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The cheekiest and maybe most controversial victory in F1 history?

Schumacher taking a stop-start penalty in the pits on the final lap to win the race. The finish line had been moved that year and he crossed the finish line on the way into the pits, meaning he won the race despite arguments against legitimacy of the win.

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Everyone assumes and says that Lewis Hamilton is overrated but my favourite moment was back in 2018.

It was the British Grand Prox, and Hamilton was hit by Räikkönen on the first lap which caused Hamilton to drop to the back of the field. He had a crazy fight back and finished second with Sebastian Vettel coming first.

I feel like this moment really showcased Lewis Hamiltons determination and just great skill on the tarmac. That paired with the atmosphere at Silverstone that day caused the moment to be incredibly in my eyes!

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ah video not available but I will try again when I'm not at my partner's. They're using a VPN rn

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Yea it’s saying that for me now but underlined it says “watch on youtube” - I’m thinking there’s permissions on it not allowing it to be embedded.


One of my favorite moments at Silverstone is the legendary duel between Nigel Mansell and Nelson Piquet in the 1987 british grand prix at silverstone. Mansells relentless pursuit of Piquet is entertaining to watch and he is a risk taker with that crazy overtake in the last bit of the race, no risk no reward! it paid off for him as it became a pretty cool F1 iconic moment in hisotry

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My mom was actually watching that race with her friends. Incredible

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Iconic and well known photo of Giuseppe Farina (Alfa Romeo) taking the flag at 1950 British Grand Prix

And more pics of the Alphas cars

And the winner surrounded by the crowd

Next year will be the 75th anniversary

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In sports you have the absolute GOATS.
For tennis its Federer, for 2D fighting games its Daigo the Beast, swimming its Phelps and for F1 it's Lewis Hamilton pictured here winning the SIlverstone for the 9th time.

For many Silverstone is a fairly bland track with a flat surface and little in the way of variability but it sometimes brings out the best overttakes and wheel to wheel battles.

Lewis had to fight hard for these 9 victories and securing his latest last year was amazing. Iconic is him raising the Union Jack for the crowd on a sunny day

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Now I cannot find the damn photo anywhere so, I do hope I am believed here. But I was there for this, about halfway down you see an older yellow Porsche, that was my friend's, and we had to follow him down in case it broke down.

Could not find this video for the life of me or one like it, so I had to wait for him to get back to me lol.

It was loud as hell

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Image is of the successful British driver Nigel Mansell and his first victory at Silverstone which had been no easy task due to an fault earlier in the race.

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I made a picture, which tells a story of a Silverstone transformation from a Military bomber station to a race track

1945 - 2024


I’m going for this epic trios battle! It honestly felt like watching ballet or “poetry in motion” as the saying goes! Enjoy!


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