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Sadly NDA does not allow me to share anything from there, but emotions was quite similar to what i remember from may 2003 in Eve Online =)

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04, early pochven as well. :D

I mean, I'm legally obligated to say that I cannot confirm or deny that I agree with you 1000%.

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I think its just the grind in the beginning which make it so drilling. But jeah First wave here <3

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You peaked my interest.. I'll sign up

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Its not what I was expecting or hoping for, it's difficult to see what their vision is but I'm still willing to keep an open mind since it's so early. Really difficult to talk about without breaking the NDA though.

I'd very much like to keep my Eve accounts and not be sued 😂😂

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That's why you should register them to another email lol.

Alex Sinclair We need a closed JA group where we can discuss awakening stuff 😂

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I have Eve accounts tied to most of my emails 😂

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I recommend to use Email Random Aliases, for example, duck duck go provides this service for free.

It generates a random email, which is bound to your original inbox. Meaning, is for example hackers crack the service and get the database, they will get your proxy email, which is used only for this particular service.

You can read this article - Add Privacy and Security Using Email Aliases With Bitwarden | Bitwarden Blog

It works much better than 10min emails etc, because you actually own this alias and even after 10 years, you will still get an email, for example, "forgot password".


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