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I have to say Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. One because I’m a huge will smith fan and two because it’s such a good song and very iconic!

He did a live performance and on the Graham Norton show with alfonso as a suprise. Also some free style stuff aswell. Was amazing.

I think my favorite thing he's ever done is the wicki wil' wil' west song lmao. That song is just a blast.

I will have to go with game of thrones. Final series soured it of course but the music is really good, even more so when performed by a live orchestra like this:

Tales from the Loop!

I’d never heard of that show but it looks right up my alley!

gonna just go with my instant gut reaction to this question and gotta say it’s this (also how have we not had an amazing modern day remake of this!)

I've yet to actually watch it and despite that I think the Succession theme is absolutely fantastic. I would also be remiss to not mention the Twin Peaks theme.

I think this was my first exposure to synthy 80s pop-rock. I had no idea what it was, but I knew I loved it.

I might be coming in with a controversial opinion on this one but I LOVE the theme music for The Walking Dead. It would so often kick into gear after some terrifying opening shot, someone stuck in a seeming impossible situation or a close up of Rick Grimes' face going through some haunting realisation and, especially in the first few seasons, this music could just drive up my anxiety for what I was about to watch.

The segues into the theme were always PERFECT

To boldly go where no one has gone before. It has such a nice mix of chill and the excitement of an adventure.

This has lived in my head rent-free for well over 20 years...

I've realised i'm always yapping about Yellowjackets on here... but im gonna do it again ;)

the Yellowjackets theme tune and opening is so GOOD. in the age of streaming services i do tend to skip the opener if its boring but I love the yellowjackets one sm i wanna watch it every time.

The Bojack Horseman opening is also really good too!

I have to look no further than the likes of Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors:

Although it was an incredibly whacky tv programme, I always loved the title music for True Blood on HBO, the song is Bad Things by Jake Everett and I still frequently listen to it. Solid song and perfect vibes for the show - well chosen!

Back when I was a social butterfly, that was one of my go-to songs to sing at karaoke bars haha


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