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I awaken in a vast meadow, surrounded by flowers, animals and trees. I get the feeling I have been here before many times, yet I have never before set foot on these lands. I know somehow, I must build shelter before nightfall, as I have heard tales of unholy creatures stalking the land during the dead of night, creatures I am ill-equipped to fight.

I know I will need many resources to build shelter, yet with so little time to find a suitable location. I know my day will be long and arduous. Undaunted by the task before me, I set forth to collect resources. I felled so many trees the once lush forest, now looks decidedly bare. I’m sure the animals must hate me so.

The sun is now above me in the sky, I know it must be near noon. I stop to eat some of the berries I have gathered, but strange images flash through my mind, patterns, such strange patterns. At first they make no sense, but then something seems to click. Before long, I have a new set of tools. Tools which will make my life easier. I still have yet to find a suitable place to build, daylight will soon disappear.

Despite knowing my time is precious, I spend the remainder of the day wandering around quite aimlessly. Walking and walking for what seems like an eternity, collecting any resources that may be of use later. I have no destination, yet I feel I will know it when I see it.

The light is starting to fade, and still I have nowhere to call home. But off in the distance, I see it. A clearing with wild sheep grazing, a lake nearby to the West, a large forest to the East..yes, this will do for now. By the time I arrive, darkness has already fallen. I can feel the hairs on the back of my neck starting to rise and tingle. I hear a distant moan, I want to run yet my feet seem stuck to the ground. I hear the moan again, the unmistakable moan of the undead.

I remember a tale my father used to tell me about the far away lands “even in the darkest of nights, the light will guide you and protect you from the touch of the undead.” I have little to loose as I have no weapons with which to defend myself. More strange patterns and images flash through my mind, now I know what to do. In the distance, I see a shadow and hear the moan once again, but now a stench fills the air. The stench of rotting flesh, it makes my skin crawl and the very pit of my stomach churn. More images flash through my mind, I know what to do.

Now I have a weapon with which to defend myself, it is not much but it will have to do. Cautiously I venture towards the undead abomination, my heart racing. It seems to react to the light from my torch. My father’s tales weren’t just stories afterall I swing my sword once..twice, three times before it is finally vanquished, back to wherever it came from. Yet nearby, I hear the an odd rattle. I look up to see the outline of two skeletons.

This land which seemed so peaceful by day, had now become the fuel of nightmares. A nightmare I was now living in. I knew I would have to slay these beasts before I could build my shelter. I charged forward with a scream that would surely scare Odin himself, I swung my sword repeatedly, furiously until finally the skeletons lay scattered across the ground.

I picked up their meager offerings and went back to the clearing, where I knew it was relatively safe. I laid out a copious amount of torches around the area I intended to build, I wasn’t taking any chances. Darkness would not claim my shelter. What felt like hours past, but finally I had shelter, it was not much as there was barely room to turn around. I felt like a sardine but I knew I could expand on it tomorrow, but before even thinking about sleep I made sure inside was as well lit as outside. Finally, mercifully I was able to close my eyes, the horrors of my adventure still fresh in my mind as I drifted off to sleep, wondering if coming here was a mistake.

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I actually can't play minecraft because I have motion sickness. But I remember some moments playing minecraft with my friends especially the first time I played it.

One day my friend keep begging me for playing minecraft, so I was finally willing to play minecraft for the first time. The first thing that my friend do after we created a server is gave me an axe and pickaxe and told me to cut down a tree and pick up some rocks to make a small house, at first I was confused because we spawned in a swamp forest area which I thought was almost impossible to survive (who would build a house in a swamp?). So i started chopping down the trees around the hill, collecting as much wood as I could. I also mined some stones.

but when it was late at night my friend hadn't come home yet, I was a little worried because this was my first experience playing minecraft, I was chased and shot by a skeleton carrying an arrow, I remember I only had 3 lives left before dying (even though this was creative mode, I was still scared because I had just tried it lol).

It turned out that my friend was afk and didn't answer the message I sent, it was getting late and I was forced to make a "home" by digging the ground on the hill, a classic thing that turned out to be done by several people including me.

at night Those Minecraft night noises, man fr. I heard some zombie sounds and the screams of a phantom (idk its called but its scary af lmao). At some point, I swear I heard a creeper hiss right outside my "home" lmaoo. also like DUDE, I AM ALONE WITHOUT KNOWING ANY MINECRAFT SKILL / KNOWLEDGE lol

Now, gotta work on my building skills… and maybe i think i'm gonna play some music so loud to just not hear those monster, especially the phantom (its so eerie af). But i think something just clicked on my mind? like Even with the near heart attack because the creeper are so close, like i dont wanna got blowup fr but there's this weird sense of proud? Like, I braved the night, the creepers, the existential dread of being a total noob in minecraft, i mean i can be like a total BEAST if playing competitive fps like CSGO back in the days

so yeah anyway, i finally waited for an hour before deciding to leave the "house" and when I came out my friend surprised me by standing in front of the "door" I made, and he laughed while mocking me because I was so scared. I was a kinda annoyed but I laughed too.

In the end i was playing more like couple days and my motion sickness got more worse, it was SUPER fun especially playing with friends, but yeah i can't play minecraft anymore since i have this thing (the motion sickness) :(

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"The first night in minecraft was the first thing that traumatized me. As the sun set below the cloud-covered horizon, I was in the middle of a newly formed world, with only trees around me.

It had been a productive day, I had collected wood from birch trees, mined coal from surface deposits and even found a few apples to stave off hunger. But with the arrival of night, the real challenge began. The first task I undertook was to build a shelter, a refuge from the creatures that roamed the darkness. With quick movements, I cut down more trees. The logs piled up and soon I had enough wood to make a simple house.

As I laid the last of the beams, the sounds of the night began to plague my home. The moans of zombies, the crunching bones of skeletons and some creeper noises. The night came, my heart pounding as the safe daylight seemed like a distant memory.

Inside the simple house I made a door to protect from the dangers outside. I began to peer through the small window left in the wall, watching the moon's journey across the sky. The night seemed longer than the day which made me want to pass the night quickly.

To pass the time I dug into the ground underfoot, making a makeshift mine. The sound of skeleton bones clashing with stone was a reminder that made me think that the night was still long and scary as I continued digging and found many dangerous threats such as zombies and skeletons.

I thought about sleeping and passing the night, but I didn't find any sheep to make a bed, I was afraid that not sleeping would bring a very hard-to-beat phantom that would follow me if I didn't sleep.

The night continued I was still mining and making furnaces to burn iron ore. an unwanted event arrived, there was a creeaper walking near me and preparing to explode, but fortunately I still survived the incident.

Even though I survived the incident, almost all of my belongings were lost to the creeper explosion which made me restart mining. From then on I started to be careful about mining and added a lot of lighting around my stuff.

When I came out of the mine, I realized that the night was getting late The stars began to dim and a glimmer of light peeked in the window of the house. I had made it through the first night. But this was only the beginning. The world of Minecraft is full of mysteries to uncover, lands to explore and dangers to overcome.

As day broke I stepped out of my shelter ready to face the new day. All the monsters were burnt out by the sunlight and allwas quiet once again.

And so, with a new day came new challenges, but the first night will always be remembered as the night I conquered my fears and took my first steps into the unknown world of Minecraft."

that's all the story from me about the first night playing Minecraft, hopefully you like this story of my experience

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Based on true events.

January, 2012.

My roommate, an avid geologist, told me of a place he had visited—a place of beauty and endless possibilities. “A creative sandbox,” he’d said. He told me soon access would be granted to more people than ever before and that I should go there.

A creative sandbox. More like a horror jungle gym.

May, 2012.

I purchased my ticket to this place and took my seat. I don’t know what happened, nor why it did, but immediately after, my vision flashed greenish white and I lost time; I don’t know how much.

I awoke on a beach under a bright sun, peaceful music seemingly coming from all directions and filling my ears. All I’d known of this place was its beauty which, to be fair, could not be denied.

I didn’t know what to do, where to go, so I didn’t go anywhere. I stayed on the beach, filling my pockets with sand and making it into odd little blocks. There were trees and, had I known what I do now, I would have gone and punched the stuffing out of them. But, I was unprepared and had no survival training.

The sun waned and disappeared entirely. It was so dark, I couldn’t imagine how anyone would be able to get anything done under such conditions. The mountains and forests seemed even darker than the beach, so I simply played with my sand cubes.

Then, I heard it.

Tsst. Tsst.

I raised an eyebrow. “What was th--HOLY $#!7” I exclaimed.

Coming down the beach at me was a giant spider with glowing red eyes, making a horrid hiss as it approached. I cursed quite a few more times as I ran, wet sand cubes flopping around in my pockets, wondering if my roommate had a pact with a spider god and had sent me here as tribute.

Tarantu-zilla gave chase without relent and I realized running would not be enough. I quickly dug into my pockets and began throwing sand cubes around the beach, kiting the spider frantically as shelter walls began to take form.

I managed to create four walls with me between them, then I set to place the ceiling… but the sand didn’t stick. Cube after cube of sand fell directly into my face as I cursed in a high-pitched tenor. Then, something else fell into my face--the spider.

I squealed in a tone only dogs could hear and punched my way out of the world’s scariest sand castle, running a few meters and then digging straight down in the hope that I would be safe in a hole which was merely the width of my torso.

The good news was, I was right; the spider couldn’t fit. The bad news? I was now trapped like a dad whose kids buried him in sand when he took a nap on the beach. The spider settled at the opening, hissing and wriggling periodically as I stared directly up at its underbelly.

I don’t know how long I stayed there, time seemed to work differently in this strange place. Eventually the sun did rise, giving me an even more clear view of the creature at the top of my vertical sand coffin. I couldn’t stay there forever, I knew that, so I dug sideways. But, I had forgotten the only thing which I learned through the night--sand doesn’t stay up when nothing is under it.

In an avalanche of sand and spider legs, I died on that beach, though I had indeed survived my first night… technically.

Also, just for fun, the audiobook version lol

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one day. I lost all my memories. I don't know why I'm in a large forest. the first thing I thought about was looking for a village. but after searching for 2 hours. I still can't find it. to survive I tried to cut down trees. from 1 tree I got 4 pieces of log. I somehow have a memory of how to make things. I also made wooden plank using my skills and produced 4 pieces from 1 pieces of log. from all the plank i made. from all the planks I made. I created a crafting table. now I have 12 planks. I made a stick using 4 planks and produced 8 sticks.

then I made a wooden pickaxe using 2 sticks and 3 planks. I started digging two blocks of land. of course not by dig down then i start mining a stone using wooden pickaxe. after gaining 16 cobblestones. I returned to the place where I put the crafting table. I started making a stone pickaxe which requires 2 sticks and 3 cobblestones. because I lack sticks. I made 8 more sticks. then I made a stone sword and a stone axe which cost a total 3 sticks and 5 cobblestones.

because I'm starting to get hungry. I started hunting for nearby animals. Luckily I saw 3 sheep eating. I attacked the three sheep using my stone sword and got 3 sheep meat and 5 white wool.

well. when I did all this. I felt like I had mastered all these things and felt a familiar feeling

after that I made a furnace using a crafting table by combining 8 cobblestones. and placed the furnace beside crafting table. i also made 4 more planks then i created a bed using 3 wool and 3 planks. so i could sleep comfortably.

I started roasting lamb using a stove and using 2 logs as fuel. Actually, there is a more efficient way, namely using coal as a fire source. but I haven't found it at all.

after eating 2 roast lamb chops I felt full. I started taking the crafting table using a stone axe and taking the furnace using a wooden pickaxe to save on using a stone pickaxe.

then I started walking back looking for a village.

I didn't realize it was getting dark. I started hearing terrible sounds. and suddenly a zombie attacked me from behind. and a skeleton holding a crossbow tried to kill me. I avoided the arrow. The arrow hit the zombie. the zombie and the skeleton fight each other and the skeleton wins. I immediately killed the skeleton using a stone sword. I got an arrow with low durability and a bone from a skeleton and rotten flesh from a zombie. I also found a strange green and black monster. Somehow I know that the name of the monster is called creeper. The monster will explode if approached. So I tried to stay away from the monster. unfortunately. I keep finding similar monsters everywhere. I ran looking for a safe place. While running I also found a tall, black monster with purple eyes that liked to take blocks. yes it is an enderman. an entity that can teleport and is afraid of water. because I kept running I became hungry quickly. because I was so hungry, I couldn't run fast

because I was afraid I dug 4 blocks down with a size of 4 by 4 blocks and placed the bed. I tried to sleep but couldn't because of the disturbing sound of monsters. and surprisingly, when I looked up there were 2 zombies ready to attack me. I fight using my stone sword. it was a tiring fight and I felt like my stone sword was only half durable. then i start sleeping and hope this night is end quickly so i can continue my journey to find a village.


as i awaken into a new world of chaos i start heading to prepare for the depths of the night time where monsters crawl up your skin and give you shivers so I immediately start rushing to get grimy dirt from the floor to start building a hut in the woods to keep me away from what's to come the ghastly creatures will make your skin crawl give you goosebumps and send shivers up your spin as the reek terror and Havok into your world and give you nightmares for the rest of your life i head to make the dirty, grimy, horrid hut into the woods and make it block by block under the tree to the west of the desert I make sure to block the entrance of the hut off to the wild beasts that await in the night as the moon rises and the sun diminishes from the world the glow of the moon kept the woods alight i could hear the treacherous creatures ganging up outside i stood still in silence hoping the creatures couldn't hear the noises i made from spinning around soon enough i heard massive shriek's in the woods and heard the mobs squealing in pain from the burning sun setting them alight and i waited until the shrieks of terror vanished now they spawned they wont stop...

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With blurry eyes, steeve a young man awakens to the bright cubed sun and the hard soil beneath him. With unsteady legs he rises, the wind gently blowing the grass and the flowers bending their stems. In the light of day all seems peaceful, the soft "baaa" of sheep and the cluck of chickens bring a steady calm to the man, before his stomach rumbles commanding sustenance but with nothing to eat he knows he must venture further. He punches trees collecting the wood and using it to create tools, a shovel, an axe, pickaxe and a sword (though he doesn't understand what use it may have yet) eventually in a moment of luck an apple drops from the tree he just cut with his new axe, elatedly he consumes it with haste and although he still desires more it is enough to tide him over. He wanders further collecting dirt and other materials, hoping they will be of use, he wanders through caves and caverns, not noticing the slow setting of the sun, he yawns, all of the walking and exploration catching up to him as his footsteps waiver, deciding he needs somewhere to settle down for the night he finds a shallow cave, he gets to work placing down his crafting table, and with his remaining wood making a chest so he may unburden himself of his load. Finally, as the sun dips below the horizon he makes a bed and pushes it to the back wall ready for rest, the opening of the cave staring back at him, he lies down and as his eyes begin to droop shut and the dark of slumber begins to invade. Without warning his eyes shoot open, his head whips to and fro, frantic with alarm, when a deep groan emanates from the dark, along with the scuttling of many small legs, Steeve speeds towards his chest where he mistakenly abandoned his sword, tripping and nearly tumbling over in haste, when he is forcefully hit backwards, he groans out in pain blindly swinging his sword hitting the creature back and back, until it's forced from his cave, Steeve franticly throws block on block of random materials to close the cave entrance creating a mirage of stone wood and dirt. He sighs believing he is safe when eight dark thin and hairy legs pry the fat-bodied spider through the one-block square he'd failed to fill. Glowing red eyes stare at him with contempt, unluckily for it Steeve, fuelled by exhaustion, fear and frustration, hurls himself forward slicing in quick blows, blood spills both his and the spiders, when finally it falls dusting up into nothing but a spool of string, Steeves's chest heaves with laboured breath, as his wooden sword crumbles, braking, without hesitation he fills the hole, falling haphazardly into his bed once again, as he drifts off to sleep he swears to himself that he will become stronger, so strong that he will never have to feel fear like that again.


Minecraft A Survival Tale

chapter 1: The Unwelcome Arrival

RECORD SCRATCH —yeah, that’s me—spawned into this strange world. I bet your wondering How did get here. I'm still wondering that myself. as i looked up The sun was doing a dramatic descent, way faster than the normal sunset.

What’s with all these cubes? What is this, lego?

As i looked round i saw green as far is i could see and grey blocky mountains on the horizon.

Oh goodness my body. im an actual block... MY knee joints how am i running without knees.

But i do feel good. I feel strong


No one answered. Just the eerie hum of the wind. Or maybe it was just my stomach growling. Hard to tell.

Alright, Steve, chin up. You’re a survivor. Let’s figure this out.

Chapter 2 Nightfall, The Great Panic

As the darkness crept in, I realized I needed shelter and i needed it fast. Im just trying to avoid becoming somethings dinner.

Right, then. Let me channel my inner ray mears. Though he definitely didn't survive off of just berries. First things first I best punch a tree.

So I punched a tree. Splinters flew, But hey, it worked. I had wood. (Not the kind you’re thinking)

Now, let’s craft something. A wooden pickaxe? Sure, why not? I’ve got wood to spare. After what seemed like an instant I had my pickaxe. I dug a hole in the ground, my makeshift burrow. It was about as cozy as a damp sock. But hey, it was home. This is really easy work, what on earth is going on.

I climber down into my dirty burrow. i felt a sense of warmth and security.

in the dead of the night there came with a green surprise outside my burrow. what’s with these green things? Creeping around my private domicile.

Before i could do anything one exploded right in my face. I survived, but my dignity took a hit. I patched up my dirt hut and huddled inside, square tears rolling down my face..

Chapter 3 Dawn: The Breakfast

Morning came, and I peeked out of my dirt window. The sun rose, indifferent to my plight. I surveyed my humble abode, a big dirty box

Alright, priorities. Food. I need sustenance. What’s on the menu? Grass? Flowers? Oh, look, a pig!”

I chased that pig like it owed me rent. Caught it, too. But then I hesitated. Could I really butcher this? It looked up at me with loving eyes and a sense off the fate that was about to befall it.

Sorry, mate. It’s survival. in one cruel swipe i immediately transformed him into a pork chop. Oh not so bad after all.

After building a fire i sat an cooked the chop to a burnt colour and enjoyed the fruits of my labour.

Chapter 4 Reflection

Something felt different, there was a pull upwards. i started to float at first i graspd towards the ground but then i felt a sense of calm.

I can feel myself leaving this world. I hope i don't forget what happened here. My first night in this strange world where i mined and crafted and ate. No fanfare, no heroics. Just survival.

My body lifted upward and pixels flew from me then darkness.

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Enter the Minecraft realm - Minekarate? Y/N

The prompt blinked on the display at the virtual karate dojo.

"Are you sure of this Jack?", asked my sensei, Russell.

"I need this edge sensei!", I replied. "The tournament is next week and I feel that I'm not as strong as some of my peers. I need to improve my striking power. This will do it!"

"Very well Jack, just remember to build your bed straight away. You do not want to face the monsters of the night."

"I will heed your words sensei".

I bowed and my sensei returned the bow.

"Best of luck Jack!"

"Thank you."

I turned and regarded the prompt on the screen.

"Here I go", I murmered, as I mentally selected the Y.

Suddenly a white dot appeared in the centre of my vision, as my body froze in place. The dot stretched into a line as tall as me, then across to form a large rectangle. With a lurching sensation I was pulled through the glowing rectangle and appeared in a meadow. A blocky Minecraft meadow!

I appeared about a foot above ground, and I stumbled as I landed. I dropped down to my hands and knees as I was feeling a sense of vertigo, my senses out of whack.

I took a moment to sit up in the seiza sitting position as I observed the world around me. It certainly was blocky. The grassy field was flat, but with contours around the landscape that were about 3 feet high. Looking down at myself I noticed my karate gi had been transformed into a blocky white outfit with a brown belt. I was blocky too.

So weird, I shook my head.

This is when I noticed a wooden sign not far from where I emerged from the portal. Curious, I approached to read it.

Welcome to the Minecraft realm - Minekarate. This realm follows most of the normal Minecraft rules, however you may not use crafted tools for chopping down trees or for combat.

I nodded. I was aware of these rules before coming, but I appreciated having it confirmed.

I had practiced snapping wooden boards in half with my punches, but now I was here in Minecraft I was going to try punching trees instead. I also had a personal goal of finding a creeper and punching it to death before it could explode. This was gonna be so fun!

I looked around me, but there wasn't much nearby except for some red flowers and a cow.

I'd heard cows dropped meat that I could cook. So I punched the cow. It flashed red, mooed in pain and I saw tears in its eyes as it ran away from me.

"Shit". What the hell! I felt terrible. That poor cow hadn't done anything to me, so I felt like a bit of an asshole. I didn't chase it. Maybe I'd go fishing or find apples instead.

This meadow was pretty large, though in the distance to the north I saw a snowy forest, to the west I saw a desert and to the south there was a river and beyond it a steep mountainous area. To the east though, I saw a jungle and I smiled.

Plenty of trees to punch in a jungle after all. So I started jogging and arrived soon after. The trees were massive! Plus there was a lot of vegetation on the jungle floor. For a moment I thought I saw an ocelot, but whatever it was it disappeared into the shadows, hidden by the bushes.

Looking around at all these trees, I shrugged, approached the closest one and assumed the short fighting stance. Clenching my fist and taking a deep breath, I focused my attention on a single block of the tree and launched my fist.


My hand hurts, but luckily it wasn't my bones that had cracked. I had made my mark on the tree, but a moment later the mark disappeared.

Confused I punched the tree a second time, the crack came back, but a moment later it disappeared again!

I punched twice in a row and the crack reappeared and widened. Again the crack disappeared.

I had to keep on hitting. Otherwise the damage would regenerate. Squaring up with the tree, I started punching with both fists.

Crack. Crack. Crack. Crack. Crack. Crack. Crunch.

The wooden block popped out and shrunk into a small block. I picked it up and marvelled at the piece of jungle wood.

"So cool".

I wondered to myself, how do I put this in my inventory, and with that thought my inventory screen appeared and the wooden block disappeared inside to take up a slot.

"Ok that was fun. But I'm gonna need a lot more to build a house!"

So I got back to it and started punching away the jungle tree. I discovered after knocking away the trunk that the rest of the tree hovered over my head.

"Video game logic", I muttered to myself.

I discovered I could punch out corkscrew sections of the jungle trees and climb up the inside of the trunk like a set of stairs.

I was enjoying myself and managed to collect a few stacks of jungle wood, when I noticed it was late afternoon.

My spoils also included a few apples from the jungle canopy. Which was good as I was getting pretty hungry, so I ate the 3 I had in less than 10 seconds.

A new record for me. Ha!

With my belly full, I felt a bit sleepy and then I realised I needed to make a bed and before night too!

I remembered running past a few sheep back in the meadow biome, so I headed back that way.

When I found the sheep the sun was starting to set. I walked up to a couple of sheep I saw and was about to punch one, when I saw a little baby sheep. So cute!

I instantly felt awful. I was gonna kill it's mum and dad to get some wool for my bed. Was I a monster?

I couldn't kill that lambs mum and dad. I had to craft some shears first. But I didn't have iron.

Time was running out and the sun was setting.

I saw a hill to the south and it looked like there was a cave, so I ran that way. Maybe it would have iron.

With the sun setting I'd need shelter. When I arrived at the cave. I used some of my jungle wood to block off the entrance, leaving only a small gap for the dimming light.

I quickly slapped together a crafting table, and used it to split some sticks and make myself a wooden pickaxe.

That's when I heard the first spawns. I heard a clacking sound and some groaning. The gap in the wall suddenly darkened and a zombie arm poked through.

Crap, I thought to myself. But then I shrugged. I'd be safe. My wall was pretty sturdy. But then the zombie moved aside and a skeleton took it's place. Before I knew it, the evil mob lifted it's bow, aimed an arrow through the gap and shot me!

Ow! I saw 2 hearts of my health disappear. Then the bony bastard shot me again. I lost 2 more hearts. It was then I realized I better run away. I quickly dived towards the wall away from the hole. So I'd be out of the firing angle.

I used another piece of jungle wood to block the hole. There was no light now and the mobs outside had no way of getting in.

It was then I noticed that my health hadn't regenerated and I was hungry.

How was I going to survive the night?

I couldn't risk going outside. So I decided to explore the cave.

First I equipped my wooden pickaxe and mined 8 stone blocks , which I then crafted into a furnace. Using game logic again I placed a whole log and a block of wood in the furnace and made a stash of charcoal which I was then able to craft into a pile of torches.

I placed my first torch and instantly the gloom of the cave was pushed back. I breathed out, not realizing I had been holding my breath for a while now as I had been working anxiously in the dark.

Equipping my pickaxe I crept down the winding passage of this cave. I needed food. But I also needed to place torches around each corner to avoid monsters spawning in my cave.

As I placed my latest torch I noticed a pinkish tinge to the stone blocks at the next turn to my cave. Iron blocks!

Excited I ran up and started mining the wall. It was loud work and the progress was frustratingly slow! What was going on?

A loud groan came from nearby, then several more groans in quick succession. My mining had attracted a pack of zombies - crap!

I backed away and saw about 10 ugly green zombies. They lurched towards me and I just knew I couldn't take on so many zombies at once!

A plan came to mind.

I dashed back a few turns down the cave tunnel and quickly set up a wall using jungle wood, leaving an opening for one zombie to come through at a time.

I waited on the other side of the gap and observed the zombies stumble around the corner. A collective groan sounded when the zombie pack saw me. They shuffled towards me and as I predicted they got in each other's way at the opening of my wall.

One managed to get through. But I was unafraid, waiting for it in long fighting stance. Timing it correctly I surged forward with 3 fast punches and a kick to it's head. It was disgustingly effective. Each punch squirted rotten body fluids everywhere and my kick took off it's head. It was a stinky mess, but I still had 9 more to go.

Five minutes later, I was exhausted and stinking. There was gore everywhere. Yuck!

I had used up so much energy, my hunger bar was flashing, though I hadn't lost any more health to the zombies. I was only one step away from black belt anyway, so I knew how to look after myself.

Reviewing the events that led up to this I face palmed when I remembered that my wooden pickaxe wouldn't work on iron ore blocks. I'd need a stone pickaxe!

I quickly reassembled my crafting table, mined a bit of stone and then crafted my stone pickaxe. I was now ready!

I returned to the corner with the iron ore. Set up some extra torches to illuminate the area and then got to business mining the iron ore with my stone pickaxe this time. Much more effective!

It was quite a large vein so I got plenty of iron. There was also a vein of coal next to the iron that I collected too.

Gathering everything I jogged back to my furnace to convert my iron ore into new iron.

I crafted a set of iron armor and some shears for gathering wool tomorrow. I also made an iron pickaxe because I could.

With low health, a hunger bar nearly depleted and a few hours left of night I considered my options.

I could go delve the cave and hope for a treasure chest with bread, or go outside and search for food.

I decided to try my luck outside. Crafting a few more torches first. I then punched down the wall I had made over the cave entrance and emerged into the night.

Placing torches periodically, I retraced my path to the jungle.

Along the way I clobbered a few zombies, rushed a skeleton archer and played tag with an enderman that kept teleporting with each hit. My karate was getting awesome!

When I arrived at the jungle I had no time to waste. I placed blocks beneath me, jumping each time, to make a tower of block to lift me into the jungle canopy. I started smashing through the leaves and got lucky with an apple. I quickly scarfed it down and then found a few more apples. Each one filled my hunger meter till finally my health regenerated.

It was then the sun rose and I knew I had survived my first night.

I then climbed back down to the forest floor. With the sun up I knew that the farm animals in the meadow would respawn.

I walked in and soon spotted some sheep. Smiling I equipped my shears and said "Thank you sheep. You are going to help me make a bed!"

The End.

Stella's avatar

I awoke to sand. Endless sand. The day was hot - all I could see for miles was sand and more sand. Finally, I reached an oasis. Was this my ticket to a better life? All I needed was a tree to punch and then I would be set with the equipment needed to get away from this desert and start fresh. Starving, I crawled to the distant patch of green cuboids. Leaves! With the last reserves of my energy I punched the tree down.

In all of this the sun had been passing overhead and was beginning to set. The threat of zombies, skeletons and spiders awaited me. I was able to retrieve two apples from the tree. I ate them swiftly and dug down into the grass. I would have to hole up here for the night and then make my escape the next morning.

From my dark hole I could hear the sounds of monsters overhead. It was going to be a long night.

Hours later, the sounds of monsters terrorising desert bunnies and camels alike subsiding to the sound of fire and burning. Hellish really, but I knew this was a sign I could crawl out of this pit I had created for myself. I dug back up. The sun was out and the zombies were breathing their last, half-dead breathes. I had survived the first night - now all I had to do what find my way away from this eternal sand.

OR: the terror of spawning in a massive desert biome

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My first Minecraft night huh, nothing remarkable about it as I remember, this one is from a private server with my friends. Well I start the beginning of a new world the same, as everyone should, gathering logs from the forest to create a few wooden tools, break some stones to upgrade it, then just gather some food for the day, could be berries if there are some, wheat would be nice after breaking some haybales should I found in a village, or just slaughter the surrounding animals.

So I got my food situation sorted out, got some tools, I decided to go mining, build a house. I made a house, which usually I build it underground, but well what do you know, a ravine was there. I jumped down, found some iron and coal, then get killed by a skeleton. Then rinse and repeat since there is no keep inventory. Once I got my stuff back I continue my journey downwards and found a good cave. Zombies and skeletons were there, so were creepers. Since I don’t have my volumes up, those creepers managed to got behind me and exploded on me, so I died, again, no surprises.

So I got my stuff back, but not after dying a few times more whether by dying from fall damage or just more zombies and skeletons trying to kill me. I continued my mining, then found some diamonds after a very long time. Once I decided to go back up, it’s already past noon. So I then wanted to build my starting house. I’m not in any way a good builder, and most importantly lazy at times when building, so I usually either just build a small box of wood and just expand it outwards or find a cliffside and build a box then mine the side of the cliff to create a base for me. As always for my bases, which I don’t know why I always try to build underground, or at least some part of it is underground. My base this time was built inside of a ravine, a different one compared to the one I died many of times in.

Since I never made a proper base at times and just plant some wood and bricks at a cliffside, I don’t spend too much time at my base like my friends’. Once I built it, I just continued my mining again, this time I was just strip mining, found nothing, not even a cave, and almost dying to lava. Continued again after destroying and remaking a few stone picks. I gave up after a few tries of not finding anything. After everything that’s has happened, I went back to my base inside the ravine, dig out a few small holes on a few of the side, and made a farm inside of the ravine. When I went topside, I found out its night time, and my friends were calling to sleep, so I did just that, or maybe I just disconnected from the server.

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Write a story about the first good night in Minecraft?

hmmmmm, maybe I want to tell you about the first time I played Minecraft solo, because usually I play with the help of friends on the server.

Coincidentally, my friends started not actively playing Minecraft anymore because they were busy with real life matters, and decided to turn off the Minecraft server.

At that time I looked for and tried several custom seeds on the internet, both Google & YouTube, because I really wanted the Minecraft world that I was playing this time to be a place to relax when off stream.

I also found a good Minecraft seed world where the place has an island in the middle of a lake, a very good place to make a base there. I plan to make a castle there.

To get to that place I traveled quite a long way, I took a fairly long land route but it turned out I also had to cross a wide ocean. Luckily I had time to cut down several trees at the place where I first spawned so I could make a boat directly to cross the ocean. this vast area.

Luckily it didn't take long to find land and when I arrived on land it was already afternoon, I continued my journey, even during the journey I was forced to AFK on the ground because I didn't have a mattress and I only brought supplies in the form of wood to make weapons. and equipment.

and I also have a little food, namely 5 apples that I found when cutting down the tree at the initial spawn point in this game.

I had time to make several tools, such as an axe, sword, picaxe but all of them were only made of WOOD!!

Since I don't have enough experience to defeat all the monsters in the night, after a few minutes I feel like I've been here for a long time and look out and still haven't.

a creeper fell into the hole where I was hiding and made me return to the starting place, when I got there it was still night, I tried my best to pick up some logs while being approached by a group of skeleton arrows, zombies, spiders when I picked up the logs.

Sometimes I have to dodge shots from skeleton archers because they can shoot from a distance too.

When I had gotten enough logs, I got the idea to make a tall tower to keep me safe. Due to building a house, I definitely wouldn't have enough time considering that the skeletons can shoot from a long distance.

I immediately made a tower 25 blocks high after looking for a place that was somewhat safe from the reach of the monsters, especially the bones. I managed to build the tower and widen the floor a bit so it wouldn't fall and I survived there, fortunately at that time there were no flying animal monsters so I could survive there until the sun came to burn all the monsters.

EveOnlineTutorials's avatar

In this version, Steve is a world jumper, he is immortal and sometimes, on the worlds he helps save, things do not go well, so Steve is now banished to a parallel world for false crimes he is accused of...

Banished to another world, the price of power, Steve opened his eyes slowly, his head throbbing in pain, sitting up and looking around, a vast grassland, flowers and trees here and there, he staggers to his feet, it's time to get to work.

As he stands up he notices a strange group of blocks a little distance away, nether materials, stone, magma blocks and a chest, he begins to stride towards it and feels faint, realising he is dangerously dehydrated he walks towards the chest, arriving at the chest he opens it, inside his finds an apple with a golden tint to it, he knows he should be wary but by this point his hunger and thirst are too much, he bites into and immediately begins to feel better, sitting down he slowly devours his apple, once he is satiated, he looks back in the chest and spots a sword and shovel, both with an Iron cast to them, slinging the shovel across his back, he picks up the sword and swings it a couple of times, good weight and balance, this will do he thought.

Turning around, the sun is getting low and he knows from previous worlds, that things are about to get ugly.

Sprinting towards a small copse of trees he smashes all of them to pieces and stacks the logs, quickly stripping down a log to create planks he builds a table he can work with, once he's there he then quickly creates a stack of planks and a makeshift door, very quickly he erects a basic shelter, fixes the door and steps inside.

He needs a bed, he knows this, but it's now dark out, he can hear the moans of the dead, the click of spiders and the sound of bones on bones, he has no armour yet, he cannot sleep, not yet, there is so much to do.

He makes a decision, gripping his sword tightly, he steps out and sprints at the first undead he see's, running at full speed he jumps, aims the point downwards and pins the zombie to the floor so hard, the sword sinks a foot into the ground, looking up he see's a spider coming at him fast, as the spider jumps, he pulls the sword from the ground, throws himself onto his back and aims the point upwards, impaling the spider.

Quickly gathering flesh and loot, he looks around, it's dark, but the moon is bright, he spies what he needs, he see's some sheep and cattle, blankets and food, quickly moving he is suddenly confronted by an animated skeleton holding a drawn bow towards him, immediately he ducks as the arrow flys harmlessly above his head, swinging his sword from left to right he decapitates the skeleton, dropping it into a mass of bones, quickly stowing these away he moves on.

Reaching the sheep and cows, he makes quick work of them, grabbing wool, skinning leather and meat, he stores those too. Turning around he see's more undead between him and his shelter.

Holding his sword in his left hand, he pulls a bone from his stores and holds it in his right hand, he then starts to run, towards the under he charges, he is like a crazed animal, time seems to slow down, he is the middle of a storm yeh time has slowed down, he is moving, the undead are dropping, he can see patterns, more spiders join the fray and he drops each and every one of them until only he is stood, panting, out of breath, covered in blood and gore, an arrow hizzes past his head, swinging around a skeleton is coming towards him firing arrows, he dodges and moves, hurling the bone at the skeletons head, it snaps backwards, he quickly beheads it.

Looking around he realises he is safe for the moment, gathering as much as he can, he staggers back to his shelter, quickly entering and securing the door, he drops the supplies on the floor, makes a blanket and bed, and drops into sleep...

As he sleeps he dreams, that dragons will fall, cities will be built, gold and diamonds will be had, and perhaps this world could be his home at last....

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As I finished a hard days work exploring and gathering resources the sun had began to set I knew that I would be in for a tough night ahead, I hadn't built a shelter yet so I would have fight for my life and as I stood there in the forest watching sun set I almost felt at peace, that peace didn't last long as the sun disappeared I had the rattle of bones behind me and as I turned around the first arrow went whizzing past my head, the second arrow hit me in the knee and all of a sudden my life was flashing before my eyes and I thought to myself is this the end, will my adventuring days be over. I snapped back to my senses and drew my sword charging at the 3 skeleton attackers their arrows missing as I dodged them until I plunged my sword into their bones ripping them apart and turning them to dust. I knew I couldn't stay here there would be more mobs coming soon and being in the forest was not the safest place to be with all of them the trees potentially hiding something behind them. I knew that if I could get to higher ground that I might stand a better chance against my would be attackers, As I began to sprint through the forest I started to hear more creatures of the night the groans of the zombies the rattling of the bones of skeletons and the god awful noises the spiders make, then I had finally reached the edge of the forest and what greeted me was open plains that was filled with these foul creatures it was then I spotted a cave entrance in the distance, after avoiding more skeletons I managed to sprint over and make it to the cave where I hoped that I could take shelter here from the hordes but as I quickly hurried inside the cave and blocked the entrance off behind me I turned around and placed some torches down and immediately regretted my choice after I saw that I was not alone in this cave it was filled with mobs at this point I know I had to fight I couldn't hold back anymore no Spider, Zombie, Skeleton or Creeper would stop me, I had to let it go. I grabbed the golden apple I had found in a chest in an abandoned village earlier that day and as I ate it I felt a surge of power flow through me so I rushed forward with my sword held high and began slaying every mob that would challenge me I felt like nothing could stop me I felt invincible. After sever hours had passed every mob was gone and I had illuminated the cave to stop anything else from spawning then I emerged from the cave battered and bruised a lone zombie stood in front of me, I stood there and watched as it caught on fire as the sun rose and perished before my eyes, I sat down next to a chicken I realised I had done it I had survived the night.


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