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Honestly, with how IGN has been behaving recently they have about as much credibility as a $30 RTX 4090 from Wish. Does anyone even bother with IGN reviews anymore? Only thing IGN seems to be good for is farming content from lmao

Honestly surprised they're expanding.


Rupert You promised everyone your thoughts after the buyout had been completed... Thoughts?

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At the moment I'm processing the announcement just like everybody else... I haven't really formulated my thoughts yet but it's very sad to see so many talented people have their roles made redundant straight away. It'll be interesting to see how things develop from here.

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Interesting, I watch alot of Eurogamer and Outside xbox/xtra content so I hope this doesn't have any negative consequences for them.

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Same here. I wonder if this played a part in Luke deciding to go solo, as well. He didn't SAY it did, but who knows.

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I was thinking that and Aoife leaving eurogamer. Although that was a while ago now.

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For sure. I hope Ian is doing alright. I’d tag him, but I don’t want to creep him out lol.

I know he’s made Platform 32 more of a priority as a back-up plan.

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I think it becomes a problem when tagging is constant, centred on one person, and that person either never responds or responds to say they're uncomfortable. That's when it might be crossing a social boundary.

The fact you're considering how it might be received is a good sign, and if he's unable or uncomfortable weighing in then he can simply let the notification slide on by 🙂

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I think Ian has set himself up well even before the acquisition.

Im just not sure my wallet can support it if they all went solo 😅

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Me three, stupidly it took me a really long time to realise that they were actually attached to gaming companies. I always thought that the channel themselves were owned by them and they were full time content creators on contract basis or something. It was until the point Ian mentioned Platform32 at one point that I realised everything. Sorry, I live under a rock -_- hahahaha

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Not a good time for anyone working there I am sure. Thoughts with them all, I'm sure many of us have been through similar situations over our careers so can relate with all the waiting to find out what impact it has on you personally and your close colleagues.


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