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I will always say the Hobbit! It was the first book I ever chose to read myself and it holds so much nostalgia for me and my interests to this day

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Storm of Iron by Graham McNeill

So im not sure is this would be considered the greatest of all time but for a warhammer book this is one of the best written ever.

It tells the story of a world besieged by a overwhelming force of chaos worshipping super soldiers who specialise in siege warfare and the desperate struggle of those trying to hold off the assult.

The story is told from both sides of the conflict and from the points of view of seemingly insignificant characters.

This book is a classic and a great one to start with if you are new to warhammer.

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Although it has yet to be finished (much like another famous fantasy series)..

I'm gonna promote The Kingkiller Chronicle. It's supposed to be a trilogy but currently only two books are complete, with the last releasing back in 2011.

The first book 'The Name of the Wind' is hands down one of the best fantasy books I have ever read. It features a really well thought out magic system and has a beatutifully crafted world that's improved in the sequel book 'The Wise Man's Fear'. My only criticism is that the MC feels like a bit of a self insert and rubbed me the wrong way a few times. It's worth putting up with for the story though, it's a great read and I've recommended it to several people who have then gone on to share my love for it.

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The novel "Ceros and Batozar" by Tere Liye, my favorite author. This novel makes me cry every time I read it, the story of the Ceros twins who were betrayed by their student, and the story of Batozar who kidnapped the princess with the power of talking to nature, so that he could replay memories with his wife and child, so that he could remember the faces of his wife and child. Batozar had no evil intentions, he just missed the faces of his wife and child... Aaghh, even while writing this, I'm crying😭

This is a teen novel, the 4th installment of the "EARTH (BUMI)" series.

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The excitement of the golden trio is timeless, especially is early 2022 when there was a reunion event for Harry, Hermione, Ron and the other Harry Potter players. The Philosopher's Stone is the first book to tell how Harry got into Hogwarts.

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One of my favorite books that i've read. How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell. its a series with 12 volumes where each one was great and made me want to read it again. As you probably know, there is 3 movies with the same name, though the movies were inspired by the books, they don't follow the same narrative other than where hiccup meeting toothless. The characters from the books while some are similar in personality are greatly different. The illustration has it’s own charm.


When I think of a series that perfectly blends fantasy and sci-fi, I have to go with the Thousand Worlds series by Yoon Ha Lee.

Originally a standalone book, the Thousand Worlds series consists of three novels. “Dragon Pearl” (Book 1), “Tiger Honor” (Book 2), and “Fox Snare” (Book 3). These books combine Korean mythology and Folklore, and Sci-Fi action-adventure themes similar to that of Star Trek and Star Wars, turning them into a thrilling book series.

I’ll try not to spoil too much, but as you begin to read this amazing series, it feels like you are on an adventure across the galaxy with the main characters. Along the way, you will see different planets, and different species, from humans, fox spirits, tiger spirits, dragons, and so on.

This is a must-read series!

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I am still searching for the best novel. There are many great authors such as Simons, Azimov, Pratchett, Harrison, and more. However, I believe there is always something better out there, and I plan to continue my search.

If I absolutely had to name one novel or be disqualified, I would choose "On Basilisk Station" by David Webber.


My favourite Sci Fi series is one that wasn't done a huge amount of justice by it's TV adaptation - Altered Carbon

The books are brilliant, following the time jumping and planet hopping stories of Takeshi Kovacs as he turns from former soldier into a merc for hire, investigating a string of mysterious deaths and conspiracies that threaten to destroy his home planet.

The protagonist is written brilliantly, making him likeable but highly flawed in his choices and general character. His investigations are interesting and the character development really helps move these books away from just being generic action novels. The descriptive, hyper-violent action is brilliantly detailed, making this the ideal package for Sci Fi action fans.

Don't write these books off if you've seen the Netflix series and weren't wholly impressed, they are well worth the read!

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I feel like we should have a separate one for sci-fi and one for fantasy because it's so hard to pick one for both combined. Will go with one of my favourite sci-fi novels:

Solaris from Stanislaw Lem

It's one of those books which makes you sit there and think constantly what is going on, and most likely you won't figure out the plot until the very end. It's a perfect depiction of how humans with different characteristics would react to an alien lifeform trying to communicate with them. And while as the reader you want to learn everything about this lifeform, you also learn a lot about the human nature as well.

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Video games are my passion, and I think most of you will agree that J. R. R. Tolkien made a huge impact on our culture, and video games specifically. I've seen many times in interviews with famous game designers and producers that they were mentioning books like Lord of the Rings, which were used for inspiration.

There are 4 books in Tolkien's Middle-earth saga: The Hobbit, Fellowship of the Ring, Two Towers, Return of the King.

For me the best one is Two Towers.

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For me, it will always be Raymond E Fiests Magician.

Now let's look at why this book is so very good!

In this book we have..

  1. Two boys who dream big dreams

  2. A world invaded by another world

  3. Magic at its utmost!

  4. Love, hate, betrayal

  5. Massive politics

The storyline is epic, and long and covers multiple worlds, the most amazing storylines and I have read this book so very much. But every time I pick it up, it's like I'm reading it all over again. I would challenge anyone to pick this book up, read it, and not love it.

And remember, this leads onto a 30-book series, set in multiple worlds, in one massive, continuous storyline.

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Bar Harry Potter, I've not read a lot of fantasy or Sci-Fi.

I did read a series called The Black Magician's Triology that really captured my imagination as it was a more serious take on a magical hierarchy between those that have magical potential and those that have not. I read it over a holiday and I really enjoyed it as one of my first foray into the young adult novels rather than children's books


it has to be david gemmels series of fantasy books

here is the order to read them. its great because man people havnt read these.

Knights of Dark Renown.



Waylander II: In the Realm of the Wolf.

Hero in the Shadows.

The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend.

The Legend of Deathwalker.

plus there are lot more than is just listed so there is a massive world to delve into and the books and stories are connected.

if you like lord of the rings and similar stories but also want a violent read then this is for you

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Hey Laser-Bicep, you've made a reply rather than a proper submission here!

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City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

I just loved this book and the rest of the books in the Mortal Instrument series. Cassandra built a world filled with fairies, Warlocks, Demons and those that help fight evil and keep the peace the Shadow Hunters it was a great introduction to this world and with a story that makes you want to keep reading I highly recommend it. The main series is 6 books long and there has also be a prequel series and a sequel series so there has been a vast story that has been built. But it's the City of Bone is where it all starts and so its this book that where we first connect to the characters and this was well done so you get invested in continuing the series.


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