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All I can say is… WHY?!

Like Sony would ever remaster The Last of Us or God of War for XBox. Sure, they port some things to Steam, but not ACTUAL XBoxes lol


Totally agree, I feel the consoles should stick to launching on console and pc, not other competing console systems, exclusives sell consoles, just look at Nintendo, or even Netflix with their original shows etc

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Its not a good ign however xbox seem to be going down the route of streaming and publishing rather then producing consoles, kind of what Google tried to half arse with Stadia. Putting their games on other platforms may be xbox testing the waters to see how well it would do.


I know it’s a weird one, I fear Microsoft aren’t thinking this through or more so maybe Microsoft is in charge and not Xbox leadership anymore as it seems it’s all about selling gamepass and software devices versus Xbox consoles which are definitely getting deminished with exclusives disappearing


XBox is dead... But no-one seems to realize it yet.


I fear you may be right (in terms of the console anyways) as I really want Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation to be as strong as possible, innovating and competing against each other as that’s the best for gamers

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equips conspiracy tinfoil hat

The Microsoft-Activision acquisition saga has already highlighted Sony's vulnerability in terms of monopolistic practices, given their penchant for releasing many exclusive titles and limiting consumer choice. The EU regulators clearly don't support this approach.

So, perhaps Microsoft is gearing up for another major purchase and needs strong arguments to demonstrate their openness and overall benefits to the industry. They're showing such a commitment to openness that they're even releasing their headline games on Sony platforms.


What purchase do you think they would be after next? I hope that’s not the case as I wouldn’t say anything they have purchased yet has been a great success

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Diablo 4 in a gamepass is quite a blast.

Well, they have kinda warm relationship with Nvidia... i'm not talking about gaming, but AI. but merging MS and nvidia... woah =)


Yeah I’ve actually enjoyed trying Diablo 4 on gamepass!

Aww Jeezo I really hope they do not merge.


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