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It's a mic of 3 really, connect with other creators, earn rewards (who doesn't like money? :D) but mainly to share my experience and knowledge with fellow gamers. So picked this latter one but I think the other 2 tie in to it quite closely as well.

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Yea, it's a mix, not one

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I am going to answer all the questions here in an honest fashion as is the way I am/think

  1. Connect with other fans - So far I have met several people who play games I do, and who have interests I do and of course, being able to speak to them via the I-Only discord, has been great.

  2. Stay updated with the latest news - Whilst when it comes to Eve Online I already know the latest news as this is content related, being able to see other games, retro news, and remakes, has been a huge plus of not having to trawl through toxic forums, looking for factual information.

  3. Share Your Experiences and Knowledge - Each of these is a huge bonus and comes into factor with bounties as well, but also being able to speak to others about our mutual likes and dislikes, is a massive plus. Plus, I feel closer to several members after voice/video calls, learning more about each other and sharing that community feeling on a whole new level.

  4. Earn rewards from your contributions - In regards to bounties, of course, this is a huge plus, I have as I have stated on here, used one month's earnings to get a new washing machine, and another to get my wife more birthday presents and of course, spend as much as possible on the kids from the earnings, but it is not "necessary" for me, to continue to be here, as for organic rewards, that is what it is, I try to be as positive as possible in general as I REALLY dislike toxic behaviour online as much as I do IRL.

So I won't be voting as I agree on all steps listed here, but each one has a merit and so on. Hope this reply is okay Rich

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Absolutely, this is very helpful. Thanks!

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At first I was drawn here for the bounty rewards however I enjoy interacting with other members on the various topics and this soon started to be my main focus.

I still enjoy entering bountys but having this awesome community to chat with is deffinetly the highlight for me.

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All of the above ?!?!

I mean I first heard about Just about via a meeting we had at EGX last year, I didnt turn up for a little while but followed socials, and since being here I have enjoyed meeting and speaking with peeps, looking at differing views and content and obviously doing bounties.
But, the Bounties are not just about the money, dont get me wrong it helps ! but realistically its also about opening your mind up for new content and new ideas !
I mean , I created and entire 3 evolution pokemon ! I probably wouldnt have done that without the bounty, then it went on socials and was used in other aspects !

So there is so much to it rather than just one item ! and I dont think I could simply categorise them either as, eg, Meeting new people is more important than the bounty money, or that, getting new content ideas from bounties is better than networking and sharing content ideas... etc.

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I agree with the bounties, it's nice to get the reward but I appreciate them more for making me think about content I wouldn't have done without them. They also enkindled my love for writing and I'll be doing a lot more of that type of content outside of bounty submissions as well, like game reviews and articles related to the guide series I'll be doing for FFXIV.

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Hard to pick just one, but I’d say it’s sharing knowledge. That’s the reason I made a YT channel in the first place—I have so much horror knowledge and no one who really enjoys hearing me info dump. It’s therapeutic to share it.

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Deffo a mix of 3 for me. I actually really love seeing other people’s answers for questions. I really does feel like a super nice and safe community here, I don’t feel judged for any of my answers to questions and bounties. I often don’t articulate myself as well as other people do so I’m glad that no one here has ever made me feel stupid.


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