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Elevator Pitch: Stellar Miners: Forged in the Void

"Deep in the heart of New Eden's asteroid belts, where the glimmer of precious ores hides amidst the darkness of space, a ragtag crew of miners must navigate treacherous rivalries, corporate intrigue, and the ever-looming threat of piracy. As they risk life and limb to extract the universe's most valuable resources, they unearth more than just minerals – they uncover the resilience of the human spirit and the bonds that bind them together in the face of adversity. 'Stardust Harvesters' is an exhilarating tale of courage, camaraderie, and the quest for fortune amidst the stars."

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I'd tune in! What's your final title? Stellar Harvesters or Stardust Harvester?

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Title: Concords Demise

My story would be about how a lowly pirate, whose navigation computer, is hacked by Concord's spies, forces him to jump into High-Security Space. This ship is his pride and joy and is worth more money than he can afford to replace.

After his ship is destroyed and his clone destroyed, he hatches a plan to re-invent himself and take down Concord from within, but the way is fraught with danger, betrayal, heartbreak as he falls for one of his targets, and finally the hollow victory of revenge. But in the end, he doesn't achieve his goal, but instead, realises the error of his ways and becomes the very weapon, Concord uses to destroy his corporation and alliance, making that area of space, less dangerous and saving millions of lives.

It's actually an idea I had for a story. But still working on it.

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The problem with this bounty is that now I want to watch all of these films!

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MAX, in association with CCP Games and EVEOGANDA Films, is proud to announce the world premiere of BLOOD OF THE EMPIRES on September 21st, 2024 at 9 PM EST. Directed by showrunner Baltasar Kormakur (Everest), Blood of the Empires stars TOM HARDY (Mad Max), NICHOLAS CAGE (Leaving Las Vegas), JAVIER BARDEM (No Country For Old Men), DIANE KRUGER (Inglorious Basterds), and MORENA BACCARIN (Firefly) along with an entire universe of special guest stars, including SCARLETT JOHANSSON as the voice of Aura.

Set in the far future of a humanity trapped in another universe, Blood of the Empires is based on the legendary Massively Multi-Player global sensation EVE ONLINE. The series' compelling story is inspired by events created by the legion of Eve players and is set among a galaxy of imagination unlike anything ever brought to screen before. The series primarily follows the destiny of four characters from each of the universes major Empires as their paths lead to conflict and war that will change the face of the galaxy forever, and alter the path of humanity's future.

In an unprecedented move, Blood of the Empires is being written by an actual Eve player. Bryan K. Ward, known in the game as notorious Pirate Adventurer Rixx Javix, will be serving as head writer. The series marks his debut as a series writer, but Mr. Ward has also assembled a team of writing consultants including DAN SIMMONS, ERNEST CLINE and HARLAN ELLISON. "The primary goal is to tell a story about authentic characters and their personal struggles against an epic backdrop of politics, espionage, pirates, war and intrigue, all the things that make Eve Online so compelling," said Mr. Ward.

Blood of the Empires was filmed primarily on location in Iceland, the home of game creators CCP Games and of director Baltasar Kormakur. "Iceland is in the blood of Eve, the harsh reality of the island and its history, the fire, the chaos, it is all part of the darkness we needed to tell this grand tale," he recently told Vanity Fair. Additional location and stage work was also filmed in England and the Canary Islands.

Each episode of Blood of the Empires will also feature real Eve players who were lucky enough to be chosen thru an in-game lottery process. Four lucky winners will be featured in each episode of the series.

But Eve is primarily about spaceships and the series will feature hundreds of the iconic vessels in stunning 5k 3D. In another ground-breaking first the series will be streamed live in 3D to Occulus Rift and PS4 Morpheus subscribers. "This was Mr. Ward's idea and I always tend to just go along with whatever he says frankly, the man is pure genius," said CCP Games CEO, Hilmar Veigar Petursson recently.

Blood of the Empires has already been renewed for another season.

Promotional Images can be found at the following links:

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Well, well. Quite the cast that you've amassed. Can we get tickets for the premier?

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I propose a film titled "Stars Crossed"—a complex, classic romantic tale between an Amarrian Juliette and a Triglavian Romeo. In fact, I've already published two-thirds of the plot here on JA. The 1996 adaptation of Romeo + Juliet demonstrated how effectively a classic story can be reimagined in a modern setting. Why not take this concept into the distant future and into space? The Triglavians' unique three-in-one consciousness adds an intriguing twist, blending well with the typical corporate and political drama found in EVE. This combination could very well create a cinematic masterpiece.

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The poster works very well! I can imagine the marketing campaign showing a mirrored companion poster from Romeo's side

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Slaver Hounds

The story tells about the rise and fall of an ambitious Khanid Cyber Knight who falls in love with a Minmatar slave. And so gets to know the dark side of the Khanid Kingdom, the knight begins to question the Amarrian Society. The loss of faith leads to downfall and conviction. But rebels free the fallen knight from prison, as they recognize a powerful ally. The rushed attempt to free and flee with their love fails. The knight is forced to leave without them. Rebels and knight sneak and smuggle their way to the Minmatar Republic. Here the Cyber-Knight is challenged to prove his change of heart. To do so they shall embark on a mission to infiltrate and destroy a breeding facility for slaver hounds. Powerful beasts the Amarr use to "herd" their human stocks. During the journey, the knight is witness to the corruption within the Minmatar Republic and the criminal activities many of the tribes are involved in. Doubts begin to grow again. The mission is a success and the facility is being destroyed. Young and untrained slaver hounds roam free and hunt any man they can find. No matter if slaver or slave. Meanwhile, a plan takes shape in the knight's mind. A plan to use the Minmatars trust. The knight would use their resources to get control of a ship, go back to his homeworld, rescue his love, and then try their luck far away from the shores of this miserable conflict. With the hopes set on Gallentean realms, the knight gets to work...


Please send me the screenplay.


Shadet’s Eleven

Amarr Holder’s Estates are impregnable. They got cameras, they got alarms, they got watchers, they got vaults, they got enough armed personnel to occupy entire cities. Impregnable to every account but one.

Pomian Shadet wants to be the one and only to enter an Amarrian Holder’s Estate, steal the content of its vault and get out. Alive. For it, he needs a team of all stars, from Sevemo Asatio to Yurmon Higmann, the best the underground of New Eden can offer.

It’s not going to be easy, but if they succeed… their names will go down in history.

Coming to a Cinema near you, in YC129.

OOC: I couldn't resist. xD


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