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Pine hearts was an amazing game and all the devs were so attentive and lovely to talk to. Animal crossing vibes crossed with their gentle approach to loss made the start to an amazing game that I can’t wait to play again soon


Paper Trail is probbaly one of the most eye catching games for in this expo. Not only does it utilize a very unique mechanics but also has difficulty scaling, abeautiful art, sound, and amazing team behind it. Fantastic work


I tried children of the sun & wow, simple easy one handed controls as was using pc & i loved what i saw/played, highly intrigued & hope this game does come to console


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I'd say you handled them pretty well! 🤯


Thanks considering i had damaged my hand a week earlier I'm amazed i did so well loool hoping this will come to console loved it & i got a cup too

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So the first game we played (me and my team member thegreatestbanana) was Slop Crashers, it was really good fun, in fact I think the best about this was it reminded me strongly of Mario Kart, essentially you are hurtling around as animals on Snowboards and you crash into giant presents.

Then you get to hurl explosives, giant snowmen, Ice Cubes etc at other players, all the awhile doing insane tricks and grinding over poles, of which if you spin, you get some cool boost effects.

It was IMO the best game we played there!

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Alien Hominid Invasion:

I found this game quite enjoyable and thankfully I had a friend to play with me as I think although it would still be a great game without the inclusion of multiplayer I wouldn't have had as nearly as much fun as I did when we played together, I certainly found the ability to jump onto so many of the objects a very fun mechanic to include as me and my friend just sat on top of another alien whilst shooting down a horde of agents and the robots accompanying them. I did find it lacking in details about how to select the level though as me and my friend were just confused on what we had had to do to enter the level, but still I would definitely recommend this game to others and get them to try it in multiplayer for sure.


I feel like I’ve played a large number of word-based puzzle games, as there just have been so many out there. LOKI Digital, however does something completely different, as you don’t actually need to know any words to solve this puzzle. You just need to know how to spell LOKI.

You will be given a single screen, with a bunch of tiles on it. These tiles often have the letters to spell out LOKI or are completely blank. Your goal is to ensure that all of the tiles are turned black, in order to complete the level and move onto the next one.

You are able to turn tiles black by either spelling LOKI with tiles that are touching each other or by creating the word, then using your next move to turn a tile black. You basically get a blob that you are able to paint a tile with, once you have created the word perfectly, but you cannot save these for the end, and have to use them for your next tap.

When a tile becomes black, it’s actually as if it does not exist, allowing you to warp the way you think and realize that the tiles that are left are connected, so you can quickly figure out how to connect more. It’s a sleek and fun puzzle game, that has you thinking slightly differently, as you combine letters and ensure all of the tiles turn color.

I got the chance to play LOKI at WASD this year, and really enjoyed how satisfying it was to complete these levels and figure out how to combine the letters so that they created the word! You can currently play the same demo on Steam or wishlist the game for it’s release later this year.


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Probably one of the best games I played was Cricket through the Ages the game was so funny each sport had it's own challenge some of them were versus and some of them you had to coordinate with the other player with each person only using one key each it led to lots craziness and lots of laughter.


One of the most creative item I saw was the popup book game Bib goes home, which utilised a very unique setup of a mini computer with a projector and popup book. Looking forward to seeing what Low Tech comes up with in the future

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Lumi - Starbound Adventure

I didn't find this game until the second day and it went straight to the top of my list. A mixture of action, platforming and [interesting] puzzles. Set on a bright alien world with a fluffy catlike creature as the main character.

I knew it had to be one of my top games after I realized I'd been sat there for a good 30 minutes with the dev watching me from behind. Any game that pulls me in like that will go straight on my wishlist and be completed on release.

Had a quick chat with the dev before moving on and he was really happy that I didn't just give up when I couldn't complete one of the puzzles, I suspect a lot of people did, eventually I did complete it...



I tried playing Cult Of Lamb on WASD and bought the game the same evening! Now I have played for about 12 hours and here is what I think about it.

First, I really enjoy the art style of the game and the sound - they are just amazing!

Second, the game consists of two parts: rogue-like trips resembling The Binding of Isaac, and the base-building part. There are also a few small locations to travel to.

Despite the demo being focused mainly on the rogue-like part, for me it felt a little bit shallow. I used to play games like The Binding of Isaac, Enter the Gungeon and Undermine, and Cult Of Lamb rogue-like gameplay has so much less depth compared to them. It is also too easy, and to not have it a mindless walk I had to use the maximum difficulty, but it got me to another problem: every time you die, you get a big decrease in your Followers' faith and you have to spend a lot of time in your base to get it back.

You actually spend most of your time building the base and preaching to your Followers. In my opinion, this process quickly gets repetitive, you have to do all the same stuff again and again or your followers will starve. It is really tedious sometimes. So eventually I found it a bit annoying and uninstalled the game.

So, my summary is: It is a good game if you are more of a casual player who would rather enjoy spending time collecting berries from your farms and cleaning up poops on your base rather than fighting enemies. If you are a hardcore player and prefer it to be dynamic, Cult Of Lamb is probably not for you.

Audio: 10/10 Art: 10/10 Gameplay: 5/10

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So !! I Was at WASD for 3 days overall ! Day One (Thursday) it was Almost impossible to get a chance to sit and game ! but I did see some places I wanted to sit / stand and get a chance to play the games ! Day 2, was Friday, the crowds has simmered down slightly and I used this chance to grab some games, some developers and even some Publishers to talk and Shmooz with ! One game I did get to try was KRIEGSFORT TACTICS, An RTS game with Mechs and combat ! Imagine if you will Xcom meets Armoured core ! I spent the best part of 30 minutes using 4 mechs to sniper, cleave and blow up my enemy, which consisted of 8 heavily armoured and well equipped mechs from the enemy team ! I ended up losing 2 of my mechs, with 2 standing victorious if a little bit worse for wear !

I ended the round which ended the demo, it left me wanting more, like, what happens after the mission how do we repair the mechs ? Do we lose our operatives too ? can we upgrade and customise our mechs ?

the graphics gave me the feel of early PS2 days with good mechanics, good choices and weapons, as well as the usual things you would expect of an RTS such as movement and reloading taking your turn, having to move and shoot around obstacles, etc. It was a good little Gem that I found as I was walking around the event and glad I got a chance to give it a go ! 3.5 Crowns out of 5, as I want to see what more it has available after the Demo phase !

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The first game I sought out and played was Lumi: Starbound Adventure. It really gave my Spiro the dragon platforming and puzzle vibes.


I loved the colours of it as well. Lots of orange and purple hues which made it nice to look at.

I did struggle with the controls (pressure of being watched and it was an xbox controller haha).

The defining and special element in this game was meant to be the floating platforms that you can manipulate and move around, however another game with a lot more funding did this and maybe better (Zelda of course) hence their more unique gameplay element is not that unique anymore but if it dos ever come out I will give it another look for sure.

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Children of the Sun is a nice, unique shooting game where you play the role of an archer with a bow and arrow winding their way through the different environments using the power of physics, the art style is very cool which appealed to my eye and the camera angle made it very immersive. The developers did a great job of capturing the immersion you get in a game.

I enjoyed the ninja combat physics that made the character sneaky when planning the attacks, definitely one to look out for!

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Honestly one of my favourite games from WASD 2024 and the one I'm most looking forward to is NanoApostle, a challenging but super fun boss rush hack and slash by PQube.

The controls feel very responsive and intuitive, which is useful when the dodge mechanic is an essential to use in combat. This game starts out with simple but effective combo attacks, but shooting with nanites blocking attacks can reward you just as much and make it a little bit easier to get those hits in. What makes the style pop so well is down to the colourful effects with a 2D art style set against a mechanical and monochromatic backdrop with a futuristic feel to it.

Installing modules to enhance combat adds custom options so you can fight with your own style and play.

The electronic soundtrack and sound design combined with the futuristic factory setting makes this game feel dystopian and mysterious, like there's something more to these fights you're being put through and hopefully we get to discover more when it comes out! 👀🗡️

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I played Bootleg Steamer at WASD last week and it ticked all the boxes for me. Between the rogue-like elements and the inventory management, it's exactly what I enjoyed about similar games like Sunless Sea or Sunless Skies.

The setting was very cool and the theming all added to that. The demo had a couple of maps to have a go on which was great. It's also super fun to make your little boat go super fast on the currents too! I got caught by the cops multiple times so I might be a rubbish bootlegger but I had a great time trying.

Bought it the minute I got home!


One of the hidden gems has to be Wax Heads. You run a vinyl record store and try matching records to the customer at the till. It's a slice-of-life, narrative cozy game based on punk sub-subcultures. The demo is available on Steam, which I cannot wait to play again.

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I missed the bounty but I would still like to share my Mini Review series on my top 10 indie games you don't want to miss from WASD 2024!



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