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My biggest tip is 'Open in Separate window' a.k.a. undock from solar map UI. And place it somewhere in a corner.

It's shocking how many capsuleers do not know about this feature.

My submission:

You can change the cone's viewing orientation in the d-scan window by left-click dragging to rotate the view and right-click dragging to move the view back and forth. Note that this does not aim the scanner, but only changes the display that you see in the window.

Image Credit: Eve Uni

Aiming the d-scan

The easiest way to aim the scanner is to left-click on an object in the system map and hold until the radial menu pops up - then choose the d-scan icon from the menu. The scan cone will move to point at that object.

You can also right-click on an object in the map and choose "look at" from the drop-down menu.You can hold down the V key and click anywhere in the space. With V down you can also click-drag to make a rectangle to which the scan will orient.If you have brackets turned on in your overview you can right-click on any bracket and choose "look at" from the drop-down menu.If you want the scanner to always point in the same direction as your ship, then:

In your ship's HUD, select "First Person" as your camera option in the d-scan window, and make sure that "Align with the camera" is off.

I'm certain all the other submissions to this bounty will be super helpful in helping you understand how d-scan works and how to use the system in-game to your advantage. My tip is intended for speed of use and for quick hunting for PvP oriented players.

Forget the map and cones and all that extra work and remember this - the d-scan works from your eye through your ship and to whatever happens to be behind it. In other words, imagine a line drawn from your eye through your spaceship on-screen - whatever is behind your ship is what you are scanning. When you set your d-scan to 5 degree that line is extremely narrow and it widens into a cone the more you increase the degrees and range.

So if you position your ship over an object in space and then hit your d-scan, you are scanning everything between your ship and that object at the degree and range you have selected. What this means is that you can easily set your camera up to align your camera to any object you select in your overview. So by clicking objects like belts, stations, planets, etc in your overview your camera will orient your ship over that object. This makes scanning extremely fast and effective for hunters. And now you know how I find you so quickly. :)

My tip is slightly outside the box as it is not necessarily a dscan tip per se, but actually makes dscanning significantly easier, and it is to have a ship naming convention in place for your fleet members.

I generally change mine each fleet - who doesn't like "Thursty Thursday", "Satdeh Best Day", "Sunday FUN day" or similar, or something equally silly.

The reason for this is it allows you to identify ships on dscan that are part of your fleet, and by association allows your to focus on scanning ships that are not in your fleet as they do not fit the FC naming convention.

It's a tenuous dscan tip, but actually i think it is super helpful! :)

Good tip, but i do quite the opposite - as soon I see similar ship names jumping into the system, i rename mine into their naming convention to disguise myself. Unless I'm on Kronos and they are just a bunch of t1 frigates ;))) that works.

Here's a Tip for when you are Dscanning planets in close range .(0.5 - 0.1 au)

Planets are big, and their warp in location is not at the center of planet, so when you are scanning planets in close range what actually happens is You are Scanning the Center of the planet and not the Warp in LocationTo fix that issue, slightly increase your Scanning angle from 5% to 15% so the increase in angle probably targets the warp in location too OR Scan the Customs Office instead because most of the time thats where the warp in location is.

And on another note Make sure your scanning range is set at 1AU or closer when you are scanning the close objects, Many times i warped to a moon to kill someone just to realize He wasnt at the moon but at some other Celestial which was Few AUs away.

This tip comes in handy when you are looking for Certain Types of NPCs such as Insurgency fleets or Hunting in Pochven.

I first check the range and than start angle around. But the alterntive way works also.

Just check which gives you less options were the prey could be.

It's my personal preference, but i always start with a range, as most of the time it reveals limited directions with objects of interest, where you can instantly "5-15 degree" em.

If you're in a gated Deadspace pocket, DED site running for example, anyone trying to hunt you has to enter the site through the acceleration gate, so from a defensive point of view, you can start with your Dscan on max range for situational awareness, but as soon as anything pops up on it, you can drop the range down to 0.1 or 1.0 AU, so that you're just covering the accelaration gate for your site.

That way you don't need to warp off until you see someone on that very close scan, suggesting they may be coming through your gate!

When me and my buddies go wormhole diving, we have one person in our fleet assigned as the D-scan watchman. He keeps the dscan up and refreshes it every few seconds, and has the ability to fleet warp everyone out to a safe or exit immediately if he thinks the fleet is in danger. This makes it more relaxing for everyone else in the fleet, until it is their turn in the rotation!

The beautiful D-scan, undoubtedly the best tool in the ruthless world of EVE. I can offer you two tips that personally help me a lot:

With my friends, we try to use some special symbols in the names of our ships so that when we scan for potential enemies with D-scan and see the name of the ship, we can quickly differentiate between our ships and the enemies' ships, thus improving the quality of the information we gather. (for example: ☣nop.exe)

Remember that D-scan is basically a sonar, meaning that any ship detectable and within the range of your D-scan while you activate it will emit a sound. So, you don't need to be watching it to detect any ship within your range (and you can pretend you're in a submarine, so it's double fun :v)


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