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Tiberian Sun was the first RTS I ever played. Me, hunched over my Pentium 2 Dell laptop, being super impressed with the fact that the president from independence Day was in my videogame. For real, Bill Pullman was a hero for young Smokey haha.

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but there is more! Tempest Rising comming soon to carry C&C flag

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Loved the absolute cheesecake the put in Red Alert 3 but sadly maybe they spent a little too much on the star power and not enough on the gameplay.

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This is amazing, but for me, Tiberium Sun and Red Alert Original for me, I love them but I also loved Renegade!

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I loved Generals, played that alot as a kid


I really enjoyed Tiberian sun, I have always preferred sci-fi settings. I liked how the Tiberian was poisonous to normal people so it took more planning when exploring the areas.


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