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There can only be one, Squirtle!

the best of the original 3 (fight me) and hes cononicle in the anime to be the leader of a gang with snazzy glasses....🤷🏼‍♂️ you can close the bounty now 🤣



Scraggy! he (or she; I always catch males for some reason so I always call Scraggy he) is the bestest boy, no one can tell me different. My one and only argument is that he is adorable. I do not know how you could look at that dopey little face and that constant struggle to keep those "pants" up and not fall in love with him. I always wished he was a starter and would probably pre-order a game immediately if he ever was a starter.

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I will choose Tinkatuff #0958 from generation 9, she is a humanoid pokemon dominated by pink, her shape is very cute like a little girl lifting a big hammer, the expression when she is angry is very cute, girls must really like it.

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I suggest Emolga
why did I choose Emolga?, because she resembles Pikachu from the start the elements are the same as Pikachu and the electricity expenditure is also from her cheeks too, although Emolga is not as strong as Pikachu in sight she is very cute and Emolga is a mascot that is very suitable to accompany Ash on adventures.

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I think mimikyu should get some spotlight in spite of it's appearance. who knows, maybe it could get another pokemon costume instead of just pikachu, it would make it seem like furfrou/ditto, giving it new forms that you can give, and a specialist that makes it’s costumes. It would also reaffirm it’s image as a terrifying pokemon.

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for me Charmander is one of iconic Pokemon, I chose him because he has a strong heart because he lost his parent and had to be stranded in the middle of the forest alone in rainy condition, Fortunately Ash and friends helped him on time and succeed to save his life.


Oooooft this is a really good pick, that episode makes me so sad every time. When i went back to watch this episode I forgot charmanders owner had an english accent,

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I’m biased because it’s my favourite Pokémon but I’ve got to pick Cubone 🙌

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I always though that Clefairy would be a great mascot.

The name stems form the word 'fairy' so it already has a basis in familiarity of an English word so it's not as bizarre as Wobbuffet and you can work out what sort of animal it is based on the name.
The creature design is also conventional. It's pink, round, has these horned ears, small claws, and a round tuft for fur/ hair. It's the right amount of human qualities that you can relate to and also animalistic qualities that makes it interesting.

Lastly the pinkish colour scheme and cute appearance appeals to a lot of the younger female audience.

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The OG reason of why they didn’t choose clefairy is super interesting and why they went with pikachu! Because of the pink, they didn’t think boys would Like it! How mad?

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But which one, you say? Well, the answer is simple... Both!

I always really loved having a Nidoran (either male or female) in my squad when playing through Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow and both of them are so cute, it's hard to pick a favourite! They both technically belong to the same family of Pokémon but both differ from each other in evolution lines, stats and overall look, so it would be cool for trainers to have the option to pick their own favourite mascot themselves!


Imagine: Nintendo market their video game series with Meowth as the maskot and you are part of team rocket, "collecting" (kidnapping) Pokémon throughout the game series. It might have flipped the entire concept of Pokémon as we know it!

He's cute and cheeky and what makes a better maskot than that?

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Another shoutout to Meowth, but this time the Galarian edition, specifically its evolution, Perrserker. I just got a 3-star Perrserker in Pokémon GO and thought, "Hey, this is it!"

I mean, how many Pokémon out there have a beard?! It's trendy and could really resonate with millennials who grew up watching Pokémon in the late '90s and early '00s.

Perrserker - strong, brave, and relentless, it's time to end this *pika-pika* whining =)

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I would like to nominate, beedrill!


I think if the IP mascot was not a cute yellow little guy then we should have gone the other way.

With its abilities, such as Swarm, Sniper etc it would have been a much better mascot, because what we could have seen was not such a "nice" Ash, but more of a "mean" Ash, which could have sped up a lot of the earlier episodes and of course, made for a much more clashing series!

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This is a hard one because everyone knows here how much I love Eevee!

I would probably say Mew! It’s adorable and playful, and more importantly it’s gender nuetral so it can appeal to all audiences. Because of its rare and mythical status, I think this would captivate fans worldwide. New has the ability to learn any move so there are limitless possibilities for this Pokemon.

With Mew having a rivalry to Mewtwo, it could add another depth and dimension to the storyline so it can help carry a story for the anime. because of how versatile Mew is, it would be perfect for promotional products and materials .


Right this is a very interesting one actually, I do think pichu and raichu do not not get enough love but they are some easy picks

Before pikachu was chosen, clefairy was actually the mascot! I believe you even see red with a clefairy on some early Manga, the reason they chose pikachu and he was so sucessful was that for the late 90's Pikachu was cute enough for the girls and cool enough for the boys! Whereas clefairy was more preferred by females

So using that concept considering this is in the late 90's I would actually pick Riolu. Riolu /Lucario are one of the few post gen 1 pokemon to break the main stream and make it to smash bro's, highlighting their popularity!

I pick riolu because it's cude and cuddly which girls in the 90's might like but also it's got a cool look and very cool fighting moves which the guys might like. Riolu could very easily struggle through some battle's in the anime, you could easily have it replicate the scene where pikachu gets destroyed by spearows, which really lets the viewer get emotionally attached to the pokemon! Riolu has a very distinct look which would like great on book covers, t shirts, trading cards, it's also got a golden shiny form

Riolu also evolves into Lucario which is so popular it's starred in one of the movies! Aura Sphere is a very cool signature attack which i think could be similar to thunderbolt.

Riolu/Lucario is also human shaped which would allow people to connect to the pokemon easier and it's easier for the pokemon to show emotion which i feel helps build a strong connection to the franchise

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I love this idea!! Lucario is a G!

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I think a good Pokemon to be the mascot would be Togedemaru because of it's general happy demeanor and cuteness and because it doesn't evolve there would be no need for the same thing that there was with Pikachu not evolving. I feel like Togedemaru would also appeal to a wider audience.

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I think it's Gengar's time to shine because they are a Non-Binary Icon and also Ghost types are pretty cool.

They are even in Pokémon Red, Blue and Green's title battle scene and the Pokémon Company have DJ Gengar in Japan.

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Scrafty is definatly a solid pick.

Yellow rat been representing Pokémon for too long. It's time for a change to something more majestic, pristine, and cute. I nominate Carbink! This adorable flying rock reminds me of Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian, but even better with its crystalline mohawk.

This is the way!


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