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Here goes!

Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

There is no comparison. The multiplayer map "Crossfire" was one of the best and most designed Maps in the history of the game and to this day. There was very few people in the middle, the fighting was room to room and bloody, explosive traps, it was utter carnage.

The Campaign was epic, it raised eyebrows due to it's nature, but it still remains to me, one of the best COD camp's ever written. IMO after COD 4, COD releases became more and more washed up and less effort and more about money.

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it raised eyebrows due to it's nature

There's definitely a mission that I can recall that raises eyebrows!

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Call of Duty: black ops 4.

This is the last version of the game which i completed. Reason why i love this game - Guys from Beenox always rebuild UI and UX from the ground for PC players, no lame ports!

Photo from interview before the launch

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It has to be Modern warfare.

This game had an amazing campaign, jumping from the perspetives of the British SAS conducting small, surgical opperaions to the US Marine Recon engaged in the larger conflict.

The multi-player was superb with some of the best maps to date and the ability to (sit down for this one kids) earn skins and loadouts through skill and microtransactions.

And if that wasnt enough this was the game that gave us the mission "All Ghillied Up". 🤌

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I daren't think of the amount of hours that I sunk into this game...

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Modern Warfare 2!

Not only did this game break loads of records, but it was the first proper online shooter game. For the 90s kid, that was the game of our generation. After school everyone was on it, and it was before they put all the nonsense in the game. It was just a clean, straightforward shooting game which featured online co-op. It was revolutionary when it came out. It made the news!

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For me it has to be Call of Duty Ghosts.

Great campaign, and enjoyable multiplayer modes and Extinction was a great side mode compared to Zombies at the time. Also, the multiplayer felt more realistic gunplay wise, you didn't need to dump 3 mags in one guy because he wouldn't die and I feel like it one of the last COD games to actually have an engaging multiplayer while also trying something new (Like that BOT mode where you made your unit and sent it to play against other bots).

I feel like COD should go back to having more unlockables instead of MTXs or having a fair mix of them like in Ghosts.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (COD4) for me!

Everything about the game was so cool about it such as the awesome campaign, intense multiplayer functionalities they had, the lore between each character per mission you face in the campaign and the combat was all you needed in a traditional shooter game.

I still remember spending countless hours on my PS3 playing the multiplayer maps such as Terminal, Rust and Crossfire. Not to mention the OG killcam you got at the end of each game!


I think the answers on this bounty are pretty unanimous and it's quite clear why!

Cod 4 Modern Warfare refined cinematic shooter, with state of the art graphic at its time and a memorable and well scripted story. It introduced us to memorable characters that have since been reintroduced in the Modern Warfare soft reboot a few years ago, showing the impact the likes of Soap McTavosh had on us.

It boasted a really good single player campaign and helped redefine the multiplayer FPS and shape it into the powerhouse it is today. Memorable maps, a rewarding progression system and plenty of game modes made sure people kept coming back for more.

Many hours spent on this with friends when I probably should have been revising!

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Call of Duty 4


Back in the time it felt like playing an Action Movie.
I have started the game and played through in one go and it felt so short. Best time ever.

Bro, i shot this guy multiple times in the head but rigged is rigged.
Getting sneaky in, final shot, getting alive out again.

This is something i consider Heartblooded.

Also had a good idea how to recreate Chernobyl.

I am not here for any Multiplayer at all.

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I will say MW 2 (2022) is best.. Why..?

it's because I really like a graphic, visual effect, shooting effect, realistic, and most important is bring back GHOST alive.

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I think many older players would say Call of Duty 2 but for many millennials it would be Modern Warfare 2. At that point COD had become a global phenomenon far exceeding any other FPS game bar Halo in the zeitgeist.

Activision were so confident they bundled the pre-order with night vision goggles. Not even the grass roots campaign of boycotting the game because they ditched the dedicated servers on PC were able to keep the members that signed up from playing that game on release. That was the staying power of Modern Warfare 2.

For so many years of high school there were only two games you played at a friends house: Modern Warfare 2 and Fifa 2008 - 2013.

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Of course it's

CALL OF DUTY : MODERN warfare series

( remastered or not)

Because the story really insane and really cool, All series are connected into one.

I've played all the content when I first became a content creator and it was really fun.


it would have to be modern warfare 2. sure i played the campaign and multiplayer which was fast paced and really well made. but the warzone element really changed things for me. just dropping into a map of that scale and the excitement of being the last man standing. And too it seemed to generate more interest with me friends. and playing together in the early days was like the best thing ever, striving for back to back wins or trying different strategies to win. It made some of the best gaming memories.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. As someone who mostly plays campaigns in these types of games, the storyline was epic. I felt like I was an actor in an action movie - high-paced, explosions everywhere, etc.

Many games have started to copy and recreate this experience.

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I think Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 was the best for me, I love the in depth story missions of the game in which the story campaign had been the best in any Call of Duty up to that point and the game also introduced some of my favourite multiplayer maps in the series The terminal and highrise. It's no surprise the game went on to be one of the top selling games of that generation.


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