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MY TIPS FOR EXPLORING NEATHER as Experince Become who always die on Neather lol

  1. Brace yourself don't forget to praying and prepare you mental

  2. Don't forget to bring important items that you will need later, usually I always bring:

    1. Torch 1 - 2 Stack ( Torches will be used for lighting and also to mark the path so you don't get lost )

    2. Blok for make way on neather ( Im always bring Coble stone 2 - 3 stuck ) if not for make way, im always use it to make base camp.

    3. bring more food because you will be fast Hungry or get some attack by all of entitie in the neather

    4. if you have fire resistent potion, bring it and use it sometimes theres some much board neather who will attack you and push you into lava

    5. bring you fav weapon and equipement armor don;t forget to enchant it , im recommed it to enchant your armor with protection armor , feather failing, and fire resistent .

    6. bring some gold bar to enchant with piglin for trading

    7. and las bring gold helmet and use it for safety , meet piglin

  3. im recommed you to explore neather with your friend because it;s become fun and no bored, and will quicky found what are you search.

  4. Remain careful when in the nether and watch you step

  5. if you want collect some rare matrial im recommed to echant your tool with Effeciency, Looting / silk touch , and unbreaking / mending enchament.

  6. DON FORGET TO MAKE YOUR ROUTE TO BACK HOME with tourch or something to be marked.

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When I want to explore the nether I will usually prepare a few things:

1. Make sure to bring good equipment, including armor (at least iron, but preferably diamond or Netherite), a sword or axe shield and arrows to fight ghasts from a distance.

2. Bring potions such as Potion of Fire Resistance to protect yourself from lava and fire, as well as Potion of Healing and Potion of Strength to fight multiple enemies

3. Carry lots of cobblestone blocks to make bridges and roads to get to and from and of course to protect yourself.

4. Bring enough food to heal yourself when needed.

5. Wear at least one gold armor item to prevent Piglins from attacking you. However, be careful with Piglin Brutes as they will attack even if you are wearing gold

6. bring the best mining equipment that has been enchanted to bring Glowstone, Nether Quartz, Ancient Debris, Nether Wart, Basalt and Blackstone piles

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Trip to the Nether Exploration Tips

  1. Bring a large amount of building blocks, a few stacks of them, and make it non flammable. I often use cobblestone. You can use it to make a bridge or you can use it to build a marker

  2. Bring torches, lots of 'em

  3. Wear good armor, at least iron armor. Also bring a shield, for the blazes in the fortress.

  4. Wear a single piece of gold armour in case of piglins. I recommend gold boots.

  5. Bring lots of gold if you plan to stay for a good while, for trading with piglins.

  6. Stock yourself with plenty of food to survive

  7. Bring a backup obsidian and flint and steel in case of fire hazard (should you spawn in a dangerous zone filled with ghasts).

  8. Bring backup pickaxes in case your first one breaks from mining quartz or too many netherrack.

That is all from me, hopefully your first time in the nether on your new world was rather peaceful.

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Here are my tips for Raiding the Nether:

  1. Gold Armor and the rest Diamond or Netherite don't forget that strong weapons are very important to protect yourself from dangerous mobs. because Piglin is very aggressive in attacking when we don't use gold equipment.

  2. Food: Don't forget to bring enough food to keep from getting hungry while walking in the Nether.

  3. Building Blocks: Bring along stones or netherrack to build bridges or shelters.

  4. Flint and Steel: To re-ignite the portal if something happens and don't forget to bring Nether Blocks in case there are no portals around.

    Don't forget that in the Nether you can look for some important things like :

1. Nether Fortress: This place contains Blaze and Wither Skeletons, as well as valuable loot.
2. Bastion Remnants: A large structure containing Piglins and very valuable loot here be careful because many piglins will chase when you steal items in their loot.
3. Ancient Debris: For making netherite, the strongest ingredient in Minecraft.
4. Glowstone and Quartz: Useful resources for crafting and decorating.

There are also rare Treasures in the Nether.

1. Nether Fortress: Search for chests inside this fortress. You can find saddles, diamonds, and other valuable items.
2. Bastion Remnants: This structure has many chests that contain gold, ancient debris, and other rare items.
3. Ancient Debris: Usually found at Y levels 8-22. Use a diamond or netherite pickaxe to mine it.

That's all Tips from me hopefully it helps for you to play minecraft

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The four most important things to never forget:

Pack more torches than you think you’ll need

Build across and up with extra blocks around you incase of a ghast or getting hit by anything else. Especially when building over a gap with lava below 🙌

Extra mining tools always

Flint and steels/portal materials (just incase)


My Top tips for exploring the Neather:

  1. use torches or blocks maybe 1 or 2 stacks or write down coordinates to the Neather portal

  2. Have enchanted diamond armor good one for his would be protection and fire or blast protection too and tools and spare iron or stone pickaxes

  3. carry beds (good for strip mining in the Neather

  4. Have potions fire resistance and regeneration or strength

  5. Have lots of food on you (apples bread meat golden/god apples)

  6. Bring lots of gold for the pilings if you find a bastion

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I’m pretty new to Minecraft so I might not have the best tips but this is what I’ve picked up so far?

  1. Bring the right gear. So make sure you have loads of food, a shield and armour - try and get this enchanted it helps a lot!, and always carry a flint and steel to relight your portal whenever you need.

  2. Golden gear so like atleast 1 piece of gold armour. It’s really good at stopping Piglins attacking you.

  3. Fire resistance potions are really good as they can save your life if you fall in to the lava

  4. Use cobblestone or a block that’s fire resistant to build paths and bridges

  5. Watch where your going coz the Nether is filled with lava lakes and drops

  6. Be on the eye out for look

  7. Bring or create a respawn anchor and Charge it with Glowstone to set a respawn point in the area

Like I said, I am new to Minecraft but hopefully these tools can help you!

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  • Please make sure to note the coords of your home portal!

  • Bring a flint and steel if you need to relight your portal or if you want a ruined portal.

  • If you can, also bring some spare obsidian to repair any ruined portals.

  • Bring fire resistance potions if you can make them.

  • Use striders! They're there for a reason, so bring fungus on a stick and a saddle, just be very careful when getting off.

  • Bring elytra if you have it, just be very careful of durability.

  • Have some spare bowls. If you run out of food, mushroom stew is very easy to get here.

  • Mark down the coords of anything interesting you find.

  • Bastion remnants are very much late-game, and are best done with a more stealthy approach.

  • A shield is a must, alongside at least iron armour.

  • If you ever run out of sticks or wood for tools, remember warped and crimson forests exist.

  • If you're on the lookout for ancient debris, it mostly spawns at around Y=14.

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Portal Hub + Train System

While others have shared survival tips for the Nether, my tip is about exploiting the Nether!

First, in case you didn't know, the distance ratio between the Nether and the Overworld is 1:8. This means that if you travel 1 block in the Nether, you move 8 blocks by coordinates in the Overworld. Here is a coordinates calculator.

For example, if you place a portal in the Overworld and then move 1000 blocks in the Nether to create a new portal, you will be teleported 8000 blocks away in the Overworld! The only rule you need to remember is to place portals at least 33 blocks apart; otherwise, the game will use the 'old' portal, and you won't achieve the desired effect.

Another tip is to build a train system with minecarts. Minecarts travel at a speed of 8 blocks per second (28.8 km/h) using powered rails. In the Overworld, this translates to 64 blocks per second, or 230 km/h! The benefits of minecarts include:

  • Automation: You can AFK during long travels.

  • Precision: You won't get lost and will always reach your destination if you label them correctly.

  • Efficiency: You won't waste food compared to sprinting.

For material efficiency, to maintain maximum speed, place a powered rail every 38 blocks on level ground. I recommend splitting rails into stacks of 37 to avoid counting errors.

For tunnels, I recommend using cobblestone for Ghast immunity. I've attached a schematic for a tunnel made from just 4 blocks, saving you 60% on materials. Plus you have a limited view, to see the landscape, instead of boring walls.

Also, try to build tunnels as straight as possible.

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My self-check list before I go to the nether

  1. 1x 64 stack of cobblestone to immediately build around the portal

  2. 1x Door for the reason above.

  3. I try to make sure I have at least x32 beef/steak w/e you want as it's best

  4. I make sure I have fire-resistant potions

  5. Fully enchanted set of Iron Armor if I don't have a diamond suit yet.

  6. Fully Enchanted sword

  7. It's not normal but I also carry sand as well as you can spam it around you in lava.

  8. Do not attack Pigmen ever, this will cause you massive problems.

  9. If you hear the Ghast cry, identify the direction and quickly build a 3x3 wall out of cobblestone and you can withstand the initial blast.

These are my self-check things I go through.

Obviously make sure you use cobblestone to mark your path through the nether as well, this way you can find your way back.

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here are my tips.

You can't sleep in the nether so trying to use a bed will just end up exploding in your face if your not careful.

Have an escape plan as you never know when you will need it

Don't dig down as you will probably fall in lava.

Try not to upset the local mobs unless you are prepared as they will soon swarm you if you aren't careful.

As amazing as the views are of the vast lava lakes it is better if you don't stand close to the edge as you don't want to get knocked in and lose all your stuff.


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