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intro plays out,

(enter the scene our 3 heroes, as we see them walking from behind.)

We see the young heroes exploring a new region, one vast and open !
The local traditions are varied and weird to our characters.

They happen upon a group hunting down a Large elephant shaped Pokemon, they are using pokemon who carry weapons and also firing upon the Elephant themselves !
As they approach in a Hurried and concerned fashion, the Elephant shaped creature is caught, in a similar fashion to how our heroes are used to, but , not quite !
They engage the group, showing the concern at what they just witnessed, asking for the safety of the Elephant, the now owner of the 'Elephant' seems confused but introduces themselves:
"I am Largos, these are my Pals, the one we just caught was a "mammorest" its a hardy Pal that takes a lot of effort to bring down" he continues "but it is great at tending the fields and growing crops which is what I need them for."

The heroes are astonished !
Largos invited them back to his home and offers to introduce them to his other Pals, showing how they live their lives.
The heroes agree and follow Largos and his troupe home, intrigued by this new way of pokemon catching and rearing, but still uncertain and worried by these pratices.

After some walking and exchanging of stories, the group near the home stead of Largos.
The heroes see Pokemon (Pals) working on digging, logging, field work. All diligently working with little to no rest, they are astonished ! they are Horrified !
Instantly they start to question Largos on his standards for the Pokemon and how they work, "how can you do this !" "In what world would THIS be ok !?" "This is Slavery!"

Largos turns to the group, who already have their pokeballs in hand, and simply says;
"when we talked you mentioned that you catch these 'Pokemon' by beating them to just above consciousness and then capture them, Against their will, then you keep them as pets, inside a small ball, only letting them out when you want them to either fight other 'pets' or to capture 'New Pets' for you ? " "I didnt miss anything did I ?"

The heroes look at each other in bemusement at the fact of their reality being explained in such a brutish and unfair manner !
But they could not find a valid argument between them to refute his claims,
Largos continues, " I make no argument that I capture this Pals and I put them to work, But I provide them with shelter, food, water and a purpose ! I care for their mental and physical health and for the most part, they remain outside of the 'balls' I capture them in", "Whilst I am no saint in this situation, I am Certainly better than you all are, and I don't hide my short comings"...

The group grew wild ! they had never been so utterly enraged before !
Their entire system and lives were laid before them, warts and all on display.
they could not internalise the failings nor could they deal with having them shown to them in such a straight manner, they took action !
Each throwing one Pokeball, they summoned their strongest Pokemon.

In that moment, the Pals reacted to the threat, using automatic weapons, special moves and varying attacks, all 15 Pals that were once calmly working away now swarmed on the Pokemon as well as the trainers that released them.

after the smoke had cleared, a few Pals were injured, but of the attacking party, none survived.

Next season we return to Ash to see how life is in the Retirement home !

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I thought of making a story like Pokémon the Movie 2000 where Ash and his friends travel through the Orange Islands, which is like the Legendary Islands but I made my own version with a villain who wants to control the weather and kidnap the 3 legendary pokemon.

Title: "Adventure on the Legendary Island"

On a sunny morning, the Pokémon heroes-Liko, Roy, and their friends-receive a mysterious invitation to visit Legendary Island. The island is known for its natural beauty and the legend of the powerful Pokémon that dwell there.

When they arrive on the island, they discover that it has a magically changeable climate. The weather can go from torrential rain to scorching sun in just a matter of minutes. The heroes meet a researcher named Professor Selene who studies this phenomenon.

Professor Selene explains that Legendary Island is home to three legendary Pokémon that control the weather: Zapdos (wind controller), Moltres (sun controller), and Articuno (rain controller). However, all three have been missing for decades.

The heroes vow to help Professor Selene find these three legendary Pokémon. They explore the island, face extreme weather challenges, and encounter unique wild Pokémon. Each character reveals a personal connection to weather and nature, unearthing memories of the past and facing their fears.

As the sun sets, the heroes discover a trail of Zapdos, which leads to a wind cave at the top of a mountain. There, they find an injured and weakened Zapdos. With courage and cooperation, they manage to heal Zapdos and restore him to his strength.

Zapdos revealed that Moltres and Articuno had been kidnapped by an evil organization that wanted to control the weather for their own benefit. The heroes vow to rescue the two lost legendary Pokémon and stop the evil plan.

The episode ends with an epic battle against the villains, where Liko, Roy, and their friends team up with Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno to defeat the enemy and restore weather balance on Legendary Island.

The message is one of courage, friendship, and protection of nature.

I just matched the same pokemon above with the movie Pokémon the Movie 2000 because their abilities are almost similar to the 3 weathermen although not with Zapdos with his lightning ability, maybe he can create a storm with his lightning, that's what I had in mind.

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I don't think it's possible to fit the entire story into a single Pokémon anime episode; it feels more like an OVA with 3-4 episodes.

Core Idea: A few bounties back, I mentioned that I had lost faith in Jessie, James, and Meowth from Team Rocket ever succeeding in their endeavors. However, there is a way to elegantly conclude their long journey of failures without hurting anyone, especially Pikachu or Ash.

To understand the core motivation of Team Rocket, we need to look far back. They believe that by capturing such a powerful Pikachu, they would have a significant asset in their plans to capture rare Pokémon and achieve their goals.

Path of Unity

The episode starts with a seemingly routine capture of Pikachu by Team Rocket (as they've done countless times before), but this time, instead of the usual comic failures leading to Pikachu's escape, we delve into the history of their long conflict through dialogues, monologues, and flashbacks.

Over the course of several episodes, each member of Team Rocket realizes that their current state is far from where they began, marking significant personal and team growth. Through a series of failed attempts, countless battles, and evil plots, they have trained and leveled up their skills to a completely new league. To make the next step, all they needed was to stop for a moment and analyze their journey.

It turns out that Pikachu played a major role in their growth. Though the help wasn't direct, it was more like passive coaching. Now, Team Rocket is so powerful that they no longer need Pikachu, as Meowth can perform powerful tricks to help the team.

They appreciate the help and are ready to release Pikachu and apologize to Ash for all the years of terror attempts. Then, an event happens: a mysterious person emerges from the shadows, threatening the existence of the entire Pokémon world...

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I think you submitted this post to the wrong bounty, as now I want to know more about what happened next!!!


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From both the core games and the anime, we've seen the concepts of alternate realities. Here's my take. it's an alternate reality about N trying to rebuild team plasma

the opening plays out, we see N walking through a prison alongside his zoroark, while seeing some flashbacks of when N was together with his pokemon. then cuts N stopping in front of Ghetsis.

The two of them looks at each other in silence, before ghetsis breaks the silence by asking him about his ideals of peace and harmony once more. N replies by saying that he wishes to consult about the future of rebuilding the former team plasma into something of a positive organization unlike what it was before. Ghtetsis, skeptical and intrigued with his son's proposal urges N to continue, which ghetsis then sees it's potential in doing the opposite of his son's ideals.

N soon travels through the regions in search of former Team Plasma members who would share his ideals. some would question his sanity after remembering what they did before. Meanwhile ghetsis secretly has been communicating with the outside world from his prison cell, influencing and gathering supporters who shares his vision while stirring unrest.

N, finding out about this soon after he received information that ghetsis has escaped his cell, searched for him, and son confronts him about his manipulations. Ghetsis reveals that he has been using N's idealistic visions to realize his goal in seizing Team Plasma once more. N, stunned but not surprised, he rejected Ghetsis' offer and denounces him.

The father and son both fought against each other valiantly, using both pokemon and their words to convince their supporters. At the end of the battle, N wins in winning ghetsis' supporters thus abandoning their former vision to a new vision of harmony.

Following Ghetsis' defeat, N resolves to continue his journey of reconciliation. He promises to rebuild Team Plasma as a force for positive change, working alongside trainers and Pokémon to create a world where both can thrive in harmony.

The episode ends with N setting out on a new path for Team Plasma, supported by former members and new allies who believe in his vision. As he looks to the future, he reflects on the challenges ahead but remains hopeful that they can achieve a world where Pokémon and humans can coexist peacefully as both reshiram and zekrom could be seen flying in the horizon.

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Title: "Pokémon: Guardians of the Future"

In a future world where Pokémon coexist with humans in a highly technologically advanced environment. Huge cities with skyscrapers, advanced transportation technology, and an ecosystem that synergizes with Pokémon.

Full Synopsis:

In an advanced future, where technology and Pokémon coexist in harmony, two teenagers named Liko and Roy accidentally find themselves at the center of a grand conspiracy. After hearing news of the disappearance of Arceus, a legendary Pokémon that is considered the creator of the Pokémon world, Liko and Roy decide to investigate its disappearance.

They soon discover that Arceus has been kidnapped by Team Big Bang, a secret organization that plans to use Arceus' power to create a super technological weapon that can control all Pokémon. Team Big Bang Led by an evil leader named Dr. Lemaitre, Team Big Bang plans to turn all Pokémon into slaves for its own gain.

With help from their friends, including a young scientist named Maya and a defecting former Team Big Bang member named Kaizer, Liko and Roy embark on their epic journey to stop the chaos and save Arceus. They face various challenges, including battles against Pokémon that have been controlled by Team Big Bang's technology, as well as exploring ancient ruins filled with complex puzzles, and fighting dangerous Team Big Bang members.

Along the way, Liko and Roy learn about the true meaning of courage, friendship, and sacrifice. They also discover that true power does not come from technology or physical strength, but from a brave heart and unwavering determination.

In a thrilling climax, Liko and Roy manage to infiltrate the Team Big bang headquarters and face Dr. Lemaitre in an epic showdown of epic proportions. With the help of all the new friends they meet on the way, they finally manage to defeat Team Big bang and Dr. Lemaitre, Arceus is saved and the world is safe from destruction.


With Arceus now free and the world at peace, Liko and Roy return to their lives, but they know that their adventure is not over. They promise to always be ready to face new challenges and protect their Pokémon and the world from the evil that threatens them.

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Of course, my episode of Pokémon would have to feature Pikachu and Evie so here it goes.

In the forgotten forest

Ash and Pikachu now season adventures arrive at the edge of the mysterious forgotten forest the forest known its thick canopy and hidden secrets caused to them with an error. My mistake ashes. Curiosity is picked when he hears of a mythical guardian Pokémon said to dwell within at the local centre as unexpectedly Renee reunite with Leo and Roy we are researching the forest for a school project delighted by the reunion they decide to explore the forest together.

As they grow into the death of the forgotten forest, the trio encounters various wild Pokémon that seem usually wary. The forest is., with towering trees and an earring that adds to the atmosphere. Along the way, Pikachu befriends a shy and playful Eevee. The bond between the two grow stronger as they navigate the forest together, their friendship blossoming with every step.

Deeper into, they stumble upon ancient ruins a dawned with carvings that depict a legendary guardian Pokémon, Celebi. Suddenly, the exploration is interrupted by the familiar presence of team rocket. Jesse., James and Neal have set their sites on capturing Celebi, believing its powers will bring them unparalleled strength. Team rockets gadgets and traps caused disturbances put in the forest and its inhabitants in danger.

Throughout all the chaos, Pikachu and Eevee find themselves separated from the group. While hiding from team rocket, Pikachu comforts Eevee, holding its poor gently. This moment of tenderness between them ignites and electric connection symbolising their growing bond. The gentle static from Pikachu flows through Eevee sparking a sudden and unexpected evolution into Jolteon.

Meanwhile, ash, liko and Roy worked tirelessly to disrupt team rockets plans. Using their Pokémon and which they manage to disable team rockets traps and confront them head on. The battle intensifies as team rocket display tech aiming to capture Celebi. Jolteon with it new electric abilities joins Pikachu in the fight. The synergy between Joel and Pikachu electrifies the battlefield., the combined power proving too much for team rockets contraptions.

With a powerful Thunderbird from Pikachu and Jolteon team rocket is blasted off once again leaving the forest in peace. Celebi emerges grateful for everyone’s help and restore balance to the forest. As a token of gratitude it also grants them a glimpse into the forest secret sharing gets ancient wisdom with Ashley, liko and Roy.

In the aftermath as reflects on the days events, realising the importance of protecting the natural world and the deep connections they share with their Pokémon. Pikachu and Jolteon now inseparable symbolise the strength of bond formed through friendship and love. The group bids fell to the forgotten forest the heart filled with new memories and a renewed sense of purpose.

As they walk away hand-in-hand as shadow we figure watches from the deaths of the forest hinting at a next adventure and a new challenge that will eat them the journey through the forgotten forest has not deepen their bond, but also prepared them for whatever lies ahead…

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Pokémon Episode - A Forest Sight

This episode is set just before Ash goes to the orange Islands

The episode starts with the narrator telling us that Ash and Misty are visiting Professor Oak on his request, Ash and Misty have a conversation with Professor Oak and he reveals that he wants Ash to accompany him on a research trip to the Viridian forest as there has been some reports of a rare Pokémon being there and he felt compelled to go investigate. Misty is disgusted at the thought of going to the forest and decides to go spend the day with Ash's mum instead so Ash and Professor Oak head off to the forest. Upon entering the forest Ash reaches the place where he caught Caterpie and reminisces about it. As Ash and Professor Oak proceed they come across a Weedle and Ash decides to try and catch it. Pikachu defeats the Weedle with ease and as Ash steps forward to catch the Weedle he falls in a pitfall trap. After finally escaping the trap with the help from Professor Oak Ash realised that once again the Weedle had escaped. Then there's a cackle from the trees and team Rocket appear. Team Rocket reveal that they are here to capture a swarm of Beedrill using their new Beedrill capture machines but they will also try to capture Pikachu. Ash and team Rocket start to battle with Ash sending out Bulbasaur and Pikachu against Weezing and Arbok, the battle then attracts the swarm of Beedrill to Ash and Professor Oak horror, there's then a Reeeeee from above and Ash’s Butterfree descends from the sky, Ash is happy to see Butterfree again and Butterfree helps defeat team Rocket and then Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Butterfree team up to defeat the swarm of Beedrill, majority of Beedrill fly away but Ash managed to catch one. After the battle is done professor Oak spots Celebi in the trees watching in the distance and Professor Oak simply says hello old friend. The episode then concludes with Ash and Professor Oak returning to the lab.

Here's a script for the episode

Narrator: We join Ash and Misty as they visit Professor Oak who has requested to see them.

Ash: It's good to see you Professor Oak

Misty: Hi professor Oak

Professor Oak: Likewise Ash and you too Misty thank you for coming.

Muk: Muuuuuk

[Muk pounces on Ash]

[Ash laughs]

Ash: It's good to see you too Muk

Professor Oak: So Ash I called you here as I have a request.

Ash: Sure anything

Professor Oak: There have been some reports of a rare Pokémon being spotted in the Viridian forest so I would like you to accompany me to the forest on a research trip.

Misty: The Viridian forest eeeww no way am I going to the bug infested forest you can go ahead, I will go visit Ash’s mum.

Professor Oak: Come on then Ash let's head out.

[Ash and Professor Oak leave]

Cuts to Ash and Professor Oak reaching the forest

Ash: Wow it's such a trip down memory lane it's great to be back here.

Professor Oak: This is where you caught your first Pokémon right.

Ash: Yes I caught Caterpie just over there.

[Flashback scene of Ash capturing Caterpie]

Professor Oak: Look there a Weedle.

Ash: Now this time I will capture one! Go Pikachu Thunderbolt!

Pikachu: PIKA

[With Weedle defeated Ash steps forward to throw a Pokéball and falls into a pitfall trap]

Ash: Ouch

Professor Oak: Are you okay Ash?

Ash: Yeah I am okay.

[Ash escapes the hole]

Ash: Awe no not again the Weedle escaped.

[Cackles come from the trees and Team Rocket emerge]

Jessie: Prepare for trouble.

James: Make it double.

Jessie: To protect the world from devastation.

James: To unite all peoples within our nation.

Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love.

James: To extend our reach to the stars above.

Jessie: Jessie.

James: James

Jessie: Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light

James: Surrender now or prepare to fight

Meowth: Meowth that's right.

Ash: Not you guys again don't you ever give up.

Jessie: Not when it comes to capturing Pikachu.

Meowth: We didn't expect to catch a twerp though

James: We are here to capture the swarm of Beedrill using our new Bug catcher machine.

[Meowth scratches James]

Meowth: Don't reveal our plans

James: Ouch

Ash: Stand back Professor Oak I will handle this.

Professor Oak: Okay Ash I believe in you.

Ash: Go Bulbasaur I choose you.

Bulbasaur: Bulba saur

Jessie: Go Arbok

James: Go Weezing

Ash: Go Pikachu quick attack

Jessie: Arbok poison sting

James: Weezing Sludge

Ash: Bulbasaur vinewhip

Professor Oak: Lookout here come the Beedrill

[Beedrill swarm approaches from the distance]

Butterfree: Reeeeeee

[Butterfree descends from the sky]

Ash: No way Butterfree!

Butterfree: ree

Ash: Butterfree gust , Pikachu Thunderbolt Bulbasaur razor leaf

[Team Rockets bug catching machine starts to make a noise and then explodes sending team Rocket blasting off]

Team Rocket: Looks like we're blasting off again.

Professor Oak: Ash the Beedrill!!

Ash: oh right Butterfree stun spore! Pikachu Thunderbolt!!

Pikachu: Pikachuuuuuuu

[The Beedrill swarm is hit by the attacks and fly off in the other direction]

Professor Oak: Look there Ash one is stunned.

Ash: You are right Pokéball go!

[Ash captures the Beedrill]

Ash: yes I caught a Beedrill

Professor Oak: Good job Ash.

Ash: Thank you for your help Butterfree it's good to see you again I hope you are doing well

Butterfree: freeeee

[Butterfree flutters off to join it's family]

Ash: wow Butterfree has it's own family now

[Professor Oak spots Celebi watching in the trees nearby]

Professor Oak: Hello again old friend.

[Professor Oak turns to Ash]

Professor Oak: I think that was enough of a adventure for one day

Ash: You are probably right.

[Ash and Professor Oak head back to lab]

Professor Oak: Thank you for joining me today Ash I saw all I needed to see.

Ash: no problem Professor Oak any time.

*Credits roll*


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