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Heya! I'm Dayera Sezza Badasaz  or just Dayera. I'm mainly a logistics pilot and industrialist but do occasionally go on fleets and lead fleets. I'm the current industrial director of Order 68 within Bitter Old Vets down in scalding pass and in between ops I'm found theory crafting fits for random fun roams, helping our newbros, manufacturing ships or out with friends in space. I have been flying around null sec for most of my time but my biggest ambition is to be able to produce a lot of logistical ships. I value friendships and connections over all things in new eden as those allow me to expand my manufacturing empire and soon you may be flying in one of my ships.

It's great to be here! I'm still new at the whole industry thing but slowly and surely I'll get there :D

Hi. I'm MacGybo. I was created in New Eden on 16 March 2007 when I almost immediately became a pawn in a null sec large alliance.

After a break, I returned in 2016 to discover FW, low sec PvP and the amazing Stay Frosty corp. I joined them and there I stayed, on and off, for six years.

The majority of that time, while my corpmates were terrorising low sec with their frigate skills, I was the bad Hi Sec cousin, ganking in Perimeter. For years, I was a self-taughter gate ganker, taking advantage of pilots who chose to move high value items in easily destructable ships.

These riches have kept me going, but it's also allowed me to help out others. I've run several programmes to give away ships to new pilots who want to try something new, or to reimburse those who have lost ships to other pilots.

I've now set up The Slow Zone - an alliance for those who prefer a more laid-back approach to life in New Eden. And I will finally set up my new pvp corp. I just need to gank one.... more.... ship.......

Hi i'm Zigam Started eve online 2006 . I'm a Pandemic Horde Strategic Fleet Commander i command fleets of 256 pilots at a time and have an amazing team of coordination and high skilled fleet commanders im learning from. Last night was one of the big fights with over 1100 Dreadnoughts on field https://br.evetools.org/br/64ee9d28ab44c50e4cc97955

Insert the battle report above I hope to keep posting more videos and content of big fleet engagements in the future Thanks for reading MrUnluckie (Zigam)

Howdy, did you mean to post this one here?

think the br overshadowed the text

My Character's name is Grimoire Erkkinen

He started EVE Online in 2016 and almost immediately fell into the usual Nullblock scam. "Come to Null and make money. We have nice rocks to mine." After burning out from the mind numbing dullness of null live, he made another appearance in wormholes, having joined up with Partisan Squadron and later Balkan Kings. The pilots he met along this journey, namely one Valius Kreal, led him to his final home within Empire Assualt Corps in the Dead Terrorists Alliance.

Since then, he has been sighted broadcasting many historic events, such as the wars against P I R A T and later PARABELUM. He now spends his time polishing his ships for battle and teaching newer pilots about they money they can make in Hisec, to avoid the nullsec trap.

I'm Kshal Aideron and anyone who knows my background probably knows you should put a "results not typical" sticker on my forhead.

At 1.5 months into the game I became a scout on Redemption Road NPSI roams. At around 6 months I went to join FUN Inc and became a FC at 8 months old. At I think 10 months a friend and I started the FUNny Newbro Roams which we've been running every other Wednesday for a little over 2.5 years now (where does time go?).

At a year into the game I created the website Eve Rookies which really was only meant to be a place for me to write tutorials and host my Youtube tutorial videos. However at about 1.3 years I was told I needed to try starting up the newbro friendly vanguard incursion group I had tried at around 11 months. Especially since Eve Rookies was the perfect name. So Eve Rookies Incursions was born.

I really thought that was where it would stop but the community really picked up momentum. At the end of 2021 I had someone asking if they could run Forward Base fleets under Eve Rookies. Then sometime last year we got level 4 missions going and someone wanted to do mining fleets. Of course I kept up with the pvp fleets through all of this. Suddenly I found Eve Rookies becoming a coalition due to it's partnerships with different groups.

I'm really proud to announce as of today that we've partnered with a wormhole group that will be taking out wormhole ratting fleets regularly.

As if being a FC for FUN Inc and CEO of Eve Rookies wasn't enough, last year at 2 years old I ran for CSM17 and made it to spot 20 before being eliminated. I'm running again for CSM18. I also get the honor of being a player presenter at Fanfest this year in a 3 person talk about community.

I have no idea where I'll go or who I'll get to partner with next but up until now it's been one crazy ride!

Great interview today, good luck with your campaign!

JAKEL33T Here, I focus mainly on solo content. Mining is a large part of what I cover as well as Null-Sec living and general guides & ship fits. I've been doing Eve Online content for over a year now & its great to see the community grow and the game change.

My name is Melicien Tetro. Intaki Reborn, started in the Gallente Navy, quickly transitioned to piracy. Settled down a bit into null and anoikis until I was swept into the Invasion. Fleet command during the invasion was one of my favorite experiences, ever. Nowadays I'm the alliance leader of Azdaja Clade, an upstart group in Pochven.

Characteristics Name: Kane Carnifex Born: 2013 Total SP: 171K

The name Translate to "Scharfrichter" which was the medival job forknown as Executioner. So if you see me as Final Blow, i honor my name. But here you can have short Version of it.


This my overall Logo:

Special Skill: Fire Dragon Breath

"Orik Kado joined EVE Online on January 26, 2018. Right from the beginning, he showed an interest in mining and industry, focusing on growth in null sec. He learned from veteran pilots in their respective roles, gradually accumulating knowledge and sufficient experience to start a small industry capable of supplying his corporation members. In addition to this, he engaged in market PvP, successfully regulating the prices of some items that were inflated.

After several years, he decided to forge his own path and founded a corporation, which he continues to be a part of to this day, nearly two years after its creation. He also played a role in the formation of the only Spanish-speaking alliance currently residing in null sec, known as FuriaHispana.

To this day, he continues his journey as an industrialist, producing goods on demand for his fellow corporation members. He manages the corporation's resources and is dedicated to helping train the aspiring talents of New Eden who wish to follow in his footsteps."

Hi All!

I'm Wadd Enderas, currently Director and Acting CEO of a small wormhole corporation. I spawned into being back in January of 2013. I was educated by the Caldari Navy but once I had graduated I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do in this vast universe.

Due to other worldly pressures I had to stay docked for the majority of my first few years of existence, but eventually I started venturing out, but staying close to home I began running security missions for the Caldari Navy, working my way up in skill and wealth to steadily complete level IV missions in a Raven.

As I started to expand my horizons further I was introduced to resource harvesting and industry. I was, and remain today, very attracted to the possibility of complete self-subsistence. As such, I skilled hard into both industries maxing out on resource harvesting, until the arrival of the triglavians, and highly skilled into all forms of manufacuring short of one or two capital processes.

This of course though was not where I stopped. Despite being incredibly risk averse, the lure of deep space and the secrets hidden within was always there and I became an adept explorer, regularly venturing in to J-space from hi-sec, helping to support my self-subsistence living.

Then in early 2020 I met Hotblack, the definition of a veteran of New Eden, having been conscious since 2003. I joined his corporation, Disaster Area, and quickly worked my way up into a leadership position. Together, Hotblack and I moved into low-sec, quickly became the victims of two wars, tried to establish comprehensive operations in Minmatar hi-sec only to have them removed by Black Flag and then explored the opportunity of claiming Sovereignty in Null-sec. All of that was wasted time, however, until we agreed the J-space was the place to go.

After dipping our toes in with a C1 wormhole, we inherited a C2 wormhole along with a fortizar and other structures. This proved to be too much for us and we were quickly evicted. Undeterred, we established ourselves in a new C2 and maintained a much smaller footprint. I now live in a C4 wormhole, with a larger Distaster Area that we have grown together with the support of the rest of our board of Directors.

Self-subsistence is still fundamentally what drives me and since the sudden and unexplained shift of resource distribution across the universe, wormhole space provides the best access to the various regions of New Eden allowing me to harvest all the raw materials I need.

Oh, and we're recruiting :)


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