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One of the best but maddest overtakes I think is from 1993 European Grand Prix. Although I wasn’t alive at this point I remember watching some compilation thing on channel 4 and it was featured on there.

It’s Ayrton Sennas performance starting in 5th, he overtook four cars in the first lap, in the rain, to take the lead. His control and bravery on the slippery track made this “Lap of the Gods” unforgettable.

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I love this overtake, Alex Albon, came tearing down, looked left and right and instantly had a plan to take both of these other drivers. No contest. The slick manoeuvre here was just insane and the way he slotted between the two, omg?

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It's got to be this one between Mansell & Senna in 1991. The image of these two cars wheel to wheel down the straight is what I always think of when it comes to overtaking in F1.

Your Favourite Spanish Grand Prix - 1991 Mansell & Senna - YouTube


I know this is a Bounty for Motorsport highlights, but can we take a moment to appreciate this under-rated, hopefully expanding event called the Isle of Nan TT?! What a hoot

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That is phenomenal, thank you for sharing! Gonna pass this onto my old man, he loves the Isle of Man TT.


i always think motorcyle racing is another level because of the added danger on the line. Especially when you look at the isle of man speeds.

ill go with the overtake at 6 seconds!

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1993 European Grand Prix at Donington Park.
Ayrton Senna (driving for McLaren) made a start in wet conditions on 4th position, pushed back to 5th, and then sliced all competitors one by one: Michael Schumacher, Karl Wendlinger, Damon Hill, and Alain Prost to take the lead on a 1st lap!

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The 2005 Piston cup was a hotly contested one between Lightning McQueen, Chick Hicks and the reigning champion Strip Weathers. I was a Weathers fan for most of my growing up and didn't think McQueen's new team from Radiator Springs would be anything to be impressed by.

However he and his team really pulled through. Although not a strategic pit, McQueen suffered a blown out tire following an altercation with Chick. But McQueen's pit team really knew their stuff when it came to a tire change putting McQueen back in the race in record time. It was only here I noticed Doc Hudson was spotting for McQueen this race - my dad was ecstatic being a Hudson Hornet fan in his younger years

This pit proved to reap dividends as he was able to outpace the pace car and pull into first. A very daring move for McQueen and his team


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