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Video Games
Rupert's avatar

Needs a poll! But yeh, PS5 all the way :)


awww Jeezo thanks for the heads up I never even realised we could do polls! Will do that next time 👌😎🎮 I’ve just realised I that’s Ps5 pro might be out by then so that could be an option too!

EveOnlineTutorials's avatar

Well with three boys here: Will be both Xbox and Ps4/5 I imagine because there is no way my sons are letting me get away with getting this for them xD

Thomas's avatar

Definitely PS5. I imagine I'm going to need to delete everything I have installed to play it, though

Dave's avatar

Only have my pc so will probably buy a ps5 in the weeks before launch (or the pro if it exists by then). I find their games don't "feel" right to control on pc for whatever reason and the graphic seems to lose a bit of character somehow even though they are technically better. So even if I was prepared to wait for the pc release I don't think I would enjoy it much as the console version.


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