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Black Flag is stilly my favourite, but I'm so here for this, excellent choice!

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The ship stuff in Odyssey was definitely all the better for having followed Black Flag. Got endless delight from THIS IS SPARTA kicking people off their ships.

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I really enjoyed Odyssey, one of the few massive long games like that I have actually finished. It's good stuff. Didn't enjoy Valhalla though.

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Yeah, I keep thinking I should go back to Valhalla because I didn't get very far into it but for some reason it just didn't capture me.

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What are your thoughts on Skull and Bones? That's supposed to be building off Black Flag, right?

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Didn't have a chance to try it. The idea of it is cool I love ship combat, but a bit scared now after what Dave said about it in the other post. Won't have time for the open beta, busy weekend for me, so probably will only check it out when it's actually released.


Black Flag is great, but I think I'd put Valhalla just above it for me. I liked the characters and locations from Valhalla a bit more.

I've not bought an AC game at launch before, but I'd be all about Feudal Japan and spend the money

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I don't buy any Ubisoft games at launch, they are almost always half price within a couple of months, including season passes bundled with the higher priced versions that have yet to have anything release from them!

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My favorite in the series has to be 'Assassin's Creed II.' The highlight for me was visiting Rome after completing the game and exploring all the key locations firsthand.

My friends were amazed at how easily I navigated the city without a map. Although the in-game version of the city was scaled down, the locations were accurately represented, just like in the real world. It was an incredible experience to see these virtual settings come to life!

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I have all the games and all the books, love this stuff always, love the lore, it's just amazing


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