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Video Games

Tried a blend a style with assasins creed vibes.

And an unfunny meme

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Hey Laser-Bicep and EveOnlineTutorials, looks like you've submitted (excellent) original images, but not through a connected social media account. The requirement to do so is stated in the bounty submission instructions and helps us verify that you're the owner of the work. Very sorry, but afraid we can't award these!

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Hey dude

I did post it and tagged you :)

Link here

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Hey EOT - Ok, but please ensure these links are in your bounty submission next time as required in the instructions.

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Hi dude, I honestly thought I did, I will pay closer attention from now on, you have my word :)

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I haven’t gotten to play this game yet, but I’m so looking forward to it when I can!

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Not sure if this considered as cheating, if you tune down AI and mobs HP by 80% for streaming purposes

what do think?

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I am in a discord for Smallamd full of some very talented players. My favourite fan art has got to be this amazing piece of commission by Rosieyatta. I am in love with this art style, the colours and the movement! Looks awesome!!!

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Hey Lister_Of_Smee, I can't say that'd be my first choice for dinner, but these are desperate times! 😅

I just wanted to let you know I swapped the imgflip link and image with the one you added to socials. For some reason the image was displaying very strangely, which you can see at the bottom of this reply.

When you submit to a bounty using something from your socials, you can just click submit to this bounty, paste the URL into the submission, and click the expand to embed arrows - see the purple and white arrows in the image below.

That's all I did here and it embeds the post right into the submission. Generally speaking that's the best way to submit to bounties, as it adds the yellow bounty submission and the green original labels on your submission.

I'm not sure why the earlier version had this long black bar at the end!

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Inspired by the game stream.

My daughter decided to add a playful advertisement to entice her friends to join in the fun.


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