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So much of that falls short of our Community Code of Conduct, and behaviour like that simply isn't welcome here.

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On a personal note I actually feel bad for them, as nobody is born carrying this kind of hate. They have no right to gatekeep peoples' hobbies and misogyny is never acceptable.

...and don't get me started on the whole gamer label! 😤 My uni research literature review covers Gamergate as a critical incident, and it's full of these interactions and people fighting over their gamer identity.

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If I've broken the rules by posting this, you my deepest apologies. I was just incensed by this is a sensible community and wanted opinions.

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No it's ok, you've not broken any rules. 🙂

I think it's important to distinguish between the content of the image and the content of this discussion.

If the text in the image were shared here, then it would have been flagged and I expect it would be deleted. Sharing it as part of a respectful discussion lets us reflect on whether this behaviour would be welcome on our platform.

I'm really happy to see everyone in the replies shares the view that it would not be welcome here, reaffirming that our core values align with those of our members.

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100% agreed. It's going viral on Twitter atm, people are not happy.

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I don't rate that kind of attitude towards anyone in any space. It definitely used to be quite prevalent in gaming which made the whole culture very homogenous and unpleasant IMO. I'm under no illusions that it's still prevalent in some corners of gaming and the web as a whole but I've been heartened (or ignorant) to see it wain a lot in more recent years.

I think a lot of that sentiment stems from imposter syndrome. I've played in bands and played sports for many years, even representing my county and my country (very fleetingly) on occasion. I would still really struggle to call myself a musician or an athlete. The kind of exclusionary language in that post prevents a lot of people from getting involved in those things, especially gaming. People who could be exceptional assets to those communities.

On some level it's a linguistic issue. Not everyone can be an olympian but anyone who gets up and puts in the effort can be an athlete IMO. Sure, you'll occasionally get the odd poser who puts on a Metallica tee but has never heard a single track - but blocking almost everyone out from a community for the sake of the odd outlier is a sad state of affairs. And delineating between someone who's put in 100+ hours and someone who's put in 300+ is really petty in my eyes. If you enjoy playing video games, and you want to call yourself a gamer - have at it!

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As Boomer said, this kind of exclusionary attitude is antithetical to everything we're trying to achieve with Just About.

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Usual nonsense and attitudes you get on most platforms that mean people just don't bother taking part and leave the space for the extremes to argue with each other.

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Oh man. Where to start?!

Suffice to say I couldn't disagree more and this is the antithesis of what JA stands for. I find the whole sentiment unpleasant. But even just the small details are problematic. Any time someone groups "ALL" of a hugely diverse group (say 50% of all humans) into one sweeping generalisation, I despair 😔

Also, how can Mario not be a real game 😂. It's practically the OG!

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"These aren't real games. Put down the baby games."

Pick a lane, buddy. Are they games, or aren't they?

Gatekeeping, in any respect, sucks. Needing to know the title of every song to be a fan of a band; playing every single title in a series to be a fan games; watching the behind the scenes director's commentary on a trilogy to be considered a fan of movies... It's become a race to the bottom to see who can sink the most hours into something. Time is the single most precious resource or currency we have as people. Instead of judging and labelling others based on how they use theirs, we should just embrace and encourage.

Oh wow, you played Mario and enjoyed it? Fantastic, tell me about your experience, I want to hear more.

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As everyone's said, gatekeeping is dumb. I see a lot of people online claim cozy games aren't "real games" and its a shame they take such a narrow view because the massive expansion of styles and types of game in recent years has helped the entire industry boom. Its amazing that we get to see so many more types of story now, more people can see themselves reflected in video games and explore broader, even painful themes thoughtfully.

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I think this kind of attitude is why most of us are here... wanting to get away from it.

Seen similar content, especially about how "gamer girls" look like... (claiming there are no good looking gamer girls) I didn't know if I should laugh or get angry... like... have you had a look around Twitch dude? How many very attractive ladies are there, quite a few of them with exceptional skills in shooters for example? Is that gamer enough?

I bet this guy doesn't consider tabletop games "real games" either. And probably by saying that Mario is not a real game, he offended an entire generation...

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yeh with the Mario comment, I think he's made himself a target lol.

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I don't understand where the attitude came from in the last few years where everything seems to be about being the best and having skills etc. Games are just a form of entertainment at the end of the day, escaping into a fantasy world for a little bit and having a bit of fun (and socialising with friends in the case of multiplayer). (outside the comp scene which is it's own niche).

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Exactly, some people find that relaxation in an mmorpg, some like to shoot things some maybe just want to solve puzzles. And if you are better at it than you were yesterday? Then well done on the small achievement! Sadly some people don't see it this way :(

I've been trashed on Youtube for my FFXVI guides because how do I dare to think I should make a guide when I got hit during the trial and completed it with a "bad" time. Said someone who has no content on their channel... while there were others thanking me because they found my guides helpful.

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I hope this kind of dirt will stay somewhere else, not here. As for this person, I'd suggest they visit Wikipedia to learn what the term 'game' means.

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I dont agree with this at all. Being a "gamer" doesn't include a quota of hours logged, specific games and/or platforms. Just a toxic person that probably has this state of mind with other things aswel.

Im glad this community has a CoC, maybe other social media platforms should follow the example.

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People like that are why this is the first social media I've had since 2010... and why I live alone on top of a mountain.


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