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Credit to members Letitia Lemon and Lanah Tyra , who both had this excellent idea on our latest Suggest-a-Bounty bounty.

Time to share some Final Fantasy achievements :D

Reposted, whoops xD

So mine, in all my years of gaming was in World Of Warcraft don’t know if people remember from Burning Crusade, you had to do dailies for 6 months to grind the standings for the Netherwing Mounts. It was the same, horrible, 5 daily quests, that were hard to do and boring as hell, but after 6 months, I got my 6 mounts, I cannot express, how amazing that was for me. I could finally give Netherwing Ledge the middle finger :P

i did it too, not sure if i ever used it for travel, since i had Alar Ash mount ;)

Savage Queen of Swords III - FFXIV

This is the achievement you get for completing Delubrum Reginae Savage (DRS) 10 times. It used to be in the rarest 100 achievements in the game, but with many new achievements added lately, it's not that rare anymore.

You can track FFXIV achievements on this site where it shows how many characters have the specific achievement according to the official site (if character data is public)

The first achievement also gives you a mount, so most people only do it for that, then never touch the content again. Less people are dedicated enough to do it more times as you can see it here:

DRS is a 48 man raid for which to access you need to complete the Bozja Field Operation which has it's own leveling system inside the game and you need to reach Rank 15 and participate in some other duties to unlock it. The Bozja content also has special items which boost your stats, special gear and special skills which you can use inside. DRS cannot be completed without these, and if you die you can only be raised by special items and actions which are not guaranteed to succeed.

You can't just queue up for the duty, you need (at time when the content released) 48 people in a pre-made group to enter. Nowdays it can be done with 24-48. So there are specific discord servers in each region who organise these runs, and help people complete it. (I run one of these discords, hi ^^)

Why I am so proud of this achievement?

It was the first savage raid I've completed. It took me a long time and some convincing from friends that I was even good enough to try savage content, because I've been told many times before by not so nice people ingame that I'm rubbish.

To add something extra to it and take the achievement a bit further, inside the raid there is a duel one person can complete. If they succeed they get damage boost for the rest of the raid, if they fail they get kicked out from the raid. Sadly completing this duel doesn't give a title or achievement (can we have one Square Enix pretty please?), but still I'm very proud of having been able to complete it on a healer, when this encounter was meant to be done by the strongest damage dealer in the group. Bozja got easier as more got added to the content, making it possible for healers and tanks to complete the duel too, so it's not just me being this cool, there are a few others too ^^)

Here is my first time clearing the duel:

While there is no official leaderboard or rankings for FFXIV apart from pvp, there are sites which keep track of damage if someone was uploading logs... Apparently I'm 13th among healers worldwide and 2nd in the EU region.

Lesson of the day:

if you tell me I'm not good enough to do something, I'll do it twice and take pictures.

I know I can't submit to the bounty, but mine was getting a platinum trophy in all trials in Prototype. That game was brutal!

Mafia 3, DLC achievement Campaign Strategy- Destroy 10 of Slim's re-election billboards. Only .56% of Xbox players completed the task.

While the completion percentage is super low, it's an effortless thing to do. What makes it the most difficult achievement I've got is that the DLC for the game caused so many issues, had so many bugs, and caused so many game crashes, it's truly a miracle I continued playing the game. I enjoy this game a lot, but I don't think I've ever been that frustrated by a game. Even Bloodborne doesn't make me as angry.

This was on Xbox One, maybe the Series X will run it better.....

The most challenging game achievement I've earned was in Warcraft, titled 'Realm First! Level 80 Death Knight'.

This achievement is exclusive to one person per game server (~200 people in a world got it) and was introduced during the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, alongside the Death Knight class. The difference between achieving it and missing out was just a few minutes. Although it only took a few hours of actual gameplay on the live server, I had done extensive preparation on a test server before the release, figuring out logistics, identifying the best experience sources, etc.

Honorable mentions (without actual achievements):

  • Completing 'Planescape: Torment' without a single kill, relying solely on diplomacy and sneaking.

  • Finishing Fallout 2 with an Intelligence (INT) of 1, completely unarmed – no diplomacy or talking, just pure animal rage.

Total respect for the other achievements, but that Fallout 2 one must've been brutal! 😂

I recently played through 1 and 2 for the first time and I can't imagine not talking my way out of some bad situations! There's a podcast (and pseudo-let's play series) called Too Much Future that I listen to, and they made a low intelligence character called Tonk. It's a really funny show that analyses and critiques the Fallout series based on its design influences and the cultural context of its time.

Here's the first video (starting at 30:20) where they introduce their characters, the fast and quick-witted Eleanor, and the meathead Tonk.

Yea =) I had to use cheat-o-matic to unlock the config to lower INT to 1. It was a discovery that developers actually designed the whole script for such gameplay. And remember it was 1998, so no 'internet' era =) A trip to Navarro with low Intelligence (

Oh, your character was treated so poorly by the Enclave 😫

After my saves became corrupted one too many times I used FALCHE to mod my stats to the max. My character was a like a living god roaming the wastes, dealing out vengeance and justice in equal measure 😂

The only thing that gave me reason to be cautious was I collected 3 different dogs as companions, and I had to reload whenever one of them was caught in the crossfire 😯

This is a unique game state in chess that came about in a competitive match. I was quite surprised with this particular checkmate and I took a screenshot to record it.

We started the game with a bunch of aggressive trades losing queens, knights and bishops, while I hunted down his pawns. The end game involved me hunting their king with my rooks and lone bishop, with their rooks held close to defend their king.

The game ended in checkmate with all 4 rooks boxing in their king.

Play by play for anyone who can read chess.

In the new arena shooter game, THE FINALS, I managed to get a cheeky (And I'll be honest, I had no idea how I got this at the time) achievement called

Essentially, towards the end of matches, to switch it up a bit, the game introduces events. There are all sorts of events, such as "Alien invasions" or "Mega Damage" e.t.c for a total of 7.

In order to get this achievement, you must play as the Medium class, and equip the jump pad, and wait for the meteor shower event, which has a 1/7 chance on specific maps. You must then predict where the next meteor will hit, and place a jump pad down, right where the meteor will hit. The jump pad is only around 50cm wide, so most jump pads must be placed in just the right spot. Then you'll manage to "bounce" a meteor right back up (And hopefully crashing down on an unsuspecting opponent hehe)

It's probably no surprise that mine is Hades related! It's the only game I've intentionally chased full achievements for and the only one I've ever had the inclination to speed run.

Whilst getting all 49 of the achievements was a real grind at times and great to complete my real accomplishment comes from my current PB.

Having bashed my head against a wall for a while I was convinced I'd peaked and then through all of the practice, all of the trial and error builds and praying to RNGesus I took a whopping 30 seconds off my time!

ok my pick for this one is possibly one that would surprise people, but I have a theory as to why I found it so difficult!

Ok so the game is “Party Animals”, really super fun, challenging and cute party game similar to human fall flat meets fall guys!

So the achievement I found so challenging was trying to throw one of my opponents into the missile silo of the submarine we were all fighting on top of (yes this game is as wacky as it sounds, definitely give it a whirl on game pass).

So I hear your say, “Murray why was this so difficult?” Well here’s my logic, by the time I got round to playing this map in the game and the game in general a lot of people who were playing it were already WAY, better than me and as it’s fully multiplayer it’s always against people your achievements will be unlocked no easy difficulty slider to change or bots to add to the game, but that’s not all.

I genuinely feel like as the other players were more experienced than me, they all stayed well clear of the middle silos, which in a game with rag doll physics makes this incredible challenging!

Fear not! After trying, trying, trying, trying, trying oh your get the point… the magic eventually happened as I managed to toss some poor soul into the jissle side and watch it fire a rocket with then trapped on top, sending them into orbit… it was fantastic… and worth the ton of frustration trying to do this as so many factors are ouwith my control including even what game type and map are selected which can add to the frustration when your after a particular achievement! Anyways I was so hyped by completing this I grab a screen capture! (I meant to take a video clip but in the chaos I didn’t manage to do so!) thanks for listening to my story!

Say cheeeesssseeeee…


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