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" according to songs about Minecraft on the internet "

so i just thinking about new minecraftt game / game about music about minecraft who has just got viral like :
" Creeper Awman Minecraf Music & The Fallen Kingdom Minecraft Music story CaptainSparklez "

game is like story game in general, who do you become first, starting from whose point of view, to continue to the next chapter you have to upgrade your equipment first and etc.

that's because the music about minecraft who have a story is realy realy cool and awesome.
i just thinking minecraft make story mode using reference the viral music vidio minecraft on youtube.

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A minecraft Souls Game. The game would be set in a post apocalyptic world, the three dimensions Overworld, Nether, and The End got mixed into one.

You can craft your armors and weapons. Though the resources are a bit scarce since it's a post apocalyptic world. Upgrading tools could be by searching for an enchantment table instead of building it. There could also be tool and armor durability

Maybe you can add mining aspects by adding some respawnable ore nodes and some non respawnable ones that has higher chance of dropping diamonds and emeralds.

Most structures in all 3 major biomes are already in ruins, with a major boss each. The wither (maybe like something from minecraft story mode), the ender dragons's hatched egg, and maybe a corrupted iron golem

There could be puzzles using redstone mechanics. Maybeduring battles you can place and build something, though it would disappear after sets amount of time.


I think a cool spinoff would be a Minecraft movie maker game.

It would give players the ability to make Minecraft videos via stop motion or recording sequences. The players could either be able to manipulate objects and figures or by playing as the objects and figures. The world would be like the orginal Minecraft, but with majority of it being cityscapes and towns that simulate real life. Monsters and stuff would only spawn in the parts that where forest and caves. There could be a free mode/creative mode and a story mode that is driven towards the player making movies for npcs via gigs or striving for a larger career where they go through a college period, intern period and securing a job at one the bigger career options.

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Minecraft: Builder's House Quest

The game will focus on building houses according to the mission.

So in the game we will be a builder who will make a house according to the design desired by the customer, we will prepare the materials where the materials to build the house can be obtained by mining or buying at a building shop, besides that we can buy furniture according to what the customer wants, after that we will get money to develop the business and buy materials / furniture for the next house building mission.

I think this kind of house-building theme game is very suitable to be a spin-off of the minecraft game.


Surely Minecraft is crying out for a proper Roguelite game. The games crafting and building mechanics and the success of Minecraft Dungeons highlight that this genre would suit Minecraft perfectly.

I would choose Roguelite over Roguelike as it would probably appeal to a wider audience in allowing the carry-over of skills/abilities upon death which would allow for a more notable progression system. It would probably need some element of difficulty level adjustment too if it wishes to appeal to younger gamers still.

Something like God Mode in Hades where damage resistance increases each time the player dies would help to manage this while still being a fun and challenging game.

It would certainly be more my cup of tea than Minecraft in its standard form!

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As an RTS fan I really liked Legends for what it's worth, and I loved the idea of fleshing out the idea of villages and their whole world in that game. In general one thing I always wanted to experience a lot more of in Minecraft is a lot of micro-systems working together. Player factions, economies, whole lifes being played out. So that's why I think a full-on Minecraft life-sim would be awesome. Naturally The Sims is the obvious reference, and having just the lifes of Minecraft players or villagers play out around you, with you having loose control as some omnipresent being above would be awesome. Naturally Minecraft is about being as hands-on as possible, and this will be like the very opposite of that, but I'm all for that. I like when Minecraft spin-offs just throw away what we consider the "core" elements of Minecraft to give us something completely different.

However, a game which I hope they'd take even more influence from is SimEarth, an older Maxis sim title that basically gave you a planet you could mess around with and see how it fares, kind of like an early version of Spore's space age or Universe Sandbox.

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I can't quite pinpoint why Dungeons and Legends aren't clicking, but both projects have been disasters, poorly received by the gaming community, leading to weak sales performance.

The creature pool is quite limited for any Pokémon-style game. The battle-royale market is already well-established, and I’ve heard there are servers/mods in Minecraft that already offer similar mechanics.

Mojang should conduct a post-mortem review of both projects to understand what went wrong. In the meantime, they could try releasing something simple, like a meditative mobile game similar to 2048, where you merge mud into diamonds. This could be tied to the main game, offering unique skins to players who succeed.

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I think that's a harsh analysis of Dungeons, as it reached the 25 million player milestone last year. I doubt Xbox would consider it a failure. Legends, on the other hand, certainly hasn't performed as well.

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Companies do not close successful projects. While Mojang reported a 25 million player milestone, they did not mention sales figures. The role of Xbox Game Pass in reaching this number should be considered when evaluating the game's overall success, and it seems they did, hence the decision to stop development.

While the idea was great, the technical issues, connectivity problems, and lack of depth in gameplay did not suit the repetitive nature of the game.


I think mixing story mode and dungeons and legends would be an amazing idea because they could make an entire story on how it all started and go through with characters we haven't seen before and would make an excellent spin off to all three of the games.

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Minecraft Horror Game:

I would turn a spin-off into a huge open-world horror game with its own storyline.

So you would start by giving your character a name and choosing your storyline, these would be

  1. Vengeance

  2. Be A Hero

  3. Villian

No1 Vengeance, this storyline would be about say, going after monsters who had destroyed your village/town and killed your whole family, you know the real dark aspect of that storyline etc.

No2 Be A Hero, this storyline would be about conquering the greater evil in the world to save the world from a vast incoming tide of evil.

No3 Villian, This story would be that you are the leader of the tide of evil coming to destroy the world.

I think if enough thought went into it, we could add new and exciting monsters, add some actual "blood" effects, a new combat system, maybe talent point-based for better effects etc. I think in terms of say WoW style where the more you level up, the more effective you become etc.

So this would be my idea for a spin-off

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Introducing MineKart a Minecraft racing game.

Race through biome themed race tracks such as the jungle biome, desert biome as well as racing to a round tracks in the nether and end. You can also use power ups such as mob spawn eggs such as the creeper and skeleton, TNT blocks, Spiders web and more to slow down your opponents and take victory, or use speed potions to gain that temporary boost of speed .

Fully customised Karts allow you to try get an edge over your opponents and build a Kart to suit your play style.

Tired of racing then enter MineKart battle arena and be the last Kart standing.

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I would love a version of Minecraft where you can collect Pokemon, with achievements to match. Collect all of the types, all of the og 151 ect

Something like that would really encourage me to get obsessed with something Minecraft again. Completing challenges is what it needs more of

Also, I’d love to see how goofy, Minecraft Pokemon would look 😂

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Ford James hey, I know its too late but here is my idea anyway

I know that for many people, Minecraft is a meditative escapism game, a safe place where you can create or explore at your own pace. For me, another game that offers a similar sense of relaxation and discovery is Animal Crossing. Now imagine if we merge both!

In new game, you build your own habitat, but instead of blocks, you unlock schematics for various themed furniture, walls, and exteriors for your house. You gather materials, discover new creatures&friends, and venture to unknown islands. Each island features set of rare materials and a mini-game, such as puzzles or assembling ancient devices to unlock underground chambers with loot.

In addition to these activities, you can earn special blocks that allow you to expand your land and upgrade your house, so you can invite more NPCs or friends. Later, you can merge islands with bridges, creating a collective city.

I believe a Minecraft spin-off that incorporates these elements could succeed in attracting both audiences. It would offer a game players can use their creativity without the intimidating block-by-block complexity of regular Minecraft. This approach could provide a more accessible yet equally engaging experience, blending the bost of both games.


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