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Sonic Unleashed I think is genuinely misunderstood and underappreciated. I do think the Werehog gameplay gets pretty old pretty fast, but it's the first game in the series to have the 'boost' formula that we later saw in Colours, Generations, and beyond. It's also got maybe the best soundtrack of any Sonic game, a series known for having great soundtracks. It's far from a masterpiece or anything, but I think it would have been a bit better received had it not come off the back of a string of terrible Sonic games.

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Funnily enough, my biggest problem with the game was the term “werehog” because “wer” means “man.” It should have been “wolfhog” lol.

But I agree with you on most of your callouts. It was kind of a growing pain which had to happen on the road to the more recent games which revived the Sonic name.


I really liked the first Homefront game. It was like a more grown up version of Call Of Duty. Sure, it wasn't perfect. But I really liked its attempt at trying to tell a more sombre story in comparison to what Activision normally throw out every year.

I also preferred Rayman 2 (DC) over Mario 64 (N64). The only reason why people went gaga over Mario 64 was because it was made by Nintendo. At the time, people also didn't really revere European productions in comparison to Japanese productions.

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I thoroughly enjoyed the first Homefront too. There were some seriously tone deaf moments in it, but that could be said for basically any game if you sat down to nit pick.

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Kingdoms of Amalur has a special place in my heart. So much so that I even got Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning for the switch.

This was the very first game I ever bought with my own money as a teen .

This game had the unfortunate time of basically coming out originally around the same time as Skyrim I believe. I played both games I've owned both games multiple times. I've owned kingdoms of Amalur a few times and I've owned Skyrim a few times. Kingdoms of Amalur is more easy pace and laid back and less gritty than Skyrim. Personally I think it is a great game to get into RPG / somewhat open world games without being totally overwhelmed.

Also I'm not sure how to put it but...

I don't know what it is the voice acting in the game is like hysterically bad in like the best/worst comedic way. Like I've never met a Scottish person or Irish person or any person who sounds like how the game is almost portrayed with the gnomes specifically. And yet kind of love it.

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I love this game. I got in to it because of Ellen from Outside Extra raved about it and im so glad I did.


I had a soft spot for No mans sky when it first came out. I enjoyed exploring the planets and finding the creatures, it was just a nice chill vibe.

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I like the text-based Ogame, always have, played it for years but no one likes it lol.

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Mine is Fallout 76. Bethesda made me sick with all the crappy merch they did and I refused to buy this game at full price in the state it was at launch but once patched, I found it for £7 and...... loved it.

What I liked about it was exploring a new world and just doing the fallout stuff. I haven't picked it up in a while and I still hate all the microtransactions but if you just want to explore and have fun, its great.

Well I think so and so does the only other person that plays it 🤣

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Final Fantasy XV

Many fans hate it and while I understand their point I don't think it justifies the amount of hate the game got. For those of you who are not familiar with it, the original story was meant for another game which got cancelled, and based on what we know from early trailers and concept art, the characters we got in FFVX are weak compared to the original idea.

The game is not perfect, there's a lot about the story you only get to know if you watch the related Kingsglaive move, do some well hidden side quests and read into the lore which explains stuff which didn't make it into the full game.

But I still think it's a great game, was nice to see a group of friends to be in the center of the story and the battles were unique too while bringing back frequent elements of the franchise such us the summons.

It's still one of my favourite FF games, because I could relate to the hero in many ways and it has one of the best written villains in the franchise. I love a good villain who makes you think that if you were in their shoes you can't say you wouldn't have done the same what they did.

It is a dark game, shows bad decisions made for the greater good, personal sacrifices and the characters feel very human due to the mistakes they make. It's been years since I first played it, but hearing the intro and one song featured at the very beginning still makes my eyes tear up. It delivered what I love in a Final Fantasy game.


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