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do you have 4G LTE internet there? If you do, but connection is poor, o might have a solution for you

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Unfortunately I don’t. Even the booster I had when living in the RV can’t pick up a data signal anywhere on the property. I lived and worked off LTE for two years when I lived in the RV.


capatilism has got out of control recently with this insane constant drive for profits no matter the cost across the board, would love to see some of these companies that are making billions be happy with sustainment instead of constant growth and pay their workers more and give back to society! Would be a nice change lol anyways rent over

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It’s seriously like Apple no longer including a charger with phones. Like, are you KIDDING me.


totally fam, and what sucks even more is I’d usually say vote with your wallet don’t buy there stuff if they keep bumping prices up but you need internet and id guess there isn’t any other options for you to switch to really

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Yeah hundred percent. To be totally fair, the price of the internet vs the convenience and quality is totally acceptable. I just think it’s a bummer that they are raising the price of entry via the hardware. I mean come on, you get the router free with the basic model but with the one that costs 4x as much you don’t?

It’s very “if you’ve got the cash for THIS, we can get a little more out of you”

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I was really shocked when my new 3DS didn't come with a charger and I had to buy it separately. Seriously some nickel- and dime B.S.

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This is insane... Just raise the cost of the whole package if they think it's not enough but don't make people buy stuff separately what they need. It's like Ticketmaster announcing a ticket price but then you have to pay 3 other fees on top. Fees which are non-optional. Just tell me the full price then from the beginning come on!

My partner watches a guy on Youtube who built a house off-grid and lives there happily with his dog. Would love that to be closer to nature, see less people and grow some of our own food since the stuff you buy in supermarkets barely have taste anymore... But to get decent internet at such place is costing so much....

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I always find things like this fascinating, living in England, there is pretty much nowhere you cannot get fibre connections, so when I read things like this, I remember how big some countries are, just boggles the mind the speeds you are talking about, that is just so slow, not sure I could handle that, game updates must be so irritating.


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