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My my my! It seems the younger generations aren't completely hopeless after all. I suppose congratulations are in order. Not bad, pilots, not bad at all. Now that my 40 Days of Desolation are over, I guess I'll head out to the bingo. But I'll be seeing you all soon.

Sturmer's avatar

Congrats to top 3 JA's player killers, we are proud that you part of our community!

Stage 5: Solo 100 pilots in Rancer, while piloting a Azhariel titan ?)

Alex Sinclair's avatar

Solo 100 Azariels while piloting a shuttle*

Rixx Javix's avatar

Please don't mention shuttles :)

FUN INC's avatar

A worthy winner Rixx Javix ! Yarrrr!

EveOnlineTutorials's avatar

an absolute legend wins and absolute legendary bounty! Massive well done mate

Wadd Enderas's avatar

Congratulations to our podium winners and particularly to Rixx Javix . Those are some huge numbers! Really impressive

Rixx Javix's avatar

Thanks everyone. That was a fun bounty and I appreciate all the support and well-wishes from everyone, including my more than worthy competitors! Like I said elsewhere, this was all just part of the game and I did get rather lucky with the timing. Well done to everyone.


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