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I'm excited to answer any questions you might have. I'll even share an image that no one outside the team has ever seen before above. That is the very original Illustrator drawing I did for the Ship Card design for the game. I wanted to incorporate the ship fitting window into the design and pull the design of the card from those elements - which is something I don't believe has ever been done before. Even the Ability icons which hover around the circle, are the module slots from that shape.

Anyway, I look forward to your questions.

Hi Rixx, massive fan btw

  1. What will be the projected retail cost of the game?

  2. What made you decide to make an Eve Online board game?

  3. How many times when making the game did you have "writer's block" about what to do next?

I have tons more but yeh, this will do for now :P

How can drinking be best incorporated into the game?

A simple one, what is the goal?

Not one, but four questions at the price of a single!

  1. The game's retail price is set at 136 EUR, which appears to be on the higher end for a board game. What factors contribute to this pricing, especially considering the miniatures are not metal casted?

  2. The game session duration is estimated to be between 90 and 180 minutes. Are there any options or modes for quicker gameplay?

  3. Are there any easter eggs or references to EVE Online's rich history and culture, such as in-game memes or historic moments, included in the game mechanics or event cards? For example, an event card like 'your mining fleet got ganked by catalysts, lose ore this turn'.

  4. Were you influenced or inspired by "EVE: The Second Genesis CCG" in the development of the War for New Eden board game? If so, in what ways did it impact the design or concept of your game?

p.s. do you have a sample for a review? =)

I know we want to wait and have all of these questions answered all at once, but I would like to address one question from the above. "considering the miniatures are not metal casted?" is not accurate. While the prototype miniatures and the ones seen in the KS are produced in-house at Titan Forge, the game's final miniatures will be metal casted. The finals will not be 3d printed, they will be cast in metal dies. As you can imagine those dies are not cheap.

If this is as successful as I think it could be, will you look to dovetail future board game expansions to harmonise with future in game expansions?

Will I be able to "bring my drake" in this card game?

You ceated a new boardgame and you choosed to NOT give it a digital touch in 2024? -> Did you think about it and if yes why did you not use it optional?

Why did you want to create a dusty oldschool game in ScFI Univers of a 20 Years old game if you have all the technolgie in 2024???

Like for Example King Arthur from 2003 by Ravesnburg. I have godworthy powerhouse of Cellphone in my pocket and you decide not to use it. I have 65° TV and you choose to go super oldschool... damn it you have balls.


  • No nice tracking of something of the Game (any Stats or anything?)

  • No nice private chat to make spy or betrayl

  • I can´t make hidden agreements either

  • Fancy animation of fights, sounds, atompshere?

  • Mission brifing Vids?

On the otherside you just copied EVE:Online since here we also have no Ingame Vids... Touchê :P

Don´t get me wrong.

I like the idea but i am upset with the poor quality.

Do you eat deepfrozen food? No, cool man of culture aswell. Why you give us deepfrozen game? Why? Where is 2024 in Boardgames... we are digital natives.

Also i told you on FF, to give us the option to paint every model.

I see nothing. Just stuff which is fast and cheap made. Go check 40K, these guys know it for sure.

I willing to pay but plastic?! Fail :P

While I am supposed to wait and answer these once they've all been collected, once again I'd like to make an exception here. While I appreciate your opinion I would like to address a couple of your points. First of all I strongly believe there is still a place in this world for real, physical, tactile board games that you sit down and play with friends or family. And I suspect I am not alone in that sentiment. Indeed, if you want to play a mobile version of Eve there is already Eve: Echoes.

Secondly, as I stated above - the miniatures are not plastic. They will be created with resin poured into metal dies at significant expense to ensure high quality. What you see on the KS and in the prototype videos was custom made at Titan Forge's facility. Which is pretty awesome to be honest.

Echoes is full mobile game.... you didn´t understand what i said. :( Fuck do i hate it to translate this in english....!!!!!!!!11!!

You can do oldschool Boardgame like RISK or whatever! You can make digital optiona like sound, feature, immersvie stuff etc... You could add a digital mandetory part like fights are calculated animated etc and you may add some choice into it. HERE IS NO LIMIT... but oldschool is limited as you said :P

But if you belong to the oldschool group my hands bounded. Did you try Gloomhaven... than you know why oldschool has its limits.

I would say from here on anything is possible. Will the resin be painted, everything looks unpainted. If it would be my prototype i would let it painted... painted version sells better. Claps on the roof of the battletank...

Thanks for the answer, i just want the 120% but these 20% are heartblood and... nevermind.

I did understand you my friend. And I am fully aware of augmented reality, and enhanced mobile gaming experiences. And the potential that they hold for gaming of all types. The only point I was trying to make was that we decided to not pursue that direction in this case. We wanted something that stood apart from the virtual Eve universe and stood on its own merits.

That's all.

We spend so much time transfixed by screens, scrolling and flipping that i find it so refreshing that there is no digital aspect to what you guys are delivering.

I think what you have done looks great.

In case of loss of a ship, will there be a way to purchase individual replacement models?

SRP for support pilots lol

Are you going to add translations such as Spanish?


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