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Will we ever see a system akin Dust 514’s fitting mechanics; with modules and similar items? Not only did it feel more connected to Eve Online but it opened up a load of customisable playing options over pre-selected class rolls like most other FPS games do.

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What do you envision will be the "hook" that keeps players coming back to Vanguard?

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I want to be sneaky, will I be able to be sneaky in Vanguard?

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Yeh I agree, the ADS holgraphic ruins sneaky gameplay.

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I found the holo-sight fitting for the lore - we are high-tech clone soldiers, after all. But I feel like there should be a fall-off so it's not becoming a sniper scope. Let people be highlighted at 50m or less or so, but not further. Or allow people to fit gear to counter it. There are lots of options for interesting mechanics.

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If we were that advanced, there would be countermeasures built into the suits to stop you from showing up on the holographic sights. Maybe it should be a specific fitted sight instead, similar to how Flir sights work in other games but with the falloff range you're talking about and some sort of drawback to using it otherwise everyone would be running it.

I personally think they should get rid of it all together.

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There should maybe a limitation in the active weapon hud wallack overlay. The thing which marks everything bad red. You can very quickly scan whole area.

On the other side.. fine give me something to hide, please <3

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Will we be able to use Vanguard FPS module with our capsuleer characters in some distant unforeseeable future?

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  1. PvE Content in Eve Vanguard: Are there plans to introduce PvE content in Eve Vanguard, such as group or solo missions against AI, specifically Vanguards versus AI scenarios?

  2. Female Clone Options: The current beta version features only male body types. Are there any plans to include female clones in future updates?

  3. Character Customization: Beyond the default offering, are there any plans to expand character visual customization options in Eve Vanguard? This could include aspects like eye color, hair, or even customizable armor aesthetics.

  4. Character Progression: In the current beta, the gameplay feels rogue-like, with no carryover of items, skills, or talents between sessions. Is there a plan to incorporate RPG-like progression elements in the future?

  5. In-Game Economy: Could you provide examples of how players can spend their in-game earnings in Eve Vanguard? What kind of items or services will be available for purchase?

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Can we expect Vanguard to keep to its roots and be only Eve Online-centered? Simply put, do we have to wait for the horror shows that are "celebrity crossovers" or "game crossovers" or will Vanguard stick to what it is, Eve Online on the ground?

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WIll we we able to FPS mine? #triggered

Real question, will there be any resource links to eve online. Aka incentives for indy players. If not that whole side of the player base will just sleep on this.

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Is there any anticipation of Vanguard being a viable game for Esports?

With the game still heavily under development, I can understand not looking too far into the future, but is there at least hope?


Will the player lore continue from DUST 514. For example, will winners of contests, the CPM, and the battle of Caldari Prime be woven into the new lore directly or will there be a clean slate?

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Will Vanguard be available to Non-EVE players?


Will you make EVE Vanguard as a separate optional download, instead of packaging inside the default launcher?

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The Suppression element on the road map seems to be the first indication, but can CCP expound on how Vanguard will be 'connected' to EVE Online? The major hook for EO is the butterfly effect, I'm curious to learn more about Vanguard's butterfly effect.

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Do you plan to implement any type of vehicles?

Is there any consideration for implementing an industry mechanic that requires skill in Eve Online? (something like creating weapons in Eve Online to sell them in Vanguard)


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