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From 6:10-8:00. This is from a live stream I saw a long time ago which I still remember to this day. On Eurogamer, Ian Platform32defeating the wolf. For context you are supposed to lose to the wolf, most players do but Ian isn’t most players 🤣 I remember the humor as well as skillful use of the environments staying out of reach behind the enemy and basically killing it unarmed.

The game is Bloodborne, you play as a Hunter. Set in a Gothic Victorian era, the cities inhabitants are afflicted with a blood borne disease which transforms the residents, into horrific beasts.

I saw this after I had done the same thing on a stream and I claimed Aoife being shocked/impressed as partially my own lol

Awesome! I myself have never really tried souls like games, but I like watching them and they do look challenging.

Watch at 2:23 for the most bullsh*t stealth assassination in the history of Hitman!

Awarded because I thoroughly enjoyed, but I think we could debate the extent to which "I'm just going to throw an exploding rubber duck at him" qualifies as skilful...

I've been obsessed with Balatro lately, and seeing the ease of this playthrough just makes me sad that I don't have the same level of skill:

I'd like to spotlight a JA member Dave 's video, which showcased an impressive fight. Skillfully maneuvering a Warrior with significantly reduced health from earlier battles, Dave faced off against a golem in a tight cave. Truly an exceptional display of gaming prowess. Kudos!

This game is notoriously hard and on top of that speed runs are notoriously hard. So both together is insane

Bozja is an open world exploration "Field Operations" area in FFXIV where you get to use separate actions on top of your normal skills and have a separate leveling system as well. Players who complete certain engagements without mistakes will get selected for a duel against a notorious NPC.

Lately there have been many amazing "cheese" strats on how to complete these duels the fasters, by stacking as many buff actions as possible, then swapping to some devastating damaging action.

This person tries the opposite to encourage players who might not have those kind of resources to participate as well. It shows the minimum special actions you have to take to the fight, and instead of doing one big damage burst, it focuses on how to complete every mechanics. And as someone who did these duels believe me, some mechanics are not easy at all, so hats off for this person to do it on "minimal design."

Cool... Calm... Collected... Owning Machine.... No Fuss... No Nuts.... No cocnuts....


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