EVE Online

EVE Online

I want an arsenal of unique guns and the option to customize the character and gear to one's liking. Being allowed to play stealthy is what I hope for a lot.

But most importantly, I want to look cool with my boots on the ground. 😎

Pew pew pew boom boom boom!

Ability to collaborate, and work with existing groups.

Ability to run around and learn what Vanguard has to offer me, and what i can take from Vanguard, and how i can incorporate this into my gameplay.

I cannot wait!

I would love to have a pretty dynamic game, where the most major things can be customized to playstyle with more than one simple approach to situations.

And like greybill said... I hope to look badass lmao

I hope that Vanguard will have real implications for things occurring in EVE, sorta how they promised that back in Rust. A big thing that drives me to play hardcore/rogue-like/perma-death games is that your choices matter, and I hope Vanguard allows my choices to be impactful.

If nothing else, I want the game to have a lot of people playing off-the-get-go so I can pew pew and boom boom as many capsuleers as possible.

Boarding action against structures and capital ships, MTACs

Melicien Tetro - could you expand on those a little? Also, it looks like your image upload hasn't gone awry.

Eep! sorry!

The MTAC gets delivered during Sansha Incursions, so I've always wanted to be That Guy. Boarding action in general sounds awesome, it's one of the things the universe is really missing.

I'd like to be able to run it lol, one of the best things about EVE Online is that is a massive, beautiful looking game that you can run on a calculator, this being a shooter will 100% require more resources. I'd like to support this shooter version of EVE but it will definetly be frustrating if i dont make it run.

Good luck :D Let us know how it goes!

I want a FPS game in the world of New Eden and the Tranquility server. as a DUST player. EVE online has great lore. A lot of thought and care has gone into world building while CCP and the players have created live events that spin captivating tales. A shooting games will allow the players to impact the story in a way they could not in space.

It is also important that Vanguard impacts Tranquility. There does not have to be bombardments and war barges with mobile factories. The battle of Caldari Prime showed how great a crossover event could create meaningful stories.

A shared ‘verse is all I ask for.

With Vanguard, like dust514 I would like it to be a success but give CCP games its foot in the door into FPS gaming. With the sheer amount of lore and the ability to add things to Vanguard, it could potentially become one of the biggest FPS games.

But they do need to make sure that Vanguard is unique, guns, gfx, all of it needs to be "eve online themed" and to make sure, it stays that way. Vanguard has the potential, what we need to see is the new game managed from a "this is going to be great" perspective.

Being able to make sure, this side of the Eve universe, merges, reflects and of course, shows, how great, both sides of the game can be.


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