Video Games

Video Games

I haven't bought anything yet but I've been eyeing up House Flipper 2.

I also saw Stardew Valley and Baldur's Gate III are both on there and I highly recommend snapping them up if you've never played them.

Oooh good shout on house flipper 2.

I love playing Stardew it's better when you have some one to play with as you can divide up the tasks between you.

Cloudpunk and Hauntii (will publish a review soon)

im still confused to pick one of those summer sale XD
im still find game for under $3..

I rarely buy games new but I hate to see them removed from the digital store.
So whenever I see a game <$10 I just pick it up.

I'm going to look later :)

I picked up the classic fallout collection for £3.99 and Kenshi for £9.19.

I love the old fallout games so had to grab them and Kenshi looks interesting, it is a medievil open world game that it pretty brutal but you can be and do anything .

I have played Kenshi it's a pretty good game.

I got Hogwarts on Xbox a couple months back ... enjoyed it quite a bit.

For this Steam sale, I got Papers Please and The Room 3 & 4.

I'm on the fence with Job Simulator because it's just so dang hot to play VR and i have such a backlog already...

I've had a lot of games just sitting on my wishlist for a long time so I've just bought them now:

  • Coffee Talk

  • Firewatch

  • Life is Strange: Before the Storm

I've been late to the indie scene before so its good that I got a long summer to catch on these games

I have only picked up Spirit City Lofi Sessions so far. I start a new job on Monday and I know my to-do list on a daily basis will be jam packed so I thought gamifying my list would be a good way to go!

Oh, I did have Stray bought for me though!


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