Video Games

Video Games

My secret santa at work didn't get the memo so no fancy phone charger for me... 🥲

USB footpedals instead, right?

Instant coffee... next time I think I need to specify I like real coffee XD

Not the instant 😂 in my head its a standard jar of a Nescafe with a bow on it

Mines not coming till after Christmas, it sucks so much!

Hmmm USB mug warmer.....actually kinda curious about this

I definitely need that, happens many times I sit down with coffee at work and get called away from my desk for 5 minutes which turns into half an hour and coffee's gone cold.

This! Like I don't like drinking a hot coffee straight away, I like to savor it and not burn my throat HAHA

Definitely more practical than gaming LEGO... but way less fun.

BUT.. but... but.... you can never have too much lego...!

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