Nice, every time I look at this smartphone, I think, "Dang, I could get a new streaming PC with an RTX 4070 or a pro-grade lens for my collection for this price."

It could be a nice tool for my 360videos editing, but still, the price here is over 1400 EUR even if you stack all discounts and cashback

I would love this phone as I always had a thing for flip phones ever since the Motorola Razr. What I heard about it though is the screen is very fragile, and cracks easily at the folding even if you are very careful with it. Did you have any issues with the screen?

The other thing holding me back is the price tag... no way am I paying that much for a phone, when I will be forced to swap it out in a few years when it doesn't apply the latest Android security features anymore.

It it’s very expensive lol. I live a rough and tumble life in the country though and so far the screen and hinges have held up nicely

I used to have the fold 4. It was great unfolded, but I found most of the time I was still using the front screen and it was too big and bulky in the end for such a thin front screen. Ended up trading it in and got a pixel 8.

Yeah when unfolded I exclusively use swipe text. It’s too big to thumb type on otherwise, but the swipe works really well with the s pen.


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