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Squizz Caphinator I believe this was another request of yours. Thanks for the idea!


Yup! PI isn't one of my things but I know others are into it :)

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Of course, if you'd rather just go look at the pretty planets rather than industrialise them, we've got a bounty for that too:


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Advice like "stay away from it" counts? of course, if argumentented

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With the Equinox release, we (specifically null-sec dwellers) have received new tools that are reshaping the Sovereignty (SOV) landscape. These tools offer new ways to develop captured systems and may even address the isogen shortage. The key addition is the Skyhooks structure, which replaces the standard PoCo and allows the extraction of three new resources necessary for other new structures.

The three new colony resources are: Power, Workforce, and Reagents.

These resources will be required in varying quantities to fuel different upgrades available to the sovereignty hub, significantly impacting the customization options for each territory.

Below are images that explain the sources, usage, and limitations of each of these resources:

source: eveonline.com

So my advice is quite simple: these three types of resources are the limiting factors in how efficiently you can shape your controlled system. Before you begin, you need to:

  1. Evaluate the available resources to determine your options.

  2. Create a vision for the final result.

  3. Develop a plan outlining how and in which order to execute the project to achieve the desired outcome.

These new structures are quite pricey, so it's important to avoid a "let's build them and then come up with something" approach. Proper planning and resource management are essential for success.

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Okay, so Equinox, is essentially a P.I Overhaul to a system that was enough to drive even stable people, slightly insane.

So now it's all about "division of labour" meaning the more people working together, the better the results and in keeping with Eve Online's No #1 motto "Risk vs reward" the lower sec you go with this, the more you make.

We are split into essentially 3 sets of work programs here

  1. Power

  2. Workforce

  3. Reagents

Now, how does this help, well, because, you need to know that if you want to try and use Equinox systems, get some friends to help. Each of you can focus on a specific set of planets and the results will benefit all of you, in a much greater abundance.

Power Generation.

Whilst the new system allows "system-wide" - it is noted, that this cannot be exported or used in a system one jump over etc. So the more systems you spread over, the more work is needed.

Workforce Point.

This comes into focus with sovereignty hubs. provides human capital and this area can be used system to system, but again, it's a much more detailed system and requires research before you go down this route.


These are obtained from specific planets such as Lava and Ice Planets which will provide you with Magmatic Gas and Superionic Ice. These two are used essentially to fuel the SOV hubs and upgrades and of course the absolute need, the Metenox Moon Drill.

NOTE: These can be mined/gained/gathered, however you want to look at it for pure profit, can be moved system to system, region to region and of course can be hauled to Jita and sold for profit to other players.

NOTE: This stuff is not on the "easy to buy" list and should not be brought willy-nilly, you need to get IMO around 4 friends together, sit down, work out the costs, split it equally and work as a team in terms of who spends what on what item is needed.

NOTE: Teamwork is essential, if you try to do this on your own, you will give yourself a headache, it will become a chore and it will become a grind that you will end up hating yourself for.

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My advice is quite simple: if you are hauling PI and structure-related items, use new Upwell haulers.

Usually, our corp used Occators for their massive fleet hangars and good tank, but now they kicked out this league.

The new ships are so much superior at this. They fly faster (warp speed and align time), have significantly bigger storage, which, by the way, can hold not just PI, but everything related to structures (including the structures themselves).

Also, they also have a offence. Sure, the DPS is not the greatest, especially when compared to a cruiser, and it won't do anything against a camp of 20 people who annihilated my Squall, but if you get caught by a lone destroyer or frigate, you can have a chance.


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