what's inside.

That was helpful and motivated me to keep breaking things! 😊

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So this one, we got a few days ago, there have been quite a few but, we get A LOT of comments on videos, but this one was super nice.

Always nice to see these appear in videos comments.

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It's something small but real world encouragement from those I love is what I value most when it comes to content creation especially during the early days when things are rough and you're too embarrassed to show it to the world, and yet you're proud of it.

One of my best friends in high school had a similar creative drive as me and served as a producer in terms of what is good or where I could improve. One time I was getting frustrated with a particular render of a picture and he said something that resonated with me:

It may not be good yet but it's better that you made this rather than nothing at all. Great art is produced after hundreds of bad art has failed

I remind myself of that every time I don't nail something first time that the small steps eventually lead to greater distance covered as long as you keep taking those small steps


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