Dragon's Dogma

Dragon's Dogma

DO NOT FORGET TO SAVE REGULARY AT INNS!!! There are bugs aplenty at the moment, until some patches help, which could ruin your playthrough and the save system is very odd and can be a nightmare if you don't save at inns as often as feasible.

The autosave feature just erases your manual save as soon as you get to an auto save spot and if you run into an enemy you have zero chance of defeating, it leaves you in a real pickle with no other save backup available.

Inns are the only other option and they actually save in a separate slot, meaning you can go back to them if needs be. But it means you could lose a lot of game time if you haven't kept up with it!

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One of my favourite things is wandering around the rugged landscape and picking up loot with my merry band of pawns.

However, if you've got light fingers like me and you've just started your adventure, if you come across an item called a Seeker's Token for the first time make a note of where you picked it up! Although not relevant at the beginning, there is an (optional) later quest that will require you to return there within 7 days to find another item and if you're like me with poor memory and have picked up dozens of the things you may have to do a lot of searching of possible locations. Thankfully there are maps online of where the Tokens may be found but it's much easier if you've already noted it down!

Another tip the game doesn't make obvious is that you can hire 2 other pawns from the Rift alongside your main pawn. As these hired pawns don't level make sure that you are swapping them out often (especially near the beginning as you're levelling faster) no matter how attached to them you've become. Don't worry, you can always favourite them and check in the Rift to see if they've levelled up and then you can hire them again.

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These are great tips! Can I assume I can let my loot gremlin desires run wild or am I going to spend most of my time moving at a snail pace because I'm over-encumbered? (still not going to stop doing it)

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There is encumbrance in the game but you can offload quite a bit onto your main and hired pawns. If you dismiss a hired pawn (or they die) the pack loot they have on them will go to your storage which you can access at an inn. Beware that equipment you equip on a hired pawn cannot be retrieved though!


Barred doors are a common encounter during the adventure. A good angle and a bow will let you shoot the plank of wood barring the door - e.g. shooting the plank through a window.

During the adventure you may come across a pair of daggers that shine and beep when the user is near a treasure chest. Pawns using these daggers when walking the roads of other worlds still receive the effect of the daggers - so if you see a random rogue beeping and flashing, treasure's about!

Pawns can be hired by other players, allowing your pawn to gain world/quest knowledge, completing pawn quests, and earn some spending. To have a better chance at your pawn being hired by another player, ensure you rest at an inn when you upgrade your pawns equipment and abilities. Resting at an inn will let your pawns' data be saved, keeping it up-to-date for other players.

Setting a pawn quest with a good reward will encourage players to hire your pawn. You can take advantage of the shop that creates replicas of items and use them as quest rewards - the 'fake' version of the item in your world becomes 'real' when gifted to pawns, and possibly the same for quest rewards - e.g. replicating your stamina beetle creates fake beetle, fake beetle becomes real when gifted.

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I will avoid doubleing up on what other would say.

Just a simple ones I didnt realise right away.

When upgrading equipment, you do not need to have the required upgrade ingredients on you. If it says you dont have it, no need to run back to your storage to check.

Seeker tokens can be found anywhere and they are not as obvious as normal items. However they are usually placed in areas you wouldn't bother to look, like at the end of a collapsed bride or in a plain looking rock crevice. Additionally, when my pawn says "aut catches the light" or words to that effect, I have then found one close by. Not confirmed but could be linked.

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Here are my top 10 tips for Dragon's Dogma 2!

  1. Size Matters: Taller characters have a longer weapon reach and can jump higher. Aim for a height of 2.15m for the best jumping/climbing experience.

  2. Adjust Camera Settings for Better Perception: Increase the camera distance in the game settings for a wider field of view, enhancing your spatial awareness during gameplay.

  3. Picking the Right Pawns is Key: Use the pawn search feature when using the rift stone. It’s crucial to always have a mage pawn for healing in your party.

  4. Take Down Large Enemies Strategically: When large enemies are off-balance, grab and push their leg to knock them down for a few seconds, allowing you to target their weak points.

  5. Prioritize Smaller Enemies in Skirmishes: In battles with multiple foes, focus on eliminating smaller, weaker enemies first. They can interrupt your actions, making it harder to deal with larger threats.

  6. Eye-Catching Pawns for More Recruitments: Dress your pawns in the best gear and skill them effectively to make them more likely to be recruited by others. This strategy helps in accumulating more rift crystals. Check the best builds for each class and equip these skills.

  7. Follow Your Pawn’s Hints: If your pawn indicates a hidden treasure nearby, pause and command them to lead you to it (go action button). This always leads to discovering valuable hidden chests.

  8. Dealing with Dragon Plague: If your pawn contracts dragon plague (identified by red eyes), you can cure them by letting them die and resurrecting them at the stone. For rented pawns, simply dismiss and rehire them.

  9. Leverage Augments Across Vocations: Augments are shared among all vocations. You can grind for specific augments and then switch back to your preferred vocation. Here’s a link to an augment list.

  10. Stand on enemies for Stamina Regeneration: You can stand on golems and other large enemies without a 'grab' to regain stamina before launching your attack. Stay alert to their movements to avoid being thrown off.

Bonus tip!

Unlock Dowsing Spikes Daggers Early: Collect 30 Seeker’s Tokens as soon as possible to unlock these daggers, which alert you to nearby treasures, really handy!

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Different regions/realms have different upgrade paths.

For example, Vermund is about having an equilibrated upgrade path while The Sacred Groove / Elf City focuses on Magick.

And usually at the shops where a Vocation Maister can be found, there is usually good equipment for said vocation for sale.


invest in your skills, and gear. It took me too long to buy skills and it made some simple things very easy!

Being able to pick up better weapon options was great too.

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  • Hired pawns do not level so make sure to swap them for new ones regularly.

  • In your quest list the red hands with numbers on them are telling you which quests your hired pawns have already completed with someone else. If you make one of these your active quest, then the pawn will tell you they know where to go, press the go command by pressing up on the dpad and the will take the lead and direct you.

  • I have found, at least in the first 15 hours or so that there is not much improved armour or weapons to be found in the world. So make sure to visit the shops/vendors to buy and equip more powerful gear.

  • If you have spent all your money buying armour and weapons, need to pass time for a quest or to get through the night. You don't need to spend money resting at an inn if you are in a town/city, just snooze on one of the benches for free.


The main advice is "Enjoy the adventure"!

Here are the other tips:

Explore all the paths

You will be rewarded with loot and surprises that you will encounter.

Prepare well before starting a mission or exploration run

You might have to go back if you are not prepared.

Choose your pieces well to create a great team

Select your characters/units carefully to form a strong group.

Buy a house to rest

Acquire a home base where you can take a break.

Set the camera distance to the maximum

Adjust the camera view to the furthest setting.

These are just a few tips, but they will improve your gaming experience!


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