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Oh I like that but then I love sunsets, I have a friend who is a farmer who constantly sends me sunset/sunrise photos

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That's a very pretty sunset

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Beautiful picture Wellyshark! Would you be able to connect a social media account to your Just About profile and then resubmit the picture through there? Here's how to do this. This helps us know that you're the creator and owner of the picture, and is a requirement for us to award bounty submissions. Thanks!


That should have added my twitter now?

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Looking good Dave! What are you flying?

Dave's avatar

I will have to check next time I have a gaming session! It was two different small ones that wouldn't go very high...

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Do pictures from the Microsoft Flight Simulator X count or are you specifically after screenshots from the 2020 edition?

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I always knew those old CDs I've carefully kept all these years would come in handy! Here's a cockpit view from a Cessna 182S Skylane. A game, where it might take an hour to figure out how to take off!

P.s. plz do not tell me it does not count, rules do not specify which Microsoft Flight Simulator, it took me several hours to install it on a virtual machine ;)

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Seeing that you have won I should have installed my Flight Sim X as well :( Had too many things on my hands and in the end decided to cross this one out because I would have been fuming if it turns out only the new one counts :D

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Sorry to have missed your question Lanah!

Lanah Tyra's avatar

No problem, I'm sure there will be next time!


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