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Step 1: Game designers introduce gameplay mechanics that stall for time and make the grind tedious.

Step 2: They implement auto-play features to help players skip these boring parts.

Am I missing something here?

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Do you have an example of which games were released and then later implemented this feature?

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That's my guess for future of AI auto-plays.

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Aion has this. They made the game so grindy even for a Korean grindy mmo that people were moaning. So you can take your character out to the field and sit back as it auto attacks mobs to level. No wonder they had to release Aion Classic on the example of WoW classic.

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The just released Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes has auto combat that can be selected at the start of each encounter. I have only just started the game but I expect there will be a lot of grinding.

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Im often not on the side of the majority opinion when it comes to things like this, dlc, physical media, or other similar subjects/features that I guess you could say people have very passionate opinions about.

Assuming it actually gets implemented one day and it's not just filing the patent just incase. Then I like the sound of it (in single player games).

I've often wished games had a "highlights mode" where instead of an easy mode (which is all story mode is), you are instead given the normal difficulty, but the main story beats of a level, a smaller map, cut out the padding.

If this can't be done, then when I get bored of a level or mechanic, but not the game, I just want to get through it to the next stage/cut scene. Then sure, let me turn auto play on and tell it to switch off and pause for taking back control at the next cutscene/story progression.

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As an accessibility feature I could see someone with motor acuity conditions needing help getting past a certain boss which needs a very specific tactic.

Anyone else using it probably should just have not spent money on the game if they didn’t want to play it lol.

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This is something that a lot of people don't consider - accessibility - everyone should be able to experience games no matter there physical/mental abilities or skill level.

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It's definitely how it is marketed. As an accessibility option I have no qualms but if it's because players don't want to engage with difficult sections of the game or explore the mechanics of the game, I sorta think its a disservice to the artistry of videogames. Sort of like listening to music in mono rather than stereo, or watching a movie that had a poor dubbed translation (I'm not knocking modern translations now that its more established) - there is an element that is lost if you just don't play the game.

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Agreed, I mean if its boring and you need the ai to help you skip the 'boring parts' why even put it in or why play the game. I think grinding should be part of the fun, making the experience fun rather than repeative and that is what game designers should focus on.

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It's an accessibility feature first and foremost, so it's a great idea. And for those who don't have diminished motor skills but still want to use it... More power to them. More often than not, this will be in single-player games, so I don't see the issue. It feels a bit like gatekeeping if we curate how others play or cast judgement. If someone wants to spend money on a game they won't actually play much of, it's their money to use how they want.

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Video games have taught me problem solving, improved fine reflexes and patience. If I skipped every difficult part of a game I would not have learned those skills so young and would not feels anywhere near as accomplished when finishing a game for a tough part of one.

I dont understand why games are being made easier (not the same as accessible). Even the pokemon remakes have been significantly easier.

This is from somone that can not play dark souls btw.

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It's not exactly what this discussion is about, but I'm a big fan of tool-assisted speedruns.

I know these ones are manually tuned, but when I was a lecturer some of my students used computer vision to tune their AI models.

I'd love to see an esports tournament based on developing the best AI models 😄


I kind of get this for games which are ongoing when you are away from the screen, like maybe your army keeps farming resources or something like that, but when you are there in-front of the screen actively playing i dont really get it.


If I have to watch a computer play a game, I can as well go watch a film or a book. Just like with streamers streaming games.

Aside from the fact that, as others had pointed out, it does feel like they created a problem (or are working on creating it) and are also giving you the solution, for a price, of course.

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Its funny that you mention that they created a problem and then attached a price for a solution as I don't think I've seen any news/ disruption over games being needlessly difficult. There are games that are difficult by design i.e. Cuphead and Souls-like games which fans have decried journalists for not having the chops to beat but I've never seen (in recent memory) games being too difficult that have required a patch to lower the difficulty based on feedback after release.


Look, they wouldn't spend the money to patent something, with all the effort it requires to patent something, if they didn't plan to get all those money back and some more while the patent last.

Thus, if they are creating a solution, they will also Create the problem to be solved by said solution. And, given we live in the capitalistic world, no solution is give out for free.

Then, it won't be something for older games, it will be something for newer and upcoming games. It also doesn't necessarily have to be something related to difficulty, but it could be also related to grinding, randomness.

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Games should be played by players, not AI, period mate, there is no argument here, no need for discussion, if you use AI to play a game, you are not gaming, you are staring at a screen going "yeh go go go" so, what would be the point of this? It's utterly pointless, we buy games to play for the enjoyment no?

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it’s more for accessibility and if you want to enjoy the story of the game with some interactivity.

and it’s not so much you can just let the AI take over the whole thing but so it can get passed difficult sections or areas that need you to grind like NMH for money til the next assassination mission (I imagine as an example)


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