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EVE Online

Amazing interview - absolutely love Hilmars response to my local chat as a chat channel or an intelligence tool question. So glad to see the level of understanding of the situation.

Cheers FUN INC - all kudos to the community for the excellent questions. He didn't hesitate for a second in his answer to your intelligence tool question - I was impressed too.

Some of the eagle-eyed amongst you noticed that this interview briefly appeared then disappeared. We had a minor tech hiccup that caused a few formatting peculiarities, but it's all sorted now. Thanks for your patience, and enjoy!

But we’re already ten times beyond any game ever created. So I’d continue to ask for patience while we continue to break our own world records, which are undisputed by a factor of ten.

Granted by a German. Let´s contiune the golden way as long we all can.


Great interview thanks for doing this to everyone involved ! o7

Thanks Rdog . And thank you for your question!

dang I missed a golden oppurtunity here to ask a question, oh well, I'll wait for the next time!

Great interview tho!

btw the question would have been: We have an event that grants 90% loot drops. Have you ever considered a balance to that in the form of another event that grants only 10% loot drops? Could be interesting to see the effect on the economy this might have as well.

Nice question! Hopefully we'll arrange some more Q&As with CCP decisions-makers before next Fanfest, and you'll get your opportunity.

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