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Do we actually need to craft them for $$$ or design preview is enought? My skills are not perfect, but my Nyx sync will take about 21 days lol

We might change this for later competitions, but the design preview is enough for this one 😊

Train your skills, Sturmer. Or, make a rookie ships SKINRs as the are superfast ))

Can we submit multiple ship designs for consideration? Not that we can win multiple times of course.

Just the one design, I'm afraid. But if these competitions prove popular, we'll make them a regular feature, so hold onto those designs.

The first skin that I created and applied. The Astero does not have a official police skin so I created my own. To replace the cherries and berries (sirens) I colored parts of the ship blue and red. The WHPD alliance logo looks great with the skin too.

Oh brilliant. What a first entry! I'm getting real Future Cop: LAPD vibes

What does this line imply - "We may then share them as curated content."

Does it mean shown on social media posts, or also in-game on SKINr?

We turn some of the bounty entries and posts on Just About into articles and showcases, which we call curated content (example below). So a piece of curated content made from this bounty might be: 'Check out the winners of our SKINR competition' or '10 awesome SKINR designs' - we always tag and link the original poster in them and credit them for their work. We might share the articles on social media too, but we won't be doing anything with the skins in-game and you retain the rights to your creation.


That's perfect! Thanks for the clarification :)

New design tool is quite deep if you are ready to jump into pattern settings, here I've created a big pink "M" for Melamori's Nyx. It's not just cool looking, it helps you to identify your ship in a supercapital's mess =)


Here is a bonus track - inspired by an Adidas sports costume and PUBG cosplay.

I hope CCP will allow us to add 2-3 patterns simultaneously!

Here we have EoT team submission for this! We have simply called "Just About" It is based on "Cyber Punk" combining bright colors with dark colors that meshes together perfectly!


My pink beauty, dreams!


This skin featured in my SKINR guide


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