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Ooooh I’m a PlayStation girly myself! I did try an Xbox but it just wasn’t for me. I think if each console had a game that was exclusive to them then it would carry through the loyalty!

Neither does imho, Sony demonstrated this pretty well with their continued insistence on PSN requirements for single player games and Microsoft demonstrated this well by closing down studios that have made successful games they only just heralded as "needing more of" not to mention butchering character designs.

In terms of Value? I think Microsoft has that for now thanks to gamepass but I'm beginning to doubt how sustainable that actually is for a healthy industry.

Makes me really glad to be a PC gamer with access to so many great indie titles from developers who actually do want to please their players. Hope this isn't too negative or controversial an opinion to post on JA, I've no desire to offend anyone who might have a preferred platform but it is how I see things atm without some drastic changes in the industry.

I'd say Sony but I'd preface this with saying that I had bought a PS3 and PS4.

When Sony was hacked, they gave users that were affected a couple of free games. They had a free online play up to PS4. And they really geared they marketing really well in the latter half of the PS3 lifecycle with dropping the price, great exclusives, and know when they were beat with dropping the Playstation Move quietly unlike Microsoft who tried to make the Kinect a thing by bundling it with their next console Xbox ONE.

I think Microsoft was trying to make their console an all in one media box hence the ONE in Xbox ONE which sadly was trumped by the dawn of smart TVs. That being said, Xbox users did have a superior online service with Xbox Live and pioneered the indie scene and downloadable market.

This generation I'd say Xbox is coming out on top slightly. Their game pass is a success and heavily focussing on backwards compatibility has been well received. Sony does have the games but have lost a lot of good faith with the Helldivers sign up controversy and loss of exclusivity on their big titles.

They both care about their customers like cattle farmers care about cows. They may like them, but ultimately they are milked and slaughtered for money.

That metaphor sounds much darker then it was supposed to 😅

Let's look at some numbers, shall we?

Marketcap wise

Microsoft bought a single gaming company for 73b, which is nearly the same as Sony's market cap with all their TVs, phones, and movies.

but if we look just on 'gaming' departments (june 2024):
Sony ~30%, or 31.6b
Xbox 10-15%, or from 318b to 477 billion.

Corp culture wise

Microsoft vs Sony | Comparably
I used some values in the model, but you can read the whole thing by urself.


PlayStation is a critical component of Sony’s business, accounting for approximately 30% of its total market cap. This significant contribution suggests that Sony is highly dependent on its gaming division for revenue and profit.

Given this dependency, Sony is likely to prioritize the PlayStation brand, invest heavily in exclusive games, innovative hardware, and maintaining a strong player base. This focus is evident in their strategy of acquiring game studios and securing exclusive game titles to attract and retain gamers. This leads us to... Player Focus:

  • The high dependency means Sony is motivated to keep its player base satisfied and engaged. This can lead to better customer support, frequent updates, high-quality exclusive games, and a strong community focus.

  • However, this dependency also means Sony is more vulnerable to market shifts and disruptions in the gaming industry, making it crucial for them to consistently innovate and meet player expectations.

On the other side, we have Microsoft’s broader revenue streams, including cloud computing (Azure), software (Windows and Office), and enterprise services, which provide a cushion that allows the company to absorb fluctuations in the gaming market with less impact on its overall financial health. This can bring us to .... Strategic Flexibility:

  • With substantial financial resources and a diversified portfolio, Microsoft can afford to invest heavily in gaming without being overly reliant on it. This includes acquisitions (like ZeniMax Activision etc), expanding the Xbox Game Pass subscription service, and integrating gaming with cloud services (Xbox Cloud Gaming).

  • Microsoft’s approach may be more experimental, focusing on long-term growth and market expansion rather than immediate returns. This can result in innovative features and competitive pricing strategies, potentially benefiting gamers.

So yeah, just wasted about an hour of my life to get 4 keywords hehe

Thanks, i didnt realized how small sony actually is. I think they bought Bugie for like 7b?

I think Nintendo cares the least... Which makes me realize... Can we have a moment of silence for all the Nintendo fans who are waking up today and realizing that 99% of all games that were announced during the SGF won't be coming to the Nintendo Switch?

So many salty tears are going to be shed today...

They wont be on release however a number of them are planed for a later switch release.

I don't really relish in anyone's "salty tears", I want everyone to be able to have a good time on their platform of choice!

That said, I don't really think this is an issue. Most people who buy into Nintendo know what they're getting - a less powerful machine with great first party exclusives and that's exactly what the Switch has been, with the added bonus of being really good for indies.

Most people who were watching SGF that own a Switch probably also have at least one other more powerful machine that will be able to run these games. Plus there's rumoured to be a Nintendo Direct later in the month.

I think Nintendo fans are just fine!

Yeah I was gonna say that Nintendo is almost devoid of the 'console war' partly because their exclusives remain exclusive and remain devoted to marching to the beat of their own drum - pushing innovation (for better - Switch+ Wii, and for worse - WiiU+ GameCube).

I'll be honest as a stout Sony fan that next generation I'll probably get a Switch. I'm getting to the age where I'd value local multiplayer and hosting parties rather than online or single player games and I feel that's where Nintendo excels with simple to understand games like Mario Kart, Mario Party, Smash etc.


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